Fashion, Function, and Form – The Tummy Control Nursing Bra Tank by Glamourmom

It’s a top priority for me to be able to breastfeed my baby when she arrives. I understand that there are certain circumstances that are beyond my control, but I will try everything in my power to make it happen. Finding clothing to look good, feel good, and work well for a nursing mom is difficult. The new GLAMOURMOM Nursing Bra Tummy Control Long Tank combines the best of both worlds. Not only is it a stylish tank that makes breastfeeding a baby a breeze, but it is also tummy-slimming shapewear. It’s a nursing bra; it’s a tank top; it’s a camisole; it’s shapewear, and I think it’s genius! The nursing bra tank is perfect for discretion and support when nursing in public, yet it looks beautiful and natural.

The nursing tank incorporates the original patented built-in nursing bra design with added memory filler in the adjustable wide spaghetti-style straps for extra support. The outer layer is made from 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane, and the tummy panel is 30% Elastane. It’s soft and comfortable, plus it has the perfect amount of stretch to be supportive without becoming uncomfortable after wearing it for any length of time.

The full, built-in nursing bra with hook closures allows for easy, one-handed access and when you unclasp to nurse, there is still a little fabric on either side of your breast, which provides you with a little more coverage. I practiced holding a doll, well actually a stuffed toy owl, and unhooking the bra. I didn’t have any trouble unclasping the bra with one hand and holding the owl with the other; it was multitasking at its best!

The design has been lengthened for fashion and coverage with an inner layer support panel that trims your tummy and your waist. The tummy control panel also encourages proper posture during breastfeeding while supporting your lower back and it pulls together excess post partum skin to help reduce stretch marks. Since this is my first child, I don’t know how quickly my body will bounce back after I give birth, but I do know that the tummy control panel is a welcomed addition to the nursing tank. After all, who couldn’t use a little additional control?

The tank can be worn alone or under another top and comes in a variety of fun color options. By choosing a neutral color like black, I can get ample use out of one tank top and by adding a sweater, I can have variation in style and increased warmth.  It could stand alone with cute jeans or shorts or go paired with a long cardigan and leggings. Buying excessive clothing during the post-pregnancy period is unnecessary and an added expense that I really don’t need. By purchasing a few key pieces, I’ll have versatility without giving up style.

I’ve found a nursing top  that provides full support, easy access, and discretion for my post-partum belly. The Glamourmom Nursing tank will become a staple of my wardrobe, and I’ve already packed it into my hospital bag so that I will have a nursing bra with me for after the baby is born.  The tank retails for $44, but I can’t imagine it not holding out through at least six months of breastfeeding, making the cost per wear well worth it. You will be making a great investment in your own comfort when you wear Glamourmom.

Learn more about Glamourmom products and make purchases at the Glamourmom website. You can also connect with Glamourmom on Facebook and Twitter.


37 thoughts on “Fashion, Function, and Form – The Tummy Control Nursing Bra Tank by Glamourmom

  1. I think that it’s great that you are finding versatile clothing for both before and after. I am practical too. Looks like a comfortable top and should wear well. Only about 2 months to go right?


  2. Yep, I agree w Doug. my 9yo started off as a micropreemie, and it took us three months to be able to nurse, but he did it! I nursed and pumped for 18 months, and I feel very strongly that it had everything to do with his current state of health and charm!! Good luck! I can’t wait to be jealous of your with-kid adventures!


  3. Looks like a good tank, and basic black is probably a good choice. Clothes were always my biggest frustration when nursing — my wardrobe was just so limited! Nursing clothes are expensive and I wasn’t going to buy tons of them to only wear them for a few months while nursing. And on top of that, no dresses, nothing with a high neckline, and most of my work shirts were out of the rotation. I loved nursing my babies, but in many ways I was relieved to be done!


  4. Wow …that would have been good for me 🙂 I had two babys already…only if I knew about it earlier.

    Best wishes to you on your pregnancy 🙂


  5. As a park ranger and a lactation consultant (not at the same time), I smiled my way through this post. Wonderful. P.S. Nurse your baby anywhere and everywhere. It’s her, and your, right.


  6. That is really nice. I wish they had those around when my babies were born. Just make sure you stock up on those nursing pads that slip inside and soak up leaking milk. You will hear a baby cry and you will start leaking. Not just a little either. Keep extras in your purse. I nursed my first baby 6 months and he wasn’t sick his whole first year. He went to sippy cups early so I didn’t need to nurse longer than that but my second I nursed about 10.5 months. Did you know that breast feeding helps you lose the weight too. You actually start cramping at first when you nurse. You might not notice it the very first few times but you will soon after. You will lose your pregnancy weight faster by breast feeding and your baby will be healthier. With my first baby I was back to pre-pregnancy weight in 6 months. My second one I didn’t end up losing it all but got close. I’m excited for you!


  7. First,Congratulations! second,thank for the like on one of my posts! third…again congratulations for the March Baby 🙂 I’m happy for every pregnant woman when I see or hear about! it’s sooo great! And with the stuff that you already want to have…hmmmm… my mother said :” nooo you can’t buy things before! it’s bad! ” or so the older wise people said. So when I gave birth,my hubby had to run and buy some stuff,and when he arrived home with them..we realised they were too small.. and we already had the ‘model’..but you know! when the ‘model’ has 4 kilos and 58 cm..
    On the other hand..I had to wear a size 10US for my shoes in my last month of pregnancy… and lots of large stuff… but it’s because I gained not less than 30 kilos with my baby.. crazy…I know..
    I also used this type of tanks,and there are bras too, they are comfortable and easy to use.


