The Most Dangerous Risk of All…

The more unrealistic I am with my dreams, goals, and imagination, the more I am able to achieve.

I’m a dreamer and I do everything in my power to make those dreams come true. Life is Fiji & Africaworth living, after all, and I’m making it happen. I believe that I’m going to succeed and I go after everything that I want. At 31 years of age, I’ve been able to travel to 34 countries and experience every extreme adventure I could imagine including flying a jet pack, the ultimate in dreamlike adventure. When I set my sights on a new location, it is only a matter of time before I’m immersed in the environment. We flew to Alaska for a weekend vacation after dreaming it up the day before; we sold everything we owned, resigned from our jobs, and moved to California from eastern Canada after only two weeks of imagining life there; and we spent two adventurous weeks in Costa Rica and Nicaragua after three days of planning. I’ve been dreaming again and I have two new destinations in mind: Fiji and Tanzania.

Fiji Travel - BeachRenowned for its stunning beaches, beautiful warm climate, and unique relaxed island atmosphere, Fiji is calling my name. When I picture spending time in Fiji, I am not relaxing on the beach while working on my suntan though; I’m diving in the warm, clear water surrounded by a myriad of colorful fish and coral; I’m hiking inland through Fiji’s native jungle to the spectacular Biauvesa Falls; and I’m sailing around the islands with my fishing and snorkeling gear on deck. Fiji is a Mecca for all dreamers, adventurers, fun seekers, divers, families, and anyone else who is looking for their very own tropical experience of a lifetime. Fiji consists of over 320 islands many of which are not inhabited. I want to explore!

Fiji Sailing

“The most dangerous risk of all– the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” — Randy Komisar, The Monk and the Riddle

I want to live my life rather than just imagine it and an African Safari should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is a new world that can’t be understood through books or videos. I long to see the stunningly beautiful landscapes and vast pristine areas with my own eyes. Wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, hyenas, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, warthogs, elephants, rhinos… the list continues. Imagine witnessing them all in their own environment; it must be completely life changing. I envision a closeness with my surroundings that surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced.

African LionsAfrican Animals

African AnimalsTanzania is justifiably famous as one of Africa’s best safari locations. With world famous parks like the  Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, Tanzania offers more land devoted to wildlife conservation than any other African country; making it the focus of my African dream. Tanzania hosts some of the last untouched places left on this planet. It is a place of vast horizons, untamed wilderness, grand majesty, and mouth-dropping beauty. I want to take in the sights, the smells, and the sounds that are unquestionably unique to Africa and hold them in my memory, as well as share them with other, for the rest of my life.

Travel is all-consuming. Instead of thinking about how things may be, I want to see them as they are. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty and limitless possibilities. Lets explore!

Have you been to Fiji or Tanzania? Fuel my burning desire by allowing me to revel in your stories. Share what they are like with me and with others.

Do you want to explore Fiji or Tanzania for yourself? What is it that holds your interest? Are there driving factors that I’m missing?

I will travel to Fiji and Tanzania. I’m capable of making it a reality. All of my dreams are possible. What about you?

239 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Risk of All…

  1. I want to take my child to Tanzania when he is a little older, so I really want to read about your adventures there. And you will love Fiji, absolutely. I got married there just two years ago – not just one of my happiest days ever but one of the happiest places I’ve visited. While it looks dreamily perfect and offers all the magic of an idyllic south sea island paradise, be prepared also to have your heart shaken and stolen by the Fijian people. I can’t wait to go back… anniversary = Fiji couldn’t be more perfect for us.


  2. Fiji is on the top of my list. I won’t spend all my time on the beach, but I want to at least see it everyday. The water and waves gives me the greatest relaxation, and being Type A, I should spend more time there. It’s also my greatest muse. On the other hand, my husband isn’t a beach person at all.😦


    • My husband isn’t much of a beach person either, but we usually compromise during beach trips.

      Have you been to Africa? I don’t know which one I want to experience more. They both have so much to offer.


      • Hi Lesley, since you mention not knowing which you want to do more, I thought I would share my Africa experience… I’ve been back three times; it is an addicting place, with the landscapes, culture and animals. I now plan safaris for others for a living. So beware! If you go to Africa, you’ll likely be hooked! Good luck🙂


  3. “The most dangerous risk of all– the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”


    I love that quote and I found this post to be quite inspirational. Life is short!

    You certainly are living life.

    I love it.


