Snug Science Winner – Tali Burress!

The winner of the Snug Science giveaway is Tali Burress at!

Congratulations Tali!

Coming from eastern Canada and living in northern Manitoba for two years, I know what it means to be cold! I’ve experienced -60°C, freezing eyelashes, and difficulty breathing from the frigid weather. If I had to endure those temperatures again, I would become a hibernating bear that didn’t venture outside until the thaw. Luckily, in southern California I don’t need to worry about frostbite or bundling up, but for those of you new parents who are still experiencing those winter blues, I’ve found the perfect product to give you and your baby a breath of fresh air. At Snug Science, they develop the finest baby products in synergy with the active parent lifestyle. Their use of intelligent designs, high quality, performance materials, and expert manufacturing will inspire parents to start or continue their outdoor lifestyles.

The Snug² is a new baby bunting made of the highest quality fabrics (the same as those used by high end outdoor wear companies for adults). It is the first baby bunting bag in the market to feature a PrimaLoft ONE lining, which is best in the market for warmth and compressibility. The simple, one piece telescopic extendable design grows with the baby making it suitable for infants through 4 years. It’s both weatherproof and breathable and insulated with only the best in the market… Primaloft ONE. The five point harness openings are compatible with most strollers and car seats for versatility and safety. The finishing touches include: removable high quality faux fur, reflective front trim, side snaps for easy folding of front zipper cover, quilted lining, and removable adjusting straps in the back. Through designing high quality products to inspire an active family lifestyle, Snug Science helps create a brighter and healthier future.

The Snug² comes in 6 colors with matching mittens and can be purchased at Snug Science.

Here’s your chance to win a Snug² ($249 value) for the child in your life or it’d make a great gift!

One (1) lucky reader will be selected at random on February 9th, 2012! The winner can simply go to Snug Science, choose the color they’d like, and go through the checkout. At checkout, they simply add the product code, that I’ll supply to them, and the purchase and the shipping will be on Snug Science.

There are several ways you can enter (For each category you complete, you will receive one entry):

1. “Like” this post, then leave a comment below telling me you have done this.

2. Follow Snug Science on Facebook, then leave a comment below telling me you have done this.

3. Tweet about this giveaway, include a link to your tweet, then leave a comment below telling me you have done this.

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Bonus entries: For every person that you get to follow my blog and leave a comment below (with your name and blog information), I will give you TWO entries!

148 thoughts on “Snug Science Winner – Tali Burress!

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  2. Ok, so I liked this post 🙂 I followed Snug Science, and I followed you on FB, I’ve already subsribed to this great blog (that I haven’t had time to read yet :/). I tweeted (@enkkua), and now follow you on Twitter as well! And I also reblogged about this, but on my English page I haven’t really started yet.. ( And I even don’t know if I’m able to get this giveaway here to Finland if I win 😀


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  4. Hahahaha! After seeing the picture, I read through the whole thing looking for one key term: “faux fur.” Upon seeing that, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and continued reading comfortably.


  5. “liked” the post. i also like these snuggies and wish they came in my size as my family keeps our thermostat set between 52 and 55 in the winter. i hear ya about 60 below temps as i used to live in northern MN. colder than cold!


  6. We’ve been in Northern Alberta for the last 12 years…after moving from Southern BC’s Fraser Valley. -47C plus wind chill is the worst we’ve had yet…and thankfull this year has been incredibly mild (touch wood). Great post!


  7. Wowsers! Things sure have changed in the 30 years since I had my boy. Now that my niece is expecting her first I’m getting re-acquainted with baby stuff. Never saw anything like this — fantastic. What a great idea, and so well done too. My niece and hubby live in LA so this woud never get used by them, but thanks so much for letting us in on this great product.


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