  8. You have a wonderful attitude towards this whole experience! I’m really impressed. 🙂
    It’s breat that you want to breastfeed…I agree that even if you can do it for a couple of months, the benefit to the baby (and you) is exponential. That said, I love that you realize it may not happen…and accept that as well.
    The bra looks wonderful..I second the commentor who said, “Where was this when I needed it?” 🙂


  9. Those tanks are awesome – I picked up a few and wore them all the time. Coupled with a hooter hider/nursing cover you’ll be able to feed your baby anywhere!


  10. I registered for these but, lo and behold, didn’t get much of any nursing goodies! You’re so right about how shower should most definitely have mama in mind. Nursing pads, nipple butter, and lots and lots of burp cloths!

    Also, I should mention that I bought a hooter hider because that’s what The Baby Essentials List said to get but I have found an amazing community, both online and local, that supports a breastfeeding mother and her nursling’s right to nurse anywhere, anytime, and anyhow without stuffing my baby under a hard-to-handle nursing blanket! That said, I ditched that cover with that support and encouragement. With or without a cover, at least the babies are getting the best nutrition ever!


  11. The though of nursing brings back fond memories. My wife nursed our son and this is good on so many levels. For me I though great I would be able to avoid the 3:00 am feeding as I was ill equipped for the job. WRONG. After a few weeks, at the breakfast table, I complained about being tired. Doreen told me that every night she would nudge me and I would dutifully get up, get Christopher from his crib, bring him to her, and then return him after the second nudge. Strange the things you remember.


  12. I breastfed Ben for 10 months and it was a wonderful experience. I splurged on a Glamourmom tank before he was born and it was my least favorite. I ended up living in the Target nursing tanks and bras…they were cheap and seemed to work best. The Glamourmom clasp didn’t work great and for $40 I was frustrated it kept coming undone under my clothes. Good luck with breastfeeding…I am sure you will do great. Just have to get past those first few weeks then it’s so easy. And don’t forget to get a Brest Friend…lifesaver in the beginning! 🙂


  13. I wish I had seen this when I was nursing! so easy! I may have lived in it like I lived in my nursing bra. I bought one of those baboosh belly bands and, sadly, it did not work. It was extremely difficult to velcro and it looks absolutely ridiculous (and noticeable) under clothes. This tank top is genius though. Oh well, next time… 🙂 The best adventure is yet to come….


  14. 44 dollars! HOLY COW! I might stick with my reg tanks from Target! But it has huge benefits. I wonder about the cup support which IS my ONLY problem with the ones from Target. I mean, when my milk came in I became like Dolly P. and I tried desperately to bust out and they would get sore from not enough support. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I’m keeping this in mind for SURE! How long until she arrives???


  15. To read that you’ll be breastfeeding baby is very encouraging to me for several reasons, not the least of which is that breastfeeding is best for baby’s health. And then, there’s the bonding that naturally comes along for the ride. Of course, there’s increased breast size, as well – so you’ll need to shop around for nursing bras with a bit more room. Undoubtedly, you’re probably familiar with the La Leche League – . They support moms in breastfeeding.


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  17. Love it! I only wore a Target nursing tank the whole time I nursed my baby… this looks so much better than that! I think I’m gonna have to invest in this amazing number when baby number two arrives.

    Side note: Nursing, though very painful and hard at first, is the best thing in the world. I wanted to give up so many times in the first few weeks but I am really glad I stuck with it. I personally liked the Johnson & Johnson nursing pads and the Lansinoh Cream helped me heal the best. Drink lots of water and is a great breastfeeding resource.

    Good luck!!


  18. Hi there, thank you for stopping by my blog. I have two young children and breast fed them both and traveled with them a lot (changing countries to live in, etc), and I gotta tell ya, clothes like these make life SO much easier, especially if you travel a lot, and by the looks of ur blog you do a bit more than just travel. Keep up the work with the blog and keep on making those adventures.
    I hope you will come back to my blog from time to time as I also often talk about travel and adventure alone and with kids. It’s an exciting way of life but can be lonely at times, which is why it is so great to see blogs like yours!



  19. I nursed all five of my babies. It’s a wonderful experience, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. One person commenting mentioned leaking. Yes, that’s true. Another fact I didn’t know about was how much it would hurt when you first start… That hurt goes away very quickly and it’s worth it. Yes, it’s well worth it!


  20. Two kids and two years of breast feeding later, I swear by the Bravado nursing bra. By my second baby I tossed all other bras and just bought three of those, due to comfort and ease of closing it one-handed (super important since you’ll be holding the baby with the other). There is also tank style which can be nice for extra coverage or warmth if nursing at night. I believe they are about $40+ as well, but money well spent.
    I also second those saying feed your baby anywhere you like. The SF Bay Area has a very supportive breast feeding community, strengthened by the fact that you can see other moms out and about breast feeding in public, with or without the nursing cover (aka baby cover). I think So Cal should be pretty progressive there too.
    My big tip to successful breast feeding is to get confident about your technique and the baby’s latch-on before you leave the hospital. If it doesn’t come easily to you or the baby, find that postpartum nurse on staff who is the breast feeding pro (there is always one or two around, even if it’s not the one taking care of you). After going home, have a number of a local lactation consultant who can help you through any challenges you encounter. It should not hurt, and some babies take more time to figure it out than others – don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t click at the first try. (The hospital can refer you if you don’t know where to find one, but ask a group of moms and someone probably knows a good one). Have fun and good luck. 🙂


  21. Breast feeding is so much healthier for mother and child. I breast fed both of mine for a full eighteen months. Man That nursing bra/tank would have been a real keeper back then! Also, depending on how much walking you do during the pregnancy labor can go much easier. We walked about 1/2 a mile a day and both labors were quick. Holding your child in your arms for the first time is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 🙂

    You will make a wonderful mother.


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