Top 10 World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions CollageAre the world’s most visited tourist attractions on your bucket list? Which ones have you visited? If you’ve crossed off any of the top ten, we’d love for you to share your experiences with us.

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Can you guess which attractions make the cut? Click here to find out!

The stats are obviously American skewed, but it got me thinking about what my Top Ten would be. What would you include? 


57 thoughts on “Top 10 World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

  1. The world but mostly America? Lol
    We did a U.S road trip covering 12.000 miles over 3 months when my daughter, now a teen.. Was 3. Must have been to most of them. I would rank the grand canyon high up there 🙂


    • I would even have expected The Taj Mahal over The Grand Bazaar, but more importantly where is The Louvre or The Colosseum or even The Great Wall or The Eiffel Tower?

      I don’t agree with the list, I just found the numbers interesting 🙂


    • Just read all the comments…yes this hardly sounds like a global top 10 list..well not even American top 10 list since it doesn’t feature the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park or the Death Valley!! Strange.


  2. Niagara Falls is one of my favourite places on this beautiful planet.
    I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that I don’t agree with each place the list ?! The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park would be fantastic, don’t you think?


  3. Lists are always fun – to pick apart! haha I’ve been to most on the list, but I wouldn’t say they are my top 10. Again, this is why I love reading lists!! I think The Freedom Trail in Boston is way cooler than the Vegas Strip! And I would think the Taj Mahal is way better than a Disney Park! Very interesting though. Makes me think about what trip I’d like to take next!! Thanks for posting!


  4. Love to see Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. I have seen Disneyland as an adult and would love to go back to Disney World as an adult (was 4 or 5 and do not remember much). Great Post – thanks for sharing! Have a Great One:)


  5. I cannot believe that places like the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall aren’t even on there! How crazy! I could make a list of destinations – but I kind of prefer visiting places that are tourist-free, so perhaps I’d rather not, ha. That said I LOVED visiting Mont St Michel, the Colosseum, Wieliczka (near Krakow), and especially the Great Mosque of Djenné in Mali – talk about powerful architecture.


  6. What an awful Top 10 list hehe. Not very international at all. I am excited though, because I’m visiting the Grand Bazaar this January. Very excited for that, it will be my first time to Turkey.

    While people are throwing around these amazing sites not included…be sure to consider Machu Picchu, Peru and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Definitely not to be forgotten!


    • The good part about the list is that it’s controversial; I actually like that 😉

      It brings lots of comments and evokes thought about what should really be on the list.

      There are some places that are worth seeing, but overall, I’m not sure if any of these would make my top ten.


    • Since places like Big Ben don’t cost to view, tourists aren’t measurable there, which makes the list “off”. Mostly, I just wanted to be reminded of the great places out there and think about what I want to do next. 🙂


  7. Five out of ten! Looks like I have some traveling to do. Just returned from an amazing vacation in Italy. So, it may be a while. 🙂 Hope you had a chance to check out the photos from that trip. Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. Absolutely the best vacation ever!


  8. An interesting list and, as you note, you are shocked. There are a few problems with their research.

    First of all, what is a tourist attraction? Union Station and Grand Central Station may have a lot of people going through them, but do commuters count as tourists? If they do, then what about Shinjuku station in Tokyo which has 3 million people a day pass through it?

    Another interesting fact – 15 million people visit Mecca each year, but maybe pilgrims don’t count as tourists?


  9. I’ve made six out of ten. I also agree the list isn’t as exotic as I expected, but it makes sense. International tourism to America versus from America is probably highly uneven. And since at least four were in the New York area (even Boston is a few hours drive away), I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of those numbers consisted of the same tourists. Very interesting list.


  10. It’s so hard to pick 10 but I would go with the Taj Mahal, Stone Town in Zanzibar, Halong Bay in Vietnam, anywhere on the Camino de Santiago, the Hadrain Wall, Istanbul, Dogon Country in Mali, Bazaruto in Mozambique, St Petersburg, Santorini in Greece. Happy travels everyone!


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  12. I have been like to 9 of them but they are all in the USA. It’s almost as if Grand Bazaar snuck in accidentally!. This should be the top 10 in USA list and it kind of leaves Yellowstone out which gets as many visitors as the Mall in DC


  13. Six out of ten’s not bad. I haven’t been to Istanbul, but I did see Khan il Khalili in Cairo. I haven’t been to Grand Central or Union Stations, but I have been to Victoria in London. The one time I went to New York (for anything except a layover), I just popped over from New Jersey to go to a Broadway musical. There’s a whole ton of things I’d love to see in New York, but hubby isn’t interested, so it stays high on my “want to” list, but I don’t actually get there.


  14. I can tick off the three NYC entries; I suppose New York benefits from being a business hub – everyone who goes there for business would try and get to Times Square right?

    Still, lies, damned lies and statistics right?

    I went to Iceland a little while ago – and Jokulsarlon would be on my list; Notre Dame de Paris was nice, but I liked Sacre Couer better; Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia make Barcelona special; Great Barrier Reef is on my list, but I haven’t got there yet; New Zealanders out there might agree that much of the South Island is worth a good look.

    This list was always going to be controversial though, wasn’t it?!


  15. While these are great destinations, I cannot seriously believe that 9 out of 10 of the World’s Most Visted Tourist Attractions are in the US. What about the Louve in Paris and the British Musuem in London?


  16. I’ve been to 6 out of 10. I can’t believe Fanuil Hall is on there. Haha! I’m from the Boston area, but I hate fanuil hall because it’s filled with underage drinkers/just turned 21ers and tourists!!


  17. I have been to 6 of them but they are all here in the states. I agree with one of the commenters. I like Kings Canyon myself. I think natural campgrounds like Lake Tahoe are missing. Being a west coast girl.


  18. I think it is fun to travel and also your blogging ideas are good for social blogs. I like to write stories and enjoy my passing on some of them. Hopefully, reach people who like to read them. But if I ever want to have a “picture book” or some more action I know who to write to!! Thanks!


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