Losing the Baby 60: Attitude, Clothing & Trail Running Shoes

During my pregnancy, I gained 61 pounds! Most people, usually ones that haven’t had Pregnancy Photochildren, will shake their head in awe at that number. I did myself. When I read Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy, during my first trimester, I was wide-eyed to read that Jenny McCarthy, a celebrity, gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy. I judged her and thought it would never happen to me. I assumed that I was going to exercise and stay in shape regardless of being pregnant, but the reality was much different. Now, 6 months after delivering the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen, I need to find motivation and encouragement to lose the Baby 60. 

Florida Travel My pre-pregnancy weight was 146 pounds and I felt comfortable in my own skin. I was confident when I wore a bathing suit and I didn’t think about it twice. If you scroll through my blog, you will easily find several photos of me with a bikini, a bathing suit, or a short dress.  I was healthy and active and never felt the need to cover up. It was a non-issue.

Between the morning sickness, or what I refer to as a big, fat lie and more accurately named it all day sickness, and the excessive tiredness, I quickly went down the baby 60 path. (You’ve heard of freshmen 15; well, this is the baby 60 where I gained over 60 pounds during pregnancy.) I learned one thing: lack of exercise leads to more lack of exercise.

Six month after her birth, I am now 164 pounds. The weight doesn’t bother me as much asVirginia Beach the low energy. I want to be able to do everything with Athena. Run in the park, play sports, chase each other around the yard, swim, hike, camp… I don’t ever want to say, “I’m too tired.”

I started running daily again and there are a few things that have helped me along the way: the right attitude, the right clothing, and the right running shoes. I already talked about the right clothing but I didn’t know about the right running shoes until I found the Lowa Women’s S-Crown GTX Trail Running ShoeThe S-Crown GTX features a synthetic upper with mesh panels for added flexibility and increased air flow. A lace up front creates a perfect fit, while the lugged rubber sole makes short work of trails and pathways. I can no longer say, “My feet hurt too much to….” I have no excuse!

LOWA Runners

LOWA RunnersLOWA’s patented ‘STG’, Soft-to-Ground, midsole provides the correct combination of shock absorption, targeted cushioning, stability, and grip. The new Floating Tongue Construction further eliminates pressure points, and the waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX lining is prefect for North Carolina weather. With an arch stabilizer and an Ortholite footbed, the S-Crown GTX “walks the talk” when it comes to quality, performance and sustainability.

LOWA Trail Runners

I could instantly feel the difference when I slid my foot into the shoes for the first time. I always know a good runner when it fits like I’ve owned it for years. Although I won’t be running a marathon any time soon, the S-Crown GTX runners are the perfect fit, encouraging me to continue exercising just a little bit more each day.

Just yesterday, I wore them to Carowinds Amusement Park. We ran from roller coaster to roller coaster with great anticipation and I expected to leave with blisters on my feet and aching toes. After six hours of park enjoyment, my feet emerged from the shoes victoriously. There wasn’t a blister or callus in sight.

Taking care of my feet is a worthwhile venture. An entire day can be ruined by wearing the wrong shoes or a run can be cut short because of aching feet. I want to exercise with a positive attitude and make it as fun as possible. It’s important for it to feel exciting rather than like work and that’s possible by wearing comfortable runners and appropriate clothing. I still have a long way to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I’m going to stay positive and find interesting, exciting ways to continue an active, healthy lifestyle. My S-Crown GTX Trail Running Shoes are a step in the right direction.

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143 thoughts on “Losing the Baby 60: Attitude, Clothing & Trail Running Shoes

  1. You will get there! The best thing I did was join a stroller boot camp, it was incredibly difficult, but hanging out with active woman who were in the same boat, and having a wicked trainer made everything good.

      • Wow, thank you, coming from a woman who has done nothing but astound me, is a huge compliment. This blog is just a fun outlet, I love seeing and doing new things with my little man. Don’t get discouraged by the weight, it does come off, the 6 month mark is like a wall in a marathon, you just have to work it out.

  2. Love the colour!!! I gained 80 pounds – my mother said that the more you gain in pregnancy, the smarter your baby will be. I believed her because I wanted to believe her!! And it came out true. But I did lose those pounds doing exactly what you are doing. Got myself a great pair of shoes. That was 21 years ago…and I still run except just a little slower these days….love your blog!!

  3. You have to remember it took 9 months to gain that weight, so you need time to loose it. Are you nursing by chance? A good website to track and monitor calories is on the USDA website for MyPlate. I used that when I provided nutrition counseling to mothers. Good luck with your journey!

    • I’m not nursing, unfortunately. I’m optimistic about the weight loss and more optimistic about regaining my wealthy lifestyle. Athena is starting to get “mobile” so physical activity can only increase from here :)

  4. You got this, lady! It might take a little time, but a lot of my gal pals who have had children gained more weight than they expected. It was hard to drop at first, but the ones who signed up for some sort of athletic event found the routine and expectation to compete to be an awesome motivator. Wishing you all the best.

  5. Wihoo!! Not to worry, you will most definitely get back to your active and energetic self! I’m rooting for ya! The baby girl looks beautiful and so adorable. Hope everything is well, and those shoes are the BEST running shoes I’ve used thus far. No pain in the knees, well right now yes because of a biking incident, but the shoes are worth it all.

