Scratching off Bucket List Item #9

With only a few items left on this year’s bucket list, it’s completely conceivable that I will Feel Fit Wear Reviewfinish the entire list. The most daunting task is number 9 – “Lose the baby weight”. I’m still 18 pounds away from my original weight so I need to kick it up a notch if I’m going to make it happen. Each year, I spend hours planning out the list, making it difficult but not impossible. If I can pilot a helicopter, deliver a baby, and fly a jetpack, I can lose 18 pounds by the end of December. The plan: continue with Pilates and add 30 minutes of jogging to my daily routine. Equally intimidating is the constant clothing size change as I transition back to my normal weight, but I found a good solution. Feel Fit Wear offers women’s workout shorts with CompressionFlex technology so they fit my current size, but will adjust as I lose weight. I’ve already had to buy new clothes for each part of the pregnancy. Now, I’ve found a pair of shorts that I can wear throughout the stages of weight loss and I can finally get out of my pregnancy shorts. Bucket list item number nine, be prepared to be scratched off of my list.

Feel Fit WearThe Jacob Exercise Shorts allow for freedom of movement because of the CompressionFlex technology with Lycra. With these sweat-releasing, body temperature control exercise shorts, even the humid temperatures of North Carolina don’t get the best of me. Best of all, they are form-fitting and hug my body keeping the shorts in place. There is nothing worse than constantly fussing with shorts while running. The wide waistband is perfect for my post-pregnancy belly and the easy-care, pre-shrunk material can be thrown in the washer and dryer after use. I couldn’t have found a better fit for my post-pregnancy weight blues.

Feel Fit Wear

Feel Fit WearFeel Fit Wear offers a variety of women’s active wear and they have everyday free shipping. If you want to check out their products for yourself, you can get 20% off by entering: BucketList20.

I’ve only tried out their Jacob Exercise Shorts so far. If you pick something up and have a review, send it my way and I’ll include it below. I’d love to know if all of their products are equally appealing.


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111 thoughts on “Scratching off Bucket List Item #9

        • It was never something on my mind before. If anything, I was underweight for most of my life because of a thyroid problem. Now that it isn’t coming off as easily, I see weight totally different! It can certainly change how you see yourself.

          I hope that you reach your ideal weight and it fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle :)

  1. One of my sisters put on 45 pounds with her first pregnancies. 45 pounds! The baby itself weighed only 7.5. Isn’t it crazy how our bodies change so much? You’re no longer a woman, you are a vessel. To re-claim your body fully, you may need to wait until the last breast feeding occurs. I’ve never had any, and I know it would be a killer struggle to return to normal.

    p.s. Talking about killer struggle, have you considered roller derby? Bucket List 2013 Edition perhaps?

  2. Portion size is the key to losing weight. Also, only eat real foods – “junk food”, needs to be reclassified to: poison, do not eat, will harm your health and the health of your offspring.

  3. What a great idea….a Bucket List for each year….and by the sounds of it you’re well on your way of kicking #9 six ways to Sunday!
    Thanks for the review on the shorts….they’d be great for the weather here too, as we’re about to come into our Summer, which is very humid and muggy. I’m not looking forward to my own workouts/rehab once it kicks in, but now….I’ll have a secret weapon!!

  4. You go girl!

    I love those shorts – I basically live in those type of yoga shorts every summer when I’m around the house! So easy to go from lounging around and popping in some Pilates or yoga every so often (: x

  5. Keep at it. It takes time. What I found to work for me was to find a variety of activities that I enjoyed doing with baby and without to give myself the “me time” that I needed but also give me the flexibility to do fun things with the little one in tow. We did hiking, jogging, walking to the store or lunch or the park. But then I also tried new fitness classes and workouts. It was fun to get out of my comfort zone of just running. You will do great!

