Tick Tock Talk

On Friday, I published the following text:

“I saw this quote today and felt like it was the perfect fit!

I want to look back on my life and know that I lived it to the fullest. Sharing time with my family, experiencing new countries and cultures, continuously learning and teaching, and finding the joy in everyday life should all be part of those 86,400 seconds. Every day with my family is a success; every day that I learn something new is a success; every day is a success.

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt

What will you do with your more than 80,000 seconds today? I’m going to try and make the most of every second. If you do the same, let me know how it goes. I’ll happily include part of your day with a link to your blog if you come up with some great things to do today. Let’s see what readers can come up with. Have a great day!”

Thank you for your responses! Here is what some readers did with their time. Congratulations for using your 86,400 seconds wisely. May your life be filled with meaningful moments like these.

fish tank mom -

These are some pictures I took of our Saskatoon Berry picking adventure!  We did not get many berries as we were a bit early – another week and more will be ready.  We battled the mosquitoes and enjoyed the outing – but as usual the best part was in the unexpected.  The kids had a blast swimming in the river and exploring the island.  They created a town and when we got home one even drew a map of it.  I love my boys!  We did have fun and the one thing I love about children and raising them – is that the simplest things become big again!


Alexander Aucott – Bastille Day Fireworks – Lyon, France

I went out to see the festivities on Bastille day in France, and I didn’t see a lot worth writing home about so to speak, although I thought this group playing in front of the river were quite good.

Just after this I met up with some friends and headed to the top deck of a boat, from where we could grab a beer and watch the fireworks, a really nice evening.


thinspaces said, “My 86000 seconds today were spent attending the funeral of an old family friend, who lived life to the fullest. A veteran of WW2 and the Korean war, he also was a private investigator, a farmer, a snowmobile racer, a salesman, a man who dug holes with dynamite and installed the heated benches for the teams for the Ice Bowl (yes THE Ice Bowl), even though Vince Lombardi didn’t want him to install the one for the Giants. A man who I knew as “Uncle Jack” when I was very small, although he wasn’t my blood uncle. A father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather. I stood next to my own father, and held his hand while they played taps, and we both cried. A very hard day, but a good day none the less.

I drove home realizing how much I want to slide into home plate at the end, fully spent. Your post was a definite confirmation!”

travellingbag said, “I just spent 4200 of my seconds this crisp morning walking 6km along a beautiful coast line with the clear blue sky above me and then another 3000 seconds having coffee with my 85 year old father. What better way to spend a Saturday morning :-)Thanks for this quote – it really makes you aware of time ticking.”
Christina ~ said, “Great reminder to cherish each moment….life is made of up of moments afterall! Today I went waaaay out of my comfort zone and wrote and published to my blog my very first poem ever. Kinda proud of me for putting it out there like that! :)

I enjoyed your post today and reading the comments from everyone has been fun too!”


The Local Traveler said, “My 86,000 seconds were spent on a morning trip to the market with my husband, then on a tour of Berwick NS. We met up with family for lunch, then drove to a winery. On the way home we stopped in at a random country dinner in Greenwood, then back to Blomidon to see a play. We finished the day with a camp fire and star gazing. It was an excellent use of seconds.

Thanks for the inspiration!”


mefoley said, “I went to a friend’s birthday party; she was turning 42 which in Douglas Adams’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books, is the number that answers the question “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” In the books, seasoned travelers know that you always need to keep your towel with you, so we did; we celebrated with most of us wearing towels over our shoulders like dupattas (the scarf that complements shalwar kameez).

May not sound like much, but it was a real departure from how I usually spend my time, and I met a whole lot of new people (and had fun!).”


I spent my day completing one of my bucket list items – spending time with my family members. My visit to Nova Scotia has been filled with complete bliss. But I’m still on vacation so I’m off to play cards with my sister. At 12:14 am, maybe the day is ending or maybe it’s just beginning. I hope all of your days are time well spent!

