Favorite Photos of Fiji – What’s Your Idea of Paradise?

Fiji was the most beautiful, pristine paradise that I’ve seen in the 35 countries that I’ve Fiji collagevisited. It has azure blue waters, lushes green rain forests, and golden sunsets. Every photo looked like a picture from a magazine even if it was from an amateur photographer like me.  Below are my favorites; each one for a different reason. On a cold December night, I’m dreaming of a white sand beach just like the ones I roamed in Fiji. Which one stands out to you? Share your thoughts.


Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5


Number 6


Number 7


Number 8


Number 9


Number 10


Number 11

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161 thoughts on “Favorite Photos of Fiji – What’s Your Idea of Paradise?

  1. Bavaria and the area it borders with Austria. For me so far nothing beats standing on a balcony in Fussen and feeling like I could reach my arm out and touch the Alps that were right there!

  2. Number 9, please! What an incomparable setting for a meal. Something everyone has to do (eat) combined with an exotic locale most of us will never experience. I could imagine myself in that photo, though, and that’s a credit to your eye and sensibilities!! Thank you!

  3. Number 6 and #10 for me. They make me feel calm and I imagine myself walking along that beach just feeling peaceful. What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing your experience and images.

  4. Lesley — Fiji’s on my bucket list!!!! Thanks for the inspiring ‘preview’ and for visiting my blog. I’ll be posting some photos of Tulum, Mexico and the Grenadines in future blogs. Have you ever travelled there? The beaches look almost as pristine as Fiji, but I’m sure nothing compares to the South Pacific…….

  5. Just beautiful. I’ve been thinking of a place to go for my 50th birthday. This is some time away, so I have opportunity to save and plan for something big. You may have just convinced me of Fiji!! ;)

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  7. Number 2 is the one that jumps out at me. The picture doesn’t look like its necessarily under water so it’s like the fish are just hanging out in your back yard. I love that pic!

  8. Wow! Amazing. It’s hard to pick a favorite photo. You’re right. They look like they all belong on a postcard. I like 6 – 10. Of course, you look like you’re having a blast in #11. How adventurous!

  9. I LOVED Morocco! If you are interested in Morocco, you should check out my blog – I did about three or four posts with loads of photos about my holiday there. :) Your Fiji photos are just gorgeous. I really enjoyed Fiji when I was there and had many adventures!

  10. I love Number 7… the waterfall I would have had a little longer on the shutter speed to give it a frostier look ;)  that’s my second favorite! :)


  11. I live above the arctic circle so obviously these images are very exotic for me. When I am visiting warmer climates, I love to walk or run along the beach in the afternoon. To stroll down from the hotel and on to the empty beach makes room for a moment of solitude in crowded touristplaces. Picture nr. 7 really give me that feeling. Very Nice!

  12. stunning pics as usual, paradise couldn’t look better through the eyes of true artists. you made my day. thank you so much… please make sure you check out our work, we will have a new post this Saturday, about our amazing jurney so far. the kindes regards, N.Merrynote

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