Off The Beaten Path – In Remote, Wild, Spectacular Mongolia!

Author: Jack and Barbra Donachy

Przewalskis horse

They’re back! In 1966, takhi (Przewalski’s horse) went extinct in the wild. Reintroduced to Mongolia’s Hustai National Park in 1992, the population of the world’s only truly wild horse is robust and growing. The chance to encounter these magnificent animals is one reason to put a trip to Mongolia near the top of your bucket list. Continue reading

Paris Sidelines


Author: John Holmes
Fair Play 740

I had a great trip to this fantastic and beautiful city not long ago. Monday was a day off for a national bank holiday in England where I had been working for nearly two years, I took Friday off as a vacation day, and arranged a package tour flight that departed early Friday and returned late Monday, giving me nearly 4 full days in “vive’ la France”. As soon as I arrived in town I raced to my hotel, checked in, dumped my bags in my room, and left Paris! Continue reading

The Other Arctic Circle Cruise – Kayaking Among Icebergs

Arctic neighbourhood. Ilulissat is Greenland’s third-largest settlement.

Author: Jens Notroff
Vagabonds Log

It’s been three years. Three years of kayaking in more local waters, like Germany’s rivers and Sweden’s skerries. All great destinations and exciting adventures on their own. But still. Somehow something was missing. A desire nagging deep inside. There was nothing to argue. Of course, it was only a question of time. We had to return. And so, one early July morning in 2011 we find ourselves at Copenhagen Airport – boarding that red airplane, Air Greenland’s pride and joy. Again. Destination: Greenland. Continue reading

Back to Real Life

River Fishing

Author: Kaitlin Barnhart
Mamma Fly Box

While walking away from the river to head to my car, I always take one last glance at the serenity behind me. I usually sigh and say to myself,

“Now back to real life”….. As if the river were a door to another world and I am stepping out of it. Continue reading

Can A City Be Your Soul Mate? Finding Myself in Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Author: Marisa LaValette

As the plane began its descent towards Barajas Airport in Madrid, I have to say I felt like a little bit of a poser. I had been teaching Spanish for four years already, but this would be my very first visit to Spain. As I climbed into one of the white Mercedes taxis lined up along the airport curb, the driver asked me immediately “¿Es Mexicana?” He wanted to know if I was Mexican, which in its own way was validating. I intentionally teach my students to speak with a Mexican accent, or any accent from the 10 other Spanish-speaking countries where I have spent time. Continue reading

White Water Kayaking with Amy Arnold

White Water kayaking

Author : Amy Christine Arnold (formerly Cleary)
Adventurous Wanderings

I have been white water rafting before and it was an exhilarating adventure! Rafting through Class III, IV and V rapids was such a rush! I’ve also gone kayaking before on calm rivers or out in the ocean. Kayaking is both peaceful and relaxing. I’ve never had the desire to combine those two things and go white water kayaking; however, on a trip up to North Carolina, my husband and I met a group of people that loved white water kayaking. They spoke so highly of it, we decided to give it a go. Considering we live in Florida and there is no white water, we thought we should take advantage of being in North Carolina. Continue reading

Carlsbad: Little Explorers in a Big Cave

Carlsbad: Little Explorers in a Big CaveAuthor: Sean Smith
Sean D Smith

Looking for a place to take our two girls during a cold winter morning, ended up with us heading down the road to Carlsbad Cavern in Southeastern New Mexico. The caverns are iconic in more ways than one despite being only the 5th largest in North America, the name alone conjures up images of massive rooms of beautiful ice cycle shapes flowing form the ceiling, columns and curtains of rock like waterfalls, and vistas of sweeping underground rooms. Continue reading