  4. Like you, I want to see so much and experience everything once. Aim high. Last January, my husband I made a vow to live like we won the lottery. Which means, give generously, travel at every chance, dream big and make it happen now. Life is worth living, we just have this one shot.


    • Fiji is on my list too. Lived in NZ close to it for 5 years..will go to Fiji for sure.

      I have s question for you – I love traveling too. Me and my husband travelled a lot before having our first kid. The only thing that always comes in between travel is money for me. I would love travelling euth my kid too. How do you strike a balance? That’s the reason we are trying to plan our vacations these days.


      • It’s difficult to find a balance. My husband and I live very modestly when it comes to daily life. We rarely dine out, we buy our clothing second-hand, and we make evenings at home fun. I even cut my own hair. I don’t wear make-up either, which is a huge saver as well. For the last few years, we lived in small apartments and drove relatively cheap cars. Now, all of those things seem natural and easy. We are able to travel freely without worry. Athena, my daughter, is a little young for extremely far travel right now, but we’re making the best of it by exploring new local places.

        I hope the world is at your doorstep,



        • I don’t know if you got my comment, having issues with log in info, but I knew you cut your own hair! So, if you got it or maybe it went to your spam, it was part of my list of… well, complaints, lol😉

          Too cool. I bought scissors.


  5. I have never traveled but always wanted to. We never seem to have the finances with four children. I love your outlook and descripion of life. I sometimes wonder how much “living” I miss out on. But I know everyday I am meant to be here raising my children for now. My time will come and I will visit Italy and London and of course the Safari. Heck it would be nice to even start in Florida LOL


    • I’m now following you and I will check back regularly for safari inspiration. Beautiful photos and encouraging words. I get more excited about travel every time I read stories of new lands.

      Thank you for sharing,



  6. I love your zest for life, it is so inspiring and so refreshing. Living your dreams instead of just wishing on them is amazing! Fiji is also on our list🙂


  7. Many of my friends and family have been to Fiji. It’s a little way out (even from Australia) but well worth it based on the feedback received. Avoid the wet season though😉

    Loved the post and really liked the quote too. Now is the time, there may not be tomorrow and yesterday is gone!


  8. You are so brave! I can’t imagine just picking up and moving let alone going on a trip last minute.🙂 But I’m trying new things this year too. Going to Indonesia for a beautiful live aboard diving trip to the Spice Islands. Been paying for it for over a year. I cannot wait to go!

    ps. Fiji is my dream…


  9. Tanzania is an amazing country! Wildlife, culture, mountains/hiking and stunning white sand beaches (Zanzibar)! If you are trying to decide between the two, my vote would be Tanzania as I honestly think it has the best of everything!!


      • Me either, and the more you travel the harder it gets to decide!!

        We did safari in Ngorongoro Crater & Serengeti National park – it really was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives ! Unfortunately I’m new to the blogging world, so I don’t have posts about the trip but i’m slowly day by day putting photos up of all of my trips…my first photo of the day shot was in Serengeti and the header photo on my page is on a beach in Zanzibar🙂 Good luck deciding!


  10. Hi Lesley,
    First I would like to say that You have a very nice and interesting blog which I follow with pleasure.
    Can I ask You something? Would you be so kind to allow me to use this wonderful photo of lions in my blog. I will surely note the source: the link of your blog.

    I decided to ask for the permission and only then use the photo.

    Thank you,


  11. Your post couldn’t have been more perfectly timed – just last night my partner and I paid off the balance on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kenya and Tanzania this Christmas. We’ll be camping at the Ngorongoro crater and in the Serengeti, before going to Zanzibar for relaxation and diving lessons. Africa is a beautiful and diverse continent and I can’t wait to get going! We’re blowing all of our savings (and some money we haven’t quite earned yet!) on this trip, but as you say, we should live life to the full, and the lifelong memories will be priceless.


  12. What an inspirational post. I love that quote “The more unrealistic I am with my dreams, goals, and imagination, the more I am able to achieve.” I like that kind of thinking. And Fiji … wow you have me thinking🙂


  13. I live in New Zealand, so I’ve been able to go to various South Pacific islands over the years, including Fiji which, while it is enjoyable and popular, is not top of my list for adventure.

    Instead, may I suggest Vanuatu? One of the best travel experiences of my life was standing on the crater rim of Mt Yasur, an active volcano that sends ash and lava shooting up into the air every few minutes. Absolutely awe-inspring! You can also experience unique cultures in Vanuatu.