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57 thoughts on “Tick Tock Talk

  1. I try to make my time as internally fulfilling as possible, even when time or budgetary constraints don’t let me fit in as much as I’d like. Whether it’s reading, or choosing a good sequence of songs on my ipod, or trying to stop and watch the sunset, or watching Sportscenter highlights, or something bigger or smaller, I try to make sure I keep my head level as much as possible every day so the days don’t seem long or unwieldy. As for more bona-fide bucket list stuff, I just came back from my first really lengthy ‘road trip': my girlfriend and I trekked halfway across the country & back so I could relaunch my paperback at a scifi convention a thousand miles away! On our way back, we had some memorable moments, including a detour to a Lake Erie beach, getting lost in upstate New York, and spending a couple of days at a cozy bed & breakfast next to a lake and some woods. Nothing epic, but I try to keep in mind how many people never get to do anything of the sort…I guess that sort of thing helps me take my days in stride and try to appreciate my 86,000 second allotment!

  2. I wish I could spend each one of those seconds in my own way, but it seems I owe a debt of time to a desk job. A third of my seconds… gone every day! At least for now. I’m reclaiming my time soon and enjoying my situation as much as possible in the meantime. Thanks for the post and the update!

    • That’s exactly how we feel! People are very busy with their everyday work life to sometimes appreciate their day. We suggest taking some time out of your free time to relax and listen to music!

  3. I spent my 86,400 seconds talking to Mama up in Heaven,,, then Papa in Portugal… my baby sister Ali in Boise… Nana up in Chehalis…. that pretty much took care of the morning… then, lunch with my honey… a couple hours down at Starbucks filling in for a friend… back home to schedule some more posts for my Project 365 blog… chatted with some friends in my writer’s group on Facebook… wrote another 2,000 words on a story I am working on… then Tina is home and we fix dinner and have a nice quiet evening listening to Miles Davis and sharing our day.

  4. Today I witnessed my boat being hauled out of the water. It was absolutely fascinating. I also discovered that it weighs 32,000 pounds! How could that ever float? And then… I submitted applications to a few writing opportunities. I really enjoyed my day.

  5. thanks for sharing this. ive been so busy lately i missed this originally. but i just wrote about this same subject before reading todays post! hmmm

  6. Very interesting. I do my best to get the most out of everyday, some days I do, some days I don’t. At the end of the day I always ask myself, “how could I have gotten more out of today?” Hope you are having a good day.

  7. Dear BLP,
    I just adore the way you value time.
    Your whole life is obvioulsy about helping others to enjoy every second to the fullest.
    What an amazing way to live in the present moment.
    It’s like that famous quote: “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But Today is a Gift. That’s why they call it The Present.” :)
    Love, Lis

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  9. This was quite a beautiful post. I loved reading about those snap-shot moments of people’s days, From outing of berry-picking, to celebrating a friend’s birthday to mourning a man who seemed like one could write a story about his life.

    The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows actually had a word for the feeling it brought to me: Sonder.

    Which is describes as:
    n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

    This post really brought that out for me.

  10. When I think of one day in my life, I feel like I’ve packed it full.

    But when you look at it as 86,000 seconds, I feel like I get very little done.

    Thanks for enlightening me!

  11. I spent 7200 seconds going to see Angel Oak outside Charleston SC. It’s 1 of the oldest oaks alive, provides 17000 sq ft of shade! The sight of it is Wow-ing
    You can see a pick on my FB – PlantBased DietAdventures
    Super peaceful afternoon :)

  12. I’m using my seconds today cleaning out my pantry. If the can expired in ’01, do you think it is still safe! :-) And how many bottles of Sweet and Sour Stir-fry sauce does one really need? I think I need to use some seconds having more fun.

  13. Excellent post. Too many people live their lives on auto-pilot and, only at the end, do they “wish” they had done more. Thanks for reminding everyone to live each day to the fullest.

