Tick Tock

I saw this quote today and felt like it was the perfect fit!

I want to look back on my life and know that I lived it to the fullest. Sharing time with my family, experiencing new countries and cultures, continuously learning and teaching, and finding the joy in everyday life should all be part of those 86,400 seconds. Every day with my family is a success; every day that I learn something new is a success; every day is a success.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

What will you do with your more than 80,000 seconds today? I’m going to try and make the most of every second. If you do the same, let me know how it goes. I’ll happily include part of your day with a link to your blog if you come up with some great things to do today. Let’s see what readers can come up with. Have a great day!

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104 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. I try to do one scary thing every day. It could be something silly or something complex. Used to be it was leaving my home. I was afraid of open spaces. Thought I was going to die. So I work hard to have no fear. But it creeps in sometimes. We gotta live for today, but work for tomorrow too. Nice post.

    • Thanks!

      I never really thought about doing something like that. I like the idea.

      Today, there was a bug crawling on the bed and I normally would have been too nervous to get rid of it myself, but I didn’t want it to crawl on my daughter so I got a napkin and put it outside. It might not have been a big deal but it was for me. I felt accomplished. Maybe I’ll do the same again tomorrow.

      • I told myself recently that fear had gotten in my way a lot in life and that I was going to do something everyday to conquer fear. I haven’t done something everyday but I have taken some steps. I used to be super paranoid or ultra private and I have opened myself up, talking about myself on my blogs. So…..lol
        i get what rheath40 is saying. Much love.

      • Not sure how to be part of this conversation so excuse me if I am doing this incorrectly. I have been afraid to post comments on blogs, but my son keeps telling me to just chime it. I actually love the idea of facing psychological fears like this one, and like crawly bugs on kid’s beds, because they are so conquerable. And your conversation here really points that out. Coincidentally I posted about fears today on my own blog, about not wanting to stifle my kids development just because the world is scary and I see the dangers! So today my seconds are being spent on loving my husband and my kids right out loud despite the scary things they want to do.

  2. My 86000 seconds today were spent attending the funeral of an old family friend, who lived life to the fullest. A veteran of WW2 and the Korean war, he also was a private investigator, a farmer, a snowmobile racer, a salesman, a man who dug holes with dynamite and installed the heated benches for the teams for the Ice Bowl (yes THE Ice Bowl), even though Vince Lombardi didn’t want him to install the one for the Giants. A man who I knew as “Uncle Jack” when I was very small, although he wasn’t my blood uncle. A father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather. I stood next to my own father, and held his hand while they played taps, and we both cried. A very hard day, but a good day none the less.

    I drove home realizing how much I want to slide into home plate at the end, fully spent. Your post was a definite confirmation!

    • Congratulations on knowing someone so inspiring! I hope he always lives on through your stories, thoughts, and memories.

      I had an “Uncle Stan” who had a similar impact on my life. Thank you for reminding me of him and giving me a few seconds of time with him again.

      Rest well “Uncle Jack” and “Uncle Stan”; you’ve both made a difference.

  3. So true! I try to make the most of everyday. I love my quiet morning time (although the addition of 2 kitties has changed the sound of quiet for now! While I get ready for work, I talk to my mother. I’m a good girl! I try to talk to her everyday! Then it’s off to work for a while where I get to do wonderful things for wonderful people! Then comes kid and kittie time. Time for some amazing snuggling with my fur babies and dinner with my grown babies. After that, I’m going to go to Karaoke. I haven’t done that in about a hundred years, It’s pretty exciting! I couldn’t agree more. Enjoy every second. Make each one count. Time passes way too quickly.

  4. Life indeed is like a smoke, its here for the moment and then it’s gone! The questions I normally ask is what would I be remembered for? Or what prints have I left behind? Cheers!

  5. Great post! I had noticed some time ago that I would spend many of my seconds stressed about not having enough seconds. It is amazing how different things are when we look at them with appreciation rather than expectation. Now I appreciate the seconds I have rather than feeling let down by an irrelevant expectation of time to fit my needs. This works well with relationships as well as seconds.

  6. Well, no wasted time is what it is all a bout. There is no such thing as a “throw away”, every second counts. All that to say, tomorrow will be fairly routine. However, most of the routine will include my children, which will take away any amount of routine.

  7. I am going with my four boys into one of the city parks to pick all of the Saskatoon berries before anybody else notices that they are scrumptious edible berries….. Love the simple things in life!