    Another possibility is Niue which is a real get-away-from-it-all destination, with only 1400 people and one flight a week. There are hikes along sea tracks through tropical rainforest to rugged coastlines. If you’re interested, there’s also diving and fishing available. It’s not well-known and there’s not a lot of information about it, but I’ve written about it here .


  14. is a link listing 50 facts about South Africa which most of the world knows nothing about.

    E.g. Kruger National Park supports the greatest variety of wildlife species on the African continent. 1. Table Mountain in Cape Town is believed to be one of the oldest mountains in the world.
    South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique are tearing down fences between the countries’ game parks to create a 13,500 square mile game park, which will become the largest conservation area in the world. It will be bigger than Switzerland, Belgium or Taiwan.

    2. The world is divided into six floral kingdoms. All these kingdoms encompass several countries, and in some cases, several continents. South Africa, which has a floral kingdom wholly contained within the country, is the one exception. The Cape Floral Kingdom has 9,600 plant species, 70% of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

    3. Table Mountain alone has over 1,500 species of plants, more than the entire United Kingdom.


      • I am so flattered for you to say that. I am happiest when I can inspire people. You made my day and I am so happy that the tips helped with the “baby weight”. you look beautiful no matter what😉 Please let me know if there are any other tips that I can pass along, after all it is what I do for a living😉


  15. I travel to Uganda twice a year and have been on several safaris there, plus white water rafting on the Nile. Uganda isn’t as well known for safaris as Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa, but it has some wonderful game parks, and is a lot less expensive. When we were in Murchison Falls our guide (illegally) took us off the road and we tracked down a mother lion with her cubs. The fine would have been 300,000 shillings ($150) if we’d gotten caught, but it would have been well worth it – we were 6′ from the lions! Hope you enjoy your safari, wherever you decide to go!


    • Is there a reason that would be harmful to the lions why you were not allowed to follow or just for your own safety?

      I’d love to read about your experiences. Do you have them posted on wordpress? A link would be wonderful🙂


          • Hi Lesley,

            You inspire me to start writing about my travel too. (I have all the travel photos on my facebook but I have been too lazy to write about them and only recently got into blogging) Now after reading your blog, I’m trying to “catch up” !😀

            I see you have been doing research about Africa and Tanzania is on your list. I have a boutique Africa tour operation in Moshi Tanzania. Me and my team have been serving solo and small group (family, couple, friends) travellers for years. I’d love to help you with your research ! Here is our facebook page :




    • Living in Tanzania, being a South African, but have had the pleasure of travelling extensively into Africa, and I want to be so bold and say the Masai Mara is the most incredibly beautiful place for a safari!


  16. Tanzania is amazing – I spent 5 months there earlier this year. Serengeti for the migration is as special as it sounds – 2.5m wildebeast in one heard, Ngorogoro crater is just like a safari park as so many animals there and Tarangarie park about 11am in the dry season when all the elephants come down to the river – counted over 1,000 of them. was the blog of most of my travels there and then in Rwanda and Uganda (but work related stuff removed now hence there maybe a few gaps)


  17. Hi Lesley, I haven’t been to either of those places, but did spend a month in South Africa, and several days on Safari in Kruger, and i can assure you seeing those wild animals up close in their natural environment was the best experience I ever had. My kids adored it, and the holiday had a lasting impact on them, and gave them a great respect for all animals. So I hope you et to these places, I’m sure you will, you are quite amazing, and inspiring!


      • I’m not Bernadette, but just had to jump in here. I live here (States), and my kids were born here, but i grew up in Kenya. My youngest’s daughter’s birthday falls in Summer, and the last couple years, we’ve celebrated most of her birthday’s outside the country. We celebrated her second birthday in South Africa, her fourth birthday in England and Kenya, and we recently celebrated her Sixth birthday with a nice lunch at the African Heritage House in Kenya described “as the most photographed house in Africa. In other words, once Athena hits one no reason she can’t become a world famous traveller like her parents. Enjoy the planning. By the way, this has given me an idea for post:) Thanks


  18. That quote is too brilliant…so true. No matter what your dreams are be they big (like yours!) or small (like mine, just to live and do things that make me and my family happy), you’ve got to do whatever you can to make them real, no matter if that seems a little crazy to others!


    • Everyone has always thought my dreams were crazy… my entire life. Somehow, my husband believes in me and supports every insane idea that I have. It is because of my family that I’ve been able to live a life without restrictions.

      May all of your dreams come true,



  19. Your way of seeing life is really awesome, I think the best possible way to live this life is to simply acchieve anything you want and try to explore this planet as much as possible!!


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