Hummingbirds by the Thousands at Monteverde, Costa Rica

At the Selvatura Hummingbird Garden in Monteverde, Costa Rica visitors can observe more than 14 different species of hummingbirds including species that are not commonly seen in other areas of Monteverde. At the garden, the relaxing waterfalls and the beautiful floral arrangements provide a perfect setting for photography lovers.

A series of bird-feeders are filled with sugared water, around which fly dozens and dozens of hummingbirds, darting from one feeder to another, never staying still for more than half a second. They certainly aren’t shy either. They are like miniature helicopters hovering by your ears and zipping past your head. But apart from having them so close, they are incredibly beautiful and elegant birds of very vibrant colors, and I watched them for 20 minutes before it was time to go.


101 thoughts on “Hummingbirds by the Thousands at Monteverde, Costa Rica

  1. Amazing! I’ve always secretly wanted a tattoo and I decided ages ago that it would have to be a hummingbird…if I actually worked up the courage to get one! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by the blog!


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  3. So beautiful! I went to Monteverde many years ago, but I don’t recall visiting the hummingbirds, which is too bad. I did have tea with them in Trinidad though, and we have a few nesting in a bush outside our house 🙂


  4. Check out today’s Non Sequitur (by Wiley Miller), either in the newspaper or online, Lesley! When I saw it I immediately thought of you and this site! — YUR


  5. This sounds like my MOM and Dads front porch. They have six or seven Hummingbird feeders out and the little birds know the quickest directions to their house. It’s like the Hummingbird Cafe. The little fellows are amazing. In the fall of the year Mom and Dad stroll through the yard looking for nest. It’s like an Easter egg hunt to them…. Oh yeah, one other thing, it can get really interesting if you step out on the porch with a red hat on!!! The Hummingbirds think you are a mobile feeding station. LOL 🙂


  6. All of my family members who have been to Costa Rica still rave about the hummingbirds years later! Wonderful photographic sharing you are so very generous with here, Lesley! Thank you.


  7. One day I’ll tell you about my dreaming journey and you’ll organize it for me, not too expansive for me!:D Maybe.. Iceland.. Oh, I’m dreaming already… Hummingbirds are so beautiful, I can understand it’s not easy to have them so close 😉 but they really are something!


  8. nice post……… thanks for sharing Humming birds are blessed with its beautiful feathers and they are the smallest bird in the world. pretty awesome


  9. Thankyou for liking my post! I love hummingbirds! They always peck on my window in the morning. You have inspired me to draw a hummingbird!


  10. Costa Rica is a magical place. Other than an unfortunate monkey attack my visit there was superb. Hummingbirds are also magical creatures. Thank you for the nice photos!


  11. Good morning Lesley,
    How lovely! My cousins in San Diego have hummingbirds feed right off their patio. I witnessed it but did not have the time to capture them. You know how patient you have to be! Beautiful colorful little hover planes!!
    Have a nice day.


  12. I was amazed to read that some hummingbirds have no legs. Can you imagine that? They are so beautiful. I had the joyful experience of seeing a baby hummingbird all fluffed up on a bloom.


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