A Million Dollar View – The Omni Charlotte Hotel

Most four and five diamond hotels offer more luxuries than you could possibly use during one stay. Who uses a phone in the bathroom anyway? And I don’t even know the difference between Egyptian cotton, satin, or silk sheets. There are some luxuries, though, that make me say, “wow” when I walk into a hotel and a hotel room. The Omni Charlotte Hotel envelopes you in comfort with a touch of genuine North Carolina hospitality and a million dollar view. Centrally located in the heart of Charlotte’s financial district, The Omni Charlotte Hotel offers over 300 degree views from the corner suites. I was able to unwind in the Signature Lounge and delight in a dish prepared at Trade Restaurant & Bar. Offering an ideal location, inviting atmosphere, and attentive service, The Omni stood out as a quality hotel with luxuries worth sharing with others.

Our Junior Suite featured 640 square feet of living space, a king bed, and an intimate sitting area with loveseat and chair. What put The Omni room above other hotel rooms in uptown Charlotte, was the two glass walls overlooking the city skyline. There couldn’t have been a better introduction to my new home. It was spectacular; as I looked at the city stretching out below me, I sighed in relief to have the drive behind me and my home before me. I was at rest.

We also had access to the Signature Lounge with computer work stations, a flat-screen TV, hors d’oeuvres, and a continental breakfast. The friendly Signature Lounge employee provided me with suggestions for touring the area, a list of restaurants, and a city map. She was attentive with a southern accent that brought a smile to my face. I pictured Athena growing up with that hint of “south” in her voice and that affectionate demeanor about her that I have exhibited from everyone in the area so far. Meeting the employees at the hotel reaffirmed my decision to move to Charlotte.

We were able to delight in dishes prepared from local ingredients at Trade Restaurant & Bar. Our server, although not a local of Charlotte, exuded happiness and joy. She chatted with us like we were family and we shared our life stories yet somehow she managed to constantly refill my drink without being asked and allowed us enough alone time to enjoy our meal. Executive Chef Francisco Jimenez created a lamb burger for me and Crab Stuffed Flounder for Darren.  It was a stimulating culinary experience with bold and unforgettable tastes. I may have ordered a simple lamb burger but the herbs created the perfect blend of flavor and meat. Darren’s meal included fresh greens topped with jicama, heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion, and tossed in a citrus basil vinaigrette. We finished off our meal with cheesecake and snicker pie desserts that were “melt in your mouth” good. It was a welcomed change from four days of fast food stops along the I-40.

The inviting atmosphere, breathtaking view, exceptional staff, and quality food gave me more for my money than a phone in the bathroom or Egyptian cotton sheets. I was able to discover modern amenities while enjoying a restful night’s stay. Charlotte may be my home now, but I’ll be back for a retreat at the Omni again soon.


49 thoughts on “A Million Dollar View – The Omni Charlotte Hotel

  1. Enjoy your new home! My dad works at one of the theatres downtown and I have to suggest that you go see a show while you are there. It is a great town.


      • I used to live in Charlotte years ago, but now I live in Nashville. My whole family is in Charlotte so I get back a few times a year to visit.
        My dad works for the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Downtown. I got to see Million Dollar Quartet there and it was awesome. He suggests the Beatles show. He says that it is supposed to rock. Here is their website. http://www.blumenthalarts.org/
        As far as other things to do my brother took me to Howl at the Moon, which is a dueling piano bar downtown and that was really fun as well. When I lived there I was very close to the arts district and I loved it! I hope that you have a great time discovering your new city! 😀 And let me know if you need anything.


  2. Great way to treat yourselves after burning the rubber and probably your gut with highway fare! For more good food, keep an eye out for the ‘Roaming Fork’ food truck. Old friend all the way back from grade school opened this business. She relocated to Charlotte after 40 years in Orlando. She loves it there!


  3. Lesley. Welcome to NC…! It was my first home when I emigrated to the US (RDU, not Charlotte, but I took some trips there!) Wait until you check out Ashville and our wonderful coastline…! You’ll definitely find lots to be ‘home’ about in this state, and the friendliness is impeccable.


  4. After your trans continental journey, looks like the Omni is a brilliant way to unwind. Love the views from the room – I could sit there with a pot of tea in the morning and really just soak it in!


  5. North Carolina is my favorite. You can catch a sunrise in Wilmington, take a drive through the state and watch the sunset from a mountain stream.


  6. I’ve stayed in hotel suites like that, and it’s fun! I was traveling with a large group (conductor of a band) and as a premium for renting a block of 30 rooms, they through in several luxury suites, one of which I received.


  7. Your someone really amazing.I like the fact you love adventurous 🙂 . Also you made my day , by reading and liking my post ! 🙂


  8. Thank you very much for reading and liking my posts, I hope you’ll come back if you’re in need of a laugh! I wish I experienced more of Charlotte, but all of my time there was spent at the airport panicking about missing my flight to St. Louis, good times! 🙂


  9. thanks so much for liking my recent post on my NOt In India blog, and a bigger thanks for bringing me here…this blog looks wonderful and know I will enjoy exploring it further
    with love light and JOY


  10. good choice, glad the Omni lived up to its rep…we’re very proud of the city and all the offerings, true touches of southern hospitality…come back again, and let me know when you’re in town! 🙂


  11. You’ll have great things to share about your new home. I’m looking forward to the “visit.”
    Thanks for all the “likes” and following my blog.

    Cheers to you and your family,



  12. Wow this place is amazing compared to the Omni that i used to work at over here, 7 measly floors but it did have a great spot on the river, but hands downs this wins the cake 🙂


  13. Leslie,thanks for liking my post, and bringing me back into your world. I travel so much, and never thought to describe the details of the hotel to anyone but whoever happened to be closest to hearing my words at the moment, usually my husband who would reply, “Don’t you miss home?”. What a great idea! You described it beautifully without being boring. I visited N.Carolina for the first time last year. Very friendly place.


  14. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Wow…so you just moved to North Carolina! I hear so many good things about that whole state! When the real estate market crashed a few years ago, everybody from Florida in the construction industry moved up to Charlotte. I wanted to go too….but we stayed put.
    Laurie @ Pride In Photos


  15. I enjoy your writing so very much Leslie. I’ve learned over time how our travels have had us in the same place at almost the same time. And now I smiled to read of your move to Charlotte because my wife and I are in the process of moving to the mountains of Asheville. Since it’s an absolutely beautiful state with wonderfully wise, talented and gentle people you will be the perfect addition. With warm regards, Rick


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