  14. My first 43,000 seconds were spent doing inventories in the morning sun of Afghanistan. Not alone thankfully, with my Soldiers. I was going to take a long lunch but not if I only have 43,000 more seconds! :D Nice blog, cute thought, sorta like the number of minutes song (I know I could Google it, but hey – that’s precious seconds, right?)

  15. Great post, wonderful blog! And thanks so much for reading mine!
    Enjoy your day! Today I will work at my part time job as a bridal seamstress, stitching, pressing and packing up gowns for the brides’ big days then will home home to my studio and teach sewing to my students! Lucky me to spend the day doin something I love with those who love to sew as well!
    Positively yours,

  16. Today, I’ll watch my son sleep for about 20,000 secs of my clock. That’ll leave a smile for everything else I do. Great post here. Enjoyed reading all the different responses!

  17. 3 years ago, I left my career of computer programming to work for myself. It has worked out wonderfully. I work harder than ever but I work when I want, and do not work when I want. I value my ticking seconds more than ever. You have to live without regrets .. I have 4 children. You can’t go back so time with them is vital for my sanity later on. I have to know that I did everything that I could to be with them in THEIR way. Thanks for the reminder.

  18. Enjoyed this post. I’m new to blogging and only recently caught on to the ‘bucket list’ you keep mentioning (duh!). I looked it up after seeing other bloggers use that phrase, also! Do you suppose some have seen the guy who ‘kicked the bucket’ in The old movie, ‘It’s A Mad, Mad World’? Or maybe you’re all too young to remember?

    I love it when My day includes a visit with grandchildren, a song we share on the ukulele, and some time to work on an unfinished oil painting!

  19. Wow, it would appear that I need to count my seconds I let slip away more often… I am 5 months pregnant and I always worry that when this baby comes, I will lose the precious time I love to spend with just my 13 month old. Perhaps I need to take my child out on dates more often. THANK YOU for reminding me that time is precious!

  20. Wonderful post! I like post that make me think…this one does. I’ve been in home healthcare for over 20 years and get to help folks in some way everyday. I always think how I am going to live life to the fullest but always seem to fall short…looking for that kick in the pants to get to doing so to speak….

  21. I spend my time looking for new hobbies and living out my year long quest. You’re right–Life is too short to be just sitting around. We gotta make the most of all those seconds. Thanks for this post : )

  22. I just spend the last five minutes reading Tick Tock Talk and all the wonderful comments. :)
    Some friends have been questioning me about spending so much time at the blogs. Most of the time it is worthwhile. I read interesting things and get new ideas. I think it can widen your horizons..
    Thanks for spending some of your precious seconds reading some of my wee words. Hope you didn’t waste your time. :)

  23. Hello! Love your life outlook–so positive!! :) You remind me a lot of my cousin who has just turned 30 and visited 20+ countries, full of radiant energy like you. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  24. Hello! I always enjoy when I have time to read your blog…I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award. Keep writing and I will keep appreciating! Check out nomination here:
    One Lovely Blog Award

  25. Lovely post! Bummed i missed it the first time round… well done though.

    Hmmm, most of my seconds these days are spent learning with my kids. Homeschooling them teaches me so much, from science & math to the things of God. I truly love it! Our evenings & weekends are often spent serving the poor in Hong Kong ‘ghettos’ & learning to love a nation & her people… Loving the wealthy has proven to be the challenge we never anticipated. But it’s such a blessing to do what we do, with our children walking in our footsteps & sometimes even leading the way. – Last night, the hubs & I took time out just for us, another basic but crucial way to cherish every second. :) Blessings. -jk

  26. If everyone has the same seconds in a day, If the seconds don’t change from one day to the next, then why does it feel like some days go faster than others? Some days you do exactly the same things and the day goes by slow, shouldn’t all the days be the same?
    like your blog and this ‘80,000+’ blog just plain scares me to death!

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