  6. Isagenix, Isagenix, Isagenix! Best ever products for anything to weight loss, supplements, overall nutrition, etc. I’m totally not a salesperson, but I’m desperately in love with this system (been with it for two years!) I plan to blog about it a lot more in the future, but here’s a small taste. Email if you want more info. Very passionate about it’s overall benefits for life! :) Also, those shorts look incredible. :D

  7. And be kind to yourself. We put so much pressure on ourselves as new mothers. If the weight comes off more slowly, it’s okay too. There’s so much pressure to drop those pounds immediately even though they’re there for a purpose. The weight will come off and you’ll get your body back, even if not by December.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but I have a hard time seeing it the same way. First off, let me say, I loved being pregnant and I love being a new mother even more. I would put my body through it a thousand times over to have my baby girl in my life. I know, though, that I’m capable of getting my body back to where it was before and it’s important to me. I was always happy with what I saw in the mirror before and I never worried about what I was wearing or if I was covered up. Now, I see the stretch marks and I see the extra weight; I don’t just notice it, I actually see it. I want to be proud of my body and my appearance and by losing a few pounds and toning the muscle, I can have that again. Then, I will have my dream life and that is what I strive for; I don’t want to settle for anything less :)

      • Love what you wrote here!
        I shed about 50 pounds by Yoga (by following a DVD at home & no instructor) when my daughter was just about 15 months & finally hit the gym to get rid of the last 7 pounds after my daughter turned 2 last month. The saggy skin & stretch marks bother me the most now. This is not what I was, I’m striving to get myself back the ‘ME’ that got lost in the process. I want my bikini body back. At the same time so looking forward to being a mother again in the future sometime, to the point that I revisited a mum & baby store just yesterday and decided what I would wear when I’m pregnant again ;) Crazy, insane but FUN!

        You’ll do it no doubt! Best wishes!

      • And I’m here to tell you that you can have that pre-baby body back, no question. There are ways in which we become more powerful having gone through pregnancy and childbirth. Good luck with your quest – and with your determination, I’ve no doubt you’ll achieve your goal!

  8. Hey, December is my goal too, and we have just about the same amount to lose. But my baby is ten years old. This year I was able to get a grip on Some nagging health issues that have made weight loss difficult. But now I am getting thyroid replacement and solved my anemia, so I am going to finally tackle the last twenty pounds. Not too bad for four pregnancies, but I am ready to go to battle! Good luck and keep us posted!

  9. I might want something like that – shorts and t-shirt – for men. I’m not thinking of the compressionflex technology so much, but of the cooling function and the ability to wick the sweat away from the body. I do have such type of clothing for bicycling, but as I have had to give that up due to the heavily increased oil-field traffic hereabouts [roads have become way too dangerous], I’m looking for something like that to wear while jogging. Any idea where I could find it? I’d really appreciate advice.
    Take care, and have a good one,
    P.S. as to losing weight: 10 pounds by the end of October would be good for me.

  10. Hey Lesley, if you can do all those other courageous and crazy bucket list things you do, I have no double this will be crossed off your list. Consider looking at the way you eat (notice I did not say diet) to get very conscious of the fuel you want to put in your body. When I changed the way I ate and how often and how much I ate, I saw great changes in my fitness and energy levels.Thanks for sharing good information as well as inspiration.

  11. Hang in there and good luck – your plan sounds like a good one and always remember that food is really the biggest factor in maintaining and losing weight. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and stay away from the isles – always works! David

  12. Yay, you! You can do it! I lost 17 lbs the first few months of this year doing Weight Watchers and not exercising. I still have 10 lbs left to go and you just motivated me to get rid of them by the end of the year! AND I just bought these shorts :D Thank you!

  13. Great post and info! I’m working on losiing the baby weight as well. My daughter was born March 12, so I know she and Athena are close in age. I had an emergency c-section so the process was slow-going at first, but I’m 17lbs away. We can do it!!! :)

  14. Best of luck! You can accomplish this and everything else you set out to do :) I love your blog! Make sure you eat good clean protein to keep you full and keep the cravings away. I found this to be helpful when I was losing weight. :)

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