What Extreme Adventures are on Your Bucket List?

Hosting the Adventure Photo Contest reminded me of the extreme adventures that I’ve done in the last few years and how much fun I had while doing each one. So today’s post is simply a photo collage of my recent extreme adventures. I’m sure there are some that I’ve forgotten but here goes…

Bungee AmericaGreat View of VegasRock Climbing Rappelling CavingRafting AdventuresSkydiving AdventuresSwimming with the FishesWhat extreme adventures are on your bucket list?

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116 thoughts on “What Extreme Adventures are on Your Bucket List?

  1. Hi Miss L xoxo
    Hope baby is well xx
    and You too
    i am not doing anything super wild …outside ..lol
    but i am going to the studio – A real One to record an ep ……..:)
    By The end of 2012 it should be out

      • I will my sweet /////
        just reset my twitter up today …….
        it’s been a super long journey you know ?
        i know u know xx
        i think i am following you :) lol
        i just set it up again – pretty rusty – but now i have my super awesome glasses and big screen – feel invicible :) well almost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        lots of love xoxoxoxo

  2. Awesome photo collage! I just got scuba certified so for me, I see lots of scuba diving in my future. That is pretty extreme for me! Do you plan to slow down at all now that you have an itty bitty? Maybe for a while, but there is tons of stuff they can do with you too. My second daughter went on my back all the way up a volcano in Hawaii, and also in a plane glider in Hawaii. Pretty awesome. Also, those collages are fantastic! Would you mind telling me what program you use to make them?

    • Congratulations on the scuba certification. I’m sure you will take full advantage of it.

      As for slowing down, maybe a little bit but we’re still living life to the fullest. Since she was born, 4 months ago, we’ve done the jetpack flight, glider lessons, a biplane flight, surf lessons, and moved across the country. We took a weekend vacation to Charleston last week and I took her home to eastern Canada for two weeks before that. We have a few trips on the horizon but nothing extreme just yet.

      The program that I used to make the collages is http://pixlr.com/. It’s super easy to use and a great way to include lots of photos in a small space.

      Have a great weekend and stay in touch,


  3. Absolutely love your photos! For me, it’s a week long backpacking trip in the Tetons, scuba diving, and whitewater rafting! We’ve rafted before, but nothing extreme! Your post is inspiring me to update my list. Thanks!

  4. I wish I could say I was an extreme adventurer, but road trips in other countries is about as extreme as I get. I did take a ride over Lake Michigan in a four-seater once–I think that experience is pretty much why I can’t call myself an extreme adventurer.

  5. I don’t know if this qualifies as an extreme adventure, but it could be considered a lofty desire. I’d like to be the Food Network’s traveling Vegan cooking show. Travel all around the world cooking with the local ingredients their favorite dishes vegan style without the use of ‘fake’ products. :)

  6. I’ve done most of the extreme adventure things – sky diving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, etc. Right now, my extreme adventure has to do with accessing my more creative side and sharing it with others. That feels like quite an adventure to me right now.:-) Love your blog!! Extreme adventure and bucket lists are two of my favorite things!

  7. Hello its Stacie from Dancing in the Rain, bringing you an award! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Congratulations and keep up the good work! To find out more about the award and to accept go to my blog: Dancing in the Rain. Thanks :)

  8. Amazing what you have been able to accomplish. No doubt you are living your life’s journey to its fullest!

  9. Your pictures of adventures are just amazing! MOST of the things on my bucket list are on hold until I lose weight….but I will get there! 150 pounds off is my goal…94 more to go. Then I want to go to Argentina on a dove shoot….I want to ride a donkey inside the Grand Canyon, to Kayak down the Snake River in Jacksonhole Wyhoming. So many other things! I’m going to try and have one day a week on my blog designated for my Bucket List! Life is much too short not to enjoy it to the fullest…and I will !! I’m a wee bit excited. :)

  10. Here I was thinking I’d done nothing extreme, then I see this post and realize I have done a few things: dog sledding in Alaska (yep, that was a blast. I almost fell off when those dogs started up), zip lining, biplane ride, exploring caves (easy ones), snorkeling with wild sharks at Midway Atoll, dune buggy riding, landed a 2-seater Cesna (my “date” handed me the controls, and me with no experience at all), scuba diving, glider riding, hiking a mountain in Micronesia and fording a swollen river in the middle of a typhoon (thought I was going to die for sure), and performed high lifts with an acrobatic dance troupe. What’s on my Bucket List: hot air balloon ride, learn to surf, and maybe hang gliding. I think I’ll pass on the jumping-out-of-airplanes thing.

  11. I have lived a full life and I do have a bucket list. Two of them actually. One is for things I will never do again. I am in my 60’s and would be ashamed to compare lists. I have some physical disabilities now. So my advice to you is, You go girl!

  12. I’m with you on all of them except for spelunking! I can’t do that (i tried at some major cave systems near Ottawa, but once the sunlight is gone I get too anxious! I would much rather skydive where you can see forever than to crawl around with billions of tons of rock over me…

    My bucket list would have to include surfing the big waves of Maui… and maybe scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef (or, a submarine ride into the Marianas Trench!)

  13. Not to get all activisty but I enjoyed my experience with a dolphin as you have but regret it due to the continued promotion of them in captivity. Anyway, I think my extreme adventure is to sail the world.

  14. Love your bravery- me the coward would very much like to touch your beluga whale I have on my list the koala and a some what tamer romantic train trip possibly the orient express followed up by a camel ride through the pyramids..watched one too many agatha christies

  15. Looks like a lot of fun Lesley. For me, I have always wanted to find myself somewhere in a desolate stretch of country (something like a straight road with endless fields on each side) during an extreme lightning storm, capturing the strikes on camera. Now that I have the tools to do so, I just need to find a location and a duck-away to keep everything dry should things go south. :)

    I know I know, it’s not too “extreme”, but the end result will sure appear to be.

  16. Wow, I’m jealous of your adventures! Very inspiring. Except the bungee jump, I could pass on that.
    My own would be to go into space. If I could, I definitely would. That would be a life changing experience without a doubt.

  17. Love the pictures! We are talking about taking OUR WAY down the ICW to the Keys this fall/winter and then flying to Oman for an archeological dig in the Spring.

  18. Wow, those all look amazing! I think ziplining and scuba diving both sound fun, and I might try bungee jumping (though I’m a tiny bit afraid of heights). I also want to do part of the Camino de Santiago walk, which doesn’t seem extreme until you see the crazy awful blisters people get from the trek!

  19. That is awesome! I am just now making a bucket list and the first items listed is to do at least half of your adventures…I am jealous

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