May Your Life Be Filled With Laughter

Laugh - Wedding Photo with my SisterMy sister, Suzanne, has brought more happiness and laughter into my life than I ever thought imaginable.

Simply being in her presence makes me a happier, better person.

Spend your days with people that make you happy. Who makes you laugh the most?

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73 thoughts on “May Your Life Be Filled With Laughter

  1. Spending your day with annoying people with bad attitudes will also like make you an annoying person with a bad attitude. When you wake up in the morning in a bad mood remember that attitudes are addictive.

    Start each day with a smile and those around you will smile with you.

  2. I know perfectly what you’re talking about, Lesley. My oldest sister Lumi (with whom I also share a birthday, yet we are NOT twins) and I live within a 2.5 miles radius. It’s so darn handy! Do I need a laugh? She’s there. Do I need someone to pick up my kid at school? She’s already on her way. Do I need someone to take a stroll in the park and bitch about the wrinkles and extra pounds? You bet Lumi is always up for it.
    Sometimes we say just plain silly things, but oh, boy! Do we laugh!!! And there’s nothing better than a laugh out loud with your loved ones.
    Thanks for the post. It remind it me how lucky I am :)))

  3. Oh. I know I never comment here but I really like your blog. And this post has me in tears. It’s my sister, too. I actually have five of them, but the one closest to me in age is just my everything. She makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing this, Lesley. Beautiful photo and sentiment.

  4. True. Not everyone makes you happy when you’re around them. In fact, I know some people who seem to always try to make you see the negative side of things, always and even their happy has a negative tone. My sister who I think is super funny makes me laugh the most, though.

    May I say, I love the new look of the site. I’m thinking of changing my own theme for my site, so this gives me more ideas :-)

  5. There is nothing better than laughing uncontrollably with someone. You laugh so hard you can’t breath, you have pain in your side and you might just pee a little. I have a few women in my life that can do that to me. Of course the pee thing could just be age. ;-)

  6. Always having a reason to laugh, now that is on my personal bucket list! Laughter heals, laughter takes us to a lighter more forgiving space, laughter makes us more beautiful :) Beautiful picture and post.

  7. This photo captures such a sense of vibrant love and life between you and your sister that I could almost hear your laughters!! What a special moment. What a special bond. I don’t have a sister but I got two brothers and they make me laugh the hardest. Just hearing my brother’s voice on the phone or within seconds of seeing each other, we would be roaring with laughter. Thank you for filling up my heart with remembrance. Hugs, Sharon

  8. I think this is your most beautiful post Lesley :) really is xx
    for me it’s with my sister Caroline – we are not even two years apart and she has a beautiful little girl and a baby boy on the way – we have a secret language —- :) :) :) xx
    Much love xo

  9. Beautiful post. When my children were very little, I realized how quickly they would grow up. I vowed to enjoy every single day we had together. And I did! Now they are grown up and we are best friends. But I am so glad I thought, early on, to cherish every single day with them! They make me happy.

  10. My sisters are like that–they are always there for me. I don’t have much family, but what I do have–is solid. Just take everyday as a gift. I used to go to college and was just in a bad place and would see these great young people in wheelchairs struggling but determined to get to class on time. They taught me that I could have it worse, that we all could, and to take every day as a gift: A beautiful gift, no matter how dark a day may seem.

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  12. Beautiful post and A beautiful picture… It really made me smile! My little brother is someone who makes me laugh in the same way and it IS a beautiful thing… and my Mum, oh I feel a list coming on! Anyway, I am jealous of how much you LIVE, awsome blog! I have been blogging 7 weeks and I love it, thanks for expressing interest in my blog.

  13. Nice thoughtful post! I don’t have a sister but I have two amazing younger brothers, the three of us are really close, one of them was very sick a couple of years ago, we thought we would loose him but THANK GOD we didn’t and now I have learned to appreciate him so much more! Thanks for reminding me to laugh more with my brothers and my family too! :-)

  14. I’m blessed to have people who have made me laugh my entire life: siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, friends. Wait, it seems my life is full of laughter every where I have gone. What a great way to live.

  15. I’m an only child, but I am so happy to say that I have shared many, many laughter-filled days with my parents, my best friends, husband, and now my children. I have one dear friend who tends to actually fall on the floor when she starts laughing really hard, and I wish we lived closer so I could see that happen more often! My children giggle over the strangest things, but it is indeed beautiful, therapeutic, and always welcome! Thanks for the reminder!

  16. Laugh the most? Hands down my husband. He’s hilarious. Sisters are the greatest, though. I’ve got two (one a year older, the other a year younger) and we’ve laughed until we cried more than once :-)

  17. I have two brothers and a sister. I am the eldest. I love how as we’ve gotten older, the years between us shrink and we are more like best friends than “older sister” or “little brother.” my brothers and sisters are pretty awesome and I’m proud to be their friend.

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