My 2013 Bucket List Is Just Around the Corner

What a year! 2012 was one of the best years of my life. I gave birth to the most beautiful Adventure Fijibaby girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on; I participated in a series of extreme adventures that sound like made-up events from a super hero movie; I spent time with everyone in my family; I traveled to new and exotic places; and I’ve experienced great success with blogging. My 2013 list is not complete and I’m searching for suggestions. What do you think should make the 2013 list? 

I completed my 2012 Bucket List that included:
1. See LA from a helicopter
2. Fly a Jetpack
3. Find the best Italian restaurant in the USA
4. Deliver my baby girl
5. Finish the nursery of my dreams for my baby
6. See Winter in Venice at The Venetian in Las Vegas
7. See all of my immediate family
8. Swim with whale sharks
9. Lose the “baby weight”
10. See one Wonder of the World
11. See a sunrise
12. Attend a Renaissance Festival
13. Reach 25,000 followers on my blog
14. Take a helicopter flight lesson
15. Visit a new state
16. Go to the Celtic Colours in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
17. Fly an airplane
18. Reach 5 million views
19. Go whale-watching
20. Buy a house
21. Ride in a hot air balloon
22. Fly a biplane
23. Visit a new country
24. Plan at least 5 bucket list adventures for others
25. Take a new class
26. Be part of the Newport Boat Parade
27. Fly a glider
28. Learn how to make a new craft
29. Plan a complete surprise mini-vacation/activity for my husband
30. Read daily to my daughter
31. Participate in a new adventure that I didn’t even know existed
32. Swim with beluga whales

Last year’s list had an aviation theme, while this year’s list seems to be more land focused.

So far, I’ve decided to include:
1. Visit a new country
2. Move into our new home and finish decorating
3. Visit a new continent
4. Visit a new state (USA)
5. Visit a new province (Canada)
6. Drive a NASCAR
7. Visit my family in Canada
8. Be in Ottawa on Canada Day
9. Skydive – again (I’m addicted)
10. Have an encounter with a new animal
11. Work out at the gym/outdoors at least 3 times a week
12. Attend a NBA game
13. Attend a NFL game
14. Attend a NASCAR race
15. Visit the Garden of the Gods
16. Take a new class
17. Volunteer
18. Get PADI certified
19. See the White House
20. Go camping with Athena and Darren
21. Go on an African Safari
22. Milk a cow

I need help with the last ten items on the list. What should I include? What is just outside of the realm of possibilities for a family including a 9 month old? The more unrealistic I am with my dreams and goals, the more I am able to achieve. 

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284 thoughts on “My 2013 Bucket List Is Just Around the Corner

    • We are moving into a new house, and community, in March. Once we settle in, I’d like to join classes like this. Charlotte offers tons of interactive family groups and I look forward to exploring my options. :)

      I tried to check out your new blog site today but I couldn’t get the page to open. I will try back again later.

      Have a great day,


  1. FREIGHTER TRAVEL. I’ve done it twice, the last one from Australia to L.A. via NZ and Ensenada. There are lots of routes, and during the last couple of years they go Asia-Australia, making it possible to go around the world by freighter. A co-passenger did her thesis on how it’s more environmentally friendly than air travel. I love it!

  2. You did all of that PLUS had a baby in 2012? Plus you’re moving? OMG I have got to up my goals lol. Fantastic! How about something to do with history since you are land locked? My list includes visiting the homes of some of my favorite authors or historical figures with my daughter. We are also doing a few museum and factory runs. Also plan to add a day of circus school (she’s a gymnast so she’ll enjoy it and I’ve been itching to get back on a trapeze)

  3. I love Garden of the Gods. If you are in Colorado Springs for a few days, I also suggest the Broadmoor Hotel… and hiking the Incline (the monstrous one mile climb that mountain climbers, Olympic athletes, and air force cadets have all trained on).

    • We walked through Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs when we visited there years ago. I wonder if it was much affected by the fires there last spring. It was such a neat place, but there’s a place not far from Tottenham, Ontario, that’s apparently like the Badlands in the US

  4. You can still carry Athena in a backpack – hike a trail into the mountains in a National Park. Try the Tetons in Wyoming. You could combine the visit to the Park with a stay at a Dude Ranch. Athena would love the horses!

    • I’ve been thinking about Australia for a while now. This year I’d like to get to Africa but I’m thinking Australia will be 2014. I was so close when in Fiji but I just didn’t have the time. Soon!

      • Awesome! I would also love to see how you like Australia and what you decide to do in our beautiful big country! Good luck in 2013, I just did a list of things I achieved in 2012 – so satisfying to look back on a fantastic year and be grateful for everything you have to celebrate! Happy New Year!

      • I too was going to say that you could do
        I was also going to say that you could easily mark off
        1. Visit a new country
        3. Visit a new continent
        9. Skydive – again (I’m addicted)
        10. Have an encounter with a new animal
        18. Get PADI certified
        22. Milk a cow
        if you came to Australia :) I grew up in a dairy farming area and the great barrier reef would be a great place to get PADI certified (Prodive Cairns do a good 3 day live aboard that I can recommend!) Snorkelling available too and Cairns has lots of family friendly stuff like places to encounter ‘new animals’ like a cassowary?!)

  5. One of my goals is to try ice fishing. Not sure how cold it gets in North Carolina so that might be difficult. Or perhaps a culinary adventure in your city? Since Toronto is very multicultural a friend and I are going to try restaurants from as many different ethnic cultures as possible. Food + culture = excitement!

