“Home for a Rest” – Iona, Nova Scotia, Canada

Iona, Nova Scotia is my family’s home. I’ll be relaxing Cape Breton style for the next two weeks at Highland Heights Inn so you may not hear much from me. My beautiful sister, Gabriella, and my precious daughter, Athena, will do their best to keep me busy, but I’m sure I’ll find time to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Talk about a room with a view!Every room at the hotel provides visitors with an absolutely breathtaking view of the
Bras d’Or Lakes.I could hear the waves rolling from my patio and I was brought back to my childhood. Even though I’m a mother, sometimes I feel like a kid all over again. I decided to walk along the shore barefoot and introduce Athena to the school swing set. I returned to the hotel to the best view of all: my two favorite girls, Gabby, my sister, and Athena, my daughter. (I need to note that one very important/favorite girl, my sister, Suzanne, is missing from these photos.)

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117 thoughts on ““Home for a Rest” – Iona, Nova Scotia, Canada

  1. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy :)
    What a beautiful Child You have :)
    so happy for you :)
    Isn’t Canada beautiful :) I think so :)

    Rest up and enjoy :)
    take good care :)
    all my heart xo

  2. Happy Sunday Lesley. What a stunning family. I hope you have a positively memorable time with them all. Cherish every moment. Thank you for the photos. It reminds me of my trip to Digby many years ago. The early mornings were magical. I’m originally from Toronto. I’m looking forward to re-connecting “down the road.” Make every day an “Ollin” moment. Hugs from here.

  3. Have a great time! We will be missing your post for the next two weeks, but that’s all right. The two beautiful girls, I am sure, will have a blast spending their every minute with you. Take care and be blessed!

      • It’s a very small world! When I first read your blog, you were writing from California. Two years ago I moved here from South Carolina (and had never blogged before). And now in one week, we will be in the same province!

      • No, unfortunately–I won’t be in Nova Scotia. I have never been there, though I have a few friends in Halifax, and my best friend from elementary school is originally from there and lives there. As kids going to school in Ontario, she would always tell me how beautiful Nova Scotia was, and of the lupines…

        Only meant that we will be in the same province when you come to New Brunswick. (: Not sure which part you will be in, but you are welcome to stop by if you’re in the neighbourhood! You can reach me at tellurium73@gmail.com

        Enjoy the visit, Lesley!

  4. Love the photos of the girls and scenery…it is quite a view…I’ve only been in Canada when I was a youngster to view Niagara Falls…It was an experience back then when we crossed the border from the US…Enjoy your Holiday! ~mkg

  5. Have a great vacation! Looks like you will be having a lot of ‘mom’ time – the best time of all! Thank you for your repeated visits and likes to my blog: http://thebackbedroom.wordpress.com. I appreciate them!


    PS – if you click on my name link, it actually brings you to my other blog (crazily, I have two – one for spiritual musings and one for everyday flotsam and jetsam. You have been to the flotsam and jetsam one! :)

  6. My grandparents were from Baddeck and Middle River respectively. :) I have ties to Cape Breton, too. My grandmother, at age 80 then, told me about the first car she ever saw. It was Alexander Graham Bell’s. She described the crank in the front, the strange windshield ….. my mom, who was my age then (40), snapped her head at her mother and said “WHAT? YOU met ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL?” My grandmother waved her hand dismissively and said he bought butter from their farm a few times, that he summered there. She continued with the white wall tires, etc. LOL. My mom NEVER knew that. What a weird twist of history. Anyway, I have great memories of NS. Say hi to the Mac Rae’s for me. :) (My clan).

  7. God I miss Canada. I was raised in Ontario and although the cod weather was not appealing, It almost seemed to help revitalize and clean things. Spring always seemed to feel fresh and the smell of wet thawing grass was actually appealing because I knew it meant new growth, flowers, budding trees and signs everywhere of new life. Thank you for sharing your photos, makes me realize I am home sick.

  8. Enjoy your time in Canada and your new baby. Thanks for your consistent “likes” on my blog. Your support is valuable :)

  9. “We arrived in December and London was cold
    We stayed in the bars along Charing Cross Road
    We never saw nothin’ but brass taps and oak
    Kept a shine on the bar with the sleeves of our coats”

    Best college drinking song ever!

  10. Nova Scotia, just beautiful. And you and your family are so beautiful; you can easily see the resemblance to each other, the blood you share, by just looking at the eyes.

    Have fun resting =)

  11. Hey! Thank you so much for taking a look to my blog! I definitely liked yours, i’m so jealous of all the places you’ve seen, congratulations! Hope someday i have the opportunity to see all them. Well, i hope we can keep in contact!!!

  12. Lovely! I can really relate since I too am not born where I live. I can’t return very often(happily, I went back to the US in June).
    Have loads of fun-your hometown looks so peaceful.

  13. Lovely family and looks like a beautiful place, I would love to visit Nova Scotia esp Cape Breton some time, may you all have a wonderful time there, hi from across the Atlantic in Ireland, just look far enough due East, that’s me waving!!!!!

  14. And here I was the other day on the Edmonton bus talking of Rita and Bras d’Or Lake with a Cape Bretoner. My wife and I toured the island fairly extensively one summer when we were living in New Brunswick.

  15. Well, I was just thinking about going to Nova Scotia last night… Too bad the CAT ferry is no longer in service. Let’s see if we will make it there this summer.
    What a beautiful family you have!

  16. Ah the East Coast of Canada, home! My favorite moment in returning is when I smell the salt water in the air (often many miles from the coast). Good for you and your wee one to have time to spend with your family.

  17. Enjoy your recuperative rest and relaxation. It is good to be among family to fill your heart back up with love and support.


  18. Welcome Home. I’m sure you’ll find a moment, maybe when the sun is rising or setting to enjoy that spectacular view with a cup of coffee or tea. And of course the time with your family!
    Enjoy your vacation.

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