  6. Congrats, on your baby ( six months ago )!! :) I really like your take on post baby weight, and in six months you’ve done great by reducing at a steady pace, ( fat cells can readjust and shrink when one loses weight at a steady pace )!! Great example. :)

  7. I gained 60 pounds as well! My babies are 9 months. I’m still struggling to lose that last 20 pounds. I’ll be happy with just 15 more. I’m right there with you! I’ll join you and blog as well. Keep up the good work!

  8. ALL of the pictures are beautiful, and becoming a mommy is a sacred thing! Enjoy the process of getting stronger and more energetic–that is an excellent approach and attitude.

  9. these are some super funkey trainers! diggin the colour :D i can totally picture you, running along some stunning coastal promenade, pounding memories into those soles as well as burning away them calories XD a good runner never loses their touch, not really and you seem to live such a crazy lifestyle that you really shouldn’t worry :)

    but do whatever makes you happy and as a fellow running enthusiast, welcome back into the fold! :D so long as you little baby is ok with the road taking mum away for a bit :D

  10. I too gained 60 pounds with my pregnancy. Which was compounded by the fact that I am only 5’2″. It’s okay. It comes off. You’ll get there. I love your new Lowas. I had a pair of Lowa hiking boots that carried me for years over 2 continents. I wrote an Ode to them when they finally died in the midst of a 3 day backpacking trip. Good luck with your new ones. I hope they carry you to joy as mine did.

  11. I’ve had four kids and each time has been different to lose the weight. I like to change around my routine; pilates, yoga, weights, swimming, walking (I don’t run) and eating real food that is healthy. It will come off, just don’t worry about it and enjoy Athena because you won’t get that time back. I’m cheering you on!

  12. Sounds like you are on the right track (no pun intended) The weight will come off in time, and I’m glad you are not stressing about it!! You look great as you are, and in time, it will all come off!! Good luck on the running and the shoes sounds wonderful. Will need to look into them.

    P.S. – Love your daughter’s name. Absolutely beautiful!! :)

  13. You can do it.. taking the first step is always the hardest.. (btw Love the shoes)
    I just started an October Fit Fest Challenge for myself this week.. I’ve been struggling with my energy level too.. so I’m going to start a 21 day cleanse program to reset my body.. wish me luck.. if it works for me after 21 days, I’ll let you know..

  14. Oh I understand. It is tough but consistency is the best thing. It took me and my body an entire year to feel “normal” again. And now, I feel stronger and more “balanced”. You are doing great. Keep it up!!!

  15. You can do it! The shoes look great! You are so right; morning sickness makes you eat and makes you gain weight. You were not alone in that one. I lost the baby weight after three kids. My first one was born when I was 36, so I was not in my twenties when I had to face, for me, the baby 30. I am short, so that was a lot of weight. I did it. Three times! You can, too!

  16. I think as women, we put so much pressure on ourselves and the way we look. I just want to say, like most new mums, you’ve got a wonderful glow to you. By the way, those shoes are not only made for running, I think they’ll get you places! You go girl!

  17. Well I just recently gained thirty pounds and I dont have pregnancy to blame, just a knee injury…lol
    Im on my own quest to lose weight so you got my support… Dont worry, you’ll lose it quick..

  18. ‘Most people, usually ones that haven’t had children, will shake their head in awe at that number.’

    Not true. Being all too aware of my own foibles, I am the last person to judge. Rather, I seek to celebrate the positive.

    To me, you are a beautiful person. Let your inner strength be your guide. Enjoy the gift of love that is your daughter.

    Wishing you much good health and happiness all the days of your life.

  19. I’m confident you will do it! It took me 4 years to get my act together and lose the baby weight. Funny enough “I just had a baby” doesn’t work when your child is 4 and speaks in fully constructed sentences. Good on you for getting into this so early! Many use it as an excuse for years! I run 3 times a week and do group personal training 2x a week and have lost just over 20 pounds so far! But it’s also taken me 7 months. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say!

    • My husband and my entire family are beyond supportive and don’t care if I stay this size for the rest of my life, but it’s important to feel good in my own skin as well and I’m not there just yet :)

  20. Hi Lesley I gained 20kg for each of my 3 sons, my youngest is 4 months and I am 5kg down and feel great, I am in training for a mini triathlon. Goal setting made all the difference for me! Good luck and btw I think you look great anyway but understand you need to feel it! Cheers Hayley

  21. The same thing happened to me Lesley. I swam all the way through my pregnancy, and gained 56 pounds. It took me at least a year and half to get back to the same place I was at pre-pregnancy. The energy will return and with that an even bigger drop in weight. My son is now 14, I can’t believe that myself, and I am fitter and smaller than I was before I was pregnant. I am 43, and mentally, physically and spiritually feel great. So keep it up, and the right shoe makes all the difference!

  22. Nine months on, nine months off. ;) After having my second child, I found pushing a stroller around every afternoon (and then a wagon full of two kids as they got older) really helped me lose that weight (and more) fast. You’ll get there before you know it. If walking can do it for me, running will certainly do it. Good luck!

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