  6. Trek to the summit of Mt Rinjani, in Lombok. It’s Indonesia’s second highest volcano but only 3720 metres so it should be doddle for a mum-and-papoose :). Seriously, consider. The climbing season is April-October (the dry season) and there’s good accommodation locally, within the trekking zone. There’s a quietly active baby volcano in the crater lake, which adds spice to the outing. And the views are spectacular.

    • I’ll second that, though I didn’t think it was exactly easy. Taking a baby would be difficult but doable (primarily because the porters are so darn awesome). And that baby volcano woke me up out of a deep sleep, so sometimes not so quiet! What a gorgeous place, and you’re close to Flores and the Komodos there, so you might as well do that too.

    • I don’t know that I have a favorite athlete but this might be a great item to add for my husband. Last year I planned a surprise fighter jet experience for him so another surprise would be nice. He does read all of my posts though so I think the cat is out of the bag ;)

  7. You’re a truly inspiring woman and these bucket lists are amazing! Congrats on your life style and your family, I wish you a 2013 filled with tons of new and exciting adventures!

  8. You could Try to visit India , And i think its a best option for your entire life to experience Indian Culture, Heritage, Spiritualism, and many more so add in your list to visit in 2013 in India also, and you are great inspiration of those travelers who is traveling world wide with their passion. Thanks for Sharing.

  9. Sometimes I get tired just reading your list:) Mine will be much shorter, since we did move and redecorate and got some land, I want to return to it…I want to set up a garden so big that part of the year will be supplying local chefs and soup kitchens:) I think you should do some agro-touring–go somewhere where you can work the land, and since you’re really able to travel far, it could be anything–a small family farm, a coffee bean estate trying to do fair trade, something cool. If you were to get enough of those in, I’d love to see…a book…chapter by chapter about “the land.” I’d love to write this book myself, total dream of mine, but I’m just not going to be able to travel THAT much, so I’d love to sit by my mailbox and wait for my signed copy of yours:) Happy New Year!! –Dawn

  10. You’re awesome! The above contains many suggestions. Off the top of my head: Go dog-mushing in Alaska, build a chicken coop for your new home, do a run or bike race with your kid. Happy New Year!

  11. You are superwoman! So for your list:
    Have you played a Craps game at a Vegas casino?
    Have you parasailed?
    What about watching a sunset from a boat on a beautiful lake?
    Hmmm. Your list was so extensive. You could have another child…;-)
    Begin an advanced degree?
    Write a book?
    Do something crazy with your hair – make a huge change (this is always fun).

    • Great suggestions!

      So far, I’ve played a Craps game at a Vegas casino, parasailed and paraglided, watched a sunset from a boat, completed two Bachelor of Arts degrees, a Bachelor of Education degree, and a Master’s degree in Literacy, and wrote a book.

      As for another child, that’s not in the plan for this year ;)

      But… making a huge change with my hair is something I’ve been thinking about. Maybe it will make this year’s list. I guess I have a week to decide. :)

      Thanks for the awesome suggestions.

      Happy Holidays,


  12. Great list. You can knock out a new continent and the animal encounter in one by going to Antarctica. Awesome. And let me know when you’re at the Garden of the Gods, if you mean the one here in Colorado. I’ll give you a bunch of other suggestions, if you’re looking for ideas. Happy New Year!

  13. Congrats on completing your entire 2012 bucket list! That is extremely impressive. I love setting lists, even for short breaks such as winter break, and accomplishing them. I’m not really sure of what could be knocked out with your young daughter but whatever you come up with, GOOD LUCK! :)

    • What an aspiring bucket list. I have one more for you to consider and don’t think I’ve seen this listed – Visit all the CAVES you can find. Never know what lies underground. What I have read from everyone is how you inspire all of us with your ideas and the completion of them. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. This would top your 2012
      list. As to the baby/mom yoga, I have seen the music/mom at the gym
      where I teach fitness to senior citizens. This is so impressive to watch
      and the connection between mom, baby and music.
      Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate every word.

  14. How do you do it?!?!?! There are so many amazing things I am desperate to do but I just cannot see how they are going to be possible for a long time, yet here you are being all inspirational, completing bucket lists with a baby! phew! xxx

    • Everything is possible! Athena doesn’t limit me; she adds to the possibilities. What are two things you’d like to accomplish this year? Big things! Share them; please! You can make it happen :)

      • The biggest thing for me is to graduate and get a job – but they are kinda guaranteed to happen so I don’t really count them. I would love to do something animal relate – I bathed with an elephant last year which was amazing so something similar would be awesome – and I really want to get my blog to the next level – hit double figures with my follower feed perhaps! xxx

        • Well… I’m now following you and I’ve liked your page on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll check back regularly :)

          As for the something animal related, what did you have in mind? Where are you located? (Not your address, lol; just in general?)

          • Lol – just realised I put double – I meant triple figures! lol. hehe! Thankyou for the follow :D

            I’m near Liverpool in the UK – there is a zoo about an hour or so away that is offering a session to feed sealions I’m interested in – not quite as crazy as a bath with an elephant, but certainly something to tick off a bucket list! xx

  15. What about snowsports? I’ve tried a lot of them, so give me a shout if you want any recomendations. And don’t forget you still have to come visit Wales. It’d be cool to do 2013 of something for the year 2013. Maybe you could ask people to send you postcards of their adventures and see if you can collect 2013 of them?

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