  8. I just spent 4200 of my seconds this crisp morning walking 6km along a beautiful coast line with the clear blue sky above me and then another 3000 seconds having coffee with my 85 year old father. What better way to spend a Saturday morning :-) Thanks for this quote – it really makes you aware of time ticking.

  9. I recently ran across the following quote: “Those who face that which is actually before them, unburdened by the past, undistracted by the future, these are they who live, who make the best use of their lives; these are those who have found the secret of contentment.” –Alban Goodier

    Since then I have been striving hard to just go through the day doing whatever is next on the Priority List. It works.

    Thanks for your post,

  10. My boyfriend and I are taking our four kids (13, 12, 11, and 9) to an 80s cover band concert at an outdoor amphitheater tonight!! It’s going to be a beautiful night and a lot of fun!

  11. This is an awesome quote. Great! I haven’t seen it, so thanks for passing it on. I’m glad I spent 80,000+ seconds celebrating my kid’s first birthday Friday :) Those were some good seconds :)

  12. This reminds me of the Anonymous quote, “Time is that quality of nature which keeps events from happening all at once. Lately it doesn’t seem to be working.” Which of course can be taken as a positive thing if it means you’re keeping busy!

  13. Everyday is filled with the “must” do, the “can” do, the “want” to do, the “didn’t have time” to do…Everyday is a race to fill up the seconds. But sometimes it is the beat in-between where I find the most happiness.

    Thank you for visiting my blog…you and your husband are on to something! I admire how you arrived here. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, children bring such love and wonder into your life!


  14. 86,400 seconds is ample time to jump on a motorbike, join some other biker friends, pick a direction and just ride, see where we end up. I love to explore, even if it’s just a few miles out of where I live. There’s a world out there, and one day I’ll explore that, too.

  15. I find this view of a day both inspiring and frightening. When you think of a minute, you know sixty seconds is manageable. It’s a number you can count to quite easily and without effort. You think nothing of it most times, counting down a minute when suddenly five minutes have passed, or ten even. I find myself looking at analog clocks and seeing the minute hand moving faster than it should. Time is a very delicate thing, and the speed at which it moves is something that many of us take for granted. When equipped with the knowledge of knowing each day consists of a mere Eighty-something thousand of these things, you start to feel a bit different. We as humans aren’t accustomed to counting numbers of this magnitude. Still, as the seconds tick away, you feel a need to make use of them. The day isn’t just a day anymore, it’s a countdown. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work that needs to be done. :)

  16. I absolutely love your appreciation for life. I was feeling sorry for myself the other day, because I haven’t traveled in a while; but, this post puts everything into perspective. EVERY day we should create our own adventure. Enjoy your 80,000+ seconds. Cheers!

  17. I have finally started my blog few days ago (thank you to be the first person to LIKE some of my posts), hopefully my blog can help me to achieve “live my life to the full” :-)

  18. Honestly, I’m going to spend most of my seconds working on my business which I enjoy so that I can some day use some of my seconds to smell the roses.

  19. My life is simple…but, so good…I realize how special every second is…My problem is … I feel I do waste some of them…I’m just going to try harder to embrace even the small things that come my way…and lessen those lost seconds…~mkg

  20. Great post! This is my first wedding anniversary weekend so i plan on spending every second reflecting on a wonderful and exciting year as well as squeezing in surprise activities with the hubby :-)

  21. Fantastic post! Reading through the comments I see you have inspired others to take the day(s) to make their lives brighter.

    Totally awesome!


  22. Every second counts, and every choice that we make during each second is what is creating and determining our future options/other seconds of choices to make, the ripple effect. Or in other words, “You always have a right to choose, but with every choice comes a consequence (good or bad)”. Today I will spend my seconds baking, writing, and spending quality time with family! Happy Saturday & thanks for this post!

  23. Hello again my friend. I would add to the list – be open to the opportunites to increase the happiness of others. Life provides moments of adventure, rest and reaching out to others? Balance!!! Thoughts?

  24. I also like to seize the day even if it’s just ordinary things.Since I got my new camera a few months ago love looking at the world through the lens and capturing the beauty of the world around us. Love this post and the energy behind it!

  25. A great question, but thinking about it makes me realize I need to get off my butt and get stuff done!

    *runs outside*

    Though for today…I am planning on getting my homework done, doing digital art and possible walking the dogs.

    I know, I’m boring

  26. Worked on a sermon. Watched the rain. Baseball on at four. Somehow I feel I’m making a difference. Well, hopefully through all those sermon seconds.

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