Always Amazes Me – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Today is my last day in Cape Breton. The view outside of my window at Highland Heights Highland Heights Inn, Cape BretonInn is reflective of my mood; there is overcast with a hint of the morning sun beaming out from off in the distance. I’ll miss my sisters and brothers and my parents, including my grandparents. They bring so much happiness into my life that my heart is full. It can never be considered a bad day when I get to return to my new home and be with my husband, and my daughter, but that sinking feeling that comes when you know you are going to miss your family dearly has arrived and is in full force. As the sun comes up and brightens my day, I am reminded of all that learned by acting as a tourist in Cape Breton.

Celtic ColoursDuring my one-week visit, I’ve been able to fully experience the Celtic Colours for the first time. I learned about my Gaelic heritage as if I was a university student again, full of bewilderment and wonder. When I return to North Carolina, I will compile all of the videos and photos into an article and post them for you to experience true Cape Breton as well. From fiddles, bagpipes, guitars, pianos, harps, and Gaelic songs, the heart of Cape Breton music is strong.

Incorporating my new knowledge of Gaelic will be my next task. This morning, I actually have a few Gaelic words that I can exchange with my sister and we may even practice a chorus from a Gaelic song before I leave. I’ll continue to learn about my Celtic heritage and hopefully Athena will learn from me, and my family, as she grows. Our culture will never be lost if it is shared and Celtic Colours is spreading the word.

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57 thoughts on “Always Amazes Me – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

  1. I miss getting home as much too. Most of my family still lives there. Thanks for posting. I know how you feel about it though, your heart is torn. My hubby still, after 18 years, can’t understand why I still refer to Cape Breton as “going home”. As much as the home and life I have here is home, Cape Breton will ALWAYS be my first home.

  2. It is always nice to be with family. Whenever I go home to visit, I always have a yearning to move back home just so I can be close to them. Then I snap back into reality and get bact to the life I made since venturing forth. I miss them all dearly, but I love being with them too. :) I know how you feel. :)

  3. I know your pain, leaving my family in England to live in Canada was extremely hard. Skype & emails help but a real cuddle can’t be beaten. Hold their love in your heart and know family will always be there with you.

  4. I really should learn a little more about my celtic (Welsh and Irish) roots. It’s so nice that your hometown offers a festival to experience Gaelic language and culture. I look forward to your videos to come.

  5. I have a few Scottish and Irish ancestors from way back, so they would have spoken Goidelic languages. I may have to do more research and learn a little bit of Irish or Gaelic.

  6. My heart really goes out to you having to leave home today, it’s a feeling I know well, and it’s never easy. There is that certain feeling of having ones heart split in two, but then we just have to remember what a special thing is it to have our hearts held so lovingly in two places.

  7. What a delightful post, I look forward to the post you have promise with a great deal of impatience.
    I can imagine the beauty of Nova Scotia, but I doubt I shall ever see it; I can’t stand the cold ;o)

  8. That picture is stunning. My family is half Irish and my uncle has spent a lot of time in Ireland over the past two decades reclaiming his heritage. I love that curious spirit. That’s why I read your blog.

    • I’m heading back to Charlotte, North Carolina today then I’m off to the Highlands of North Carolina at the end of the month. Fiji is at the end of November and hopefully Africa in the new year. :)

    • I’m heading back to Charlotte, North Carolina today then I’m off to the Highlands of North Carolina at the end of the month. Fiji is at the end of November and hopefully Africa in the new year. :)

  9. Perhaps one day you will visit old Scotland, and be blessed by Iona and the islands and then there is the Edinburg Festival. May all your home comings be happy ones.

  10. So glad you’ve had a wonderful trip! I know the feeling, so weird and bittersweet to leave home & family to return to home & family. Wishing you a safe trip back to NC & sweet memories to follow you all of your days.

  11. I would love to learn some Gaelic, but can’t speak it in a vacuum! You are fortunate to have family to help you, even if it is at long distance most of the time. I can relate to your heavy heart at parting from your family. I was well into my 40’s before I stopped tearing up whenever I hugged my parents goodbye!

  12. Have they taught you to sing Rock In The Stream or Barrett’s Privateers, yet? Two songs that almost every Nova Scotian knows, and commonly sung at kitchen parties!

  13. I spent the afternoon with all my kids; my eldest, her husband and their new dog visited, making my day! These times with gathered loved ones are fleeting; so lovely you had a family holiday, and how wonderful to share your heritage with your daughter!

  14. Thank you for liking my post. I love your photo of the sun rise. It made me stop and read this post. What a great festival to share with your daughter, even though she is little it will be a great tradition you can start.

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