Is It Possible? Driving an Army Tank

Army Tank in France

I want to drive something like this. Is it actually possible? This year’s bucket list is mainly focused on land adventures. This would be one hell of a ride. I didn’t think flying a jet pack was possible, but I accomplished that last year. Driving a tank would definitely fit in the extreme category.

What’s the craziest thing you drove?


107 thoughts on “Is It Possible? Driving an Army Tank

    • I saw this several years ago when I was in France. After looking through the photos, it got me thinking… can I drive one of those? Is there a company out there that offers something like this? I’m pretty good at making things happen but I don’t know if this is within the realm of possibility. I’m going to look into it 🙂


  1. I say you should go for it. Based off of your previous adventures, where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. No crazy tanks for me, “most extreme” vehicle for me was a trip in a family member’s sportscar. 🙂


  2. That’s little more than an APC. (armored personnel carrier) They have a top speed of about 40 mph and can’t drive over much. What you want to drive is an Abrams MIA1 Main Battle Tank. 🙂 I do believe there are places you can take a ride… but unless you are actually driving in some kind of course, it’s about like driving a tractor. A big heavy tractor. Since you asked, I flew a UH1 Iroquois helicopter better known as a Huey for a couple of years. That’s a little more fun than driving a tank.


  3. You rode a jet pack?? *instant virtual love*

    Watch, you’re going to find THIS very tank and the whoever is guarding it will give you the keys with out discussion just because you flew in on a jet pack.

    ..or theyll get in it and shoot you down 😮

    youll do something equally as awesome 🙂

    you are cool


  4. Drove Panama’s version of a mini van full of drunk airmen across the Bridge of the Americas. A wood block for a brake pedal and vice grips where the steering wheel used to be. Never let people know you don’t drink when you go to foreign countries. You’ll quickly be everyone’s best friend.


  5. I had to drive a vibratory asphalt roller when i went to work for a construction company… as a graphic designer… they wanted me to have personal experience with the equipment I was advertising…. it was in the company parking lot and they were lucky I didn’t side swipe the employees’ cars! The other vehicle was while I was the passenger in my EX-husband’s single engine airplane… he let go of the controls and told me unless I took over we would crash into the mountain ahead of us. Did I mention he is my EX-husband?


  6. Craziest thing I ever drove? That would have to be a D9… kinda, sorta without permission though. You know the story…

    Its summertime… bunch of teens out at the lake… county is doing some construction work… they left their ‘toys’ out… one teen dares another… next thing you… little old me… sitting in the cab, cranking that big diesel over! My BFF Talia had to help me though… the D9 is a lot of ‘cat’ for this girl! Lol!!


  7. No fighter jets unfortunately, but I did take the controls—and land—a 2-seater Cesna once. The pilot—my date for the evening—gave me the controls and talked me through it. Whew! Quite a thrill.


  8. I got to ride along in a snowcat grooming a pretty wild mountain pass. It was pretty cool seeing huge drifts and even cornices leveled with ease. You’ve got me thinking it’d be pretty awesome to drive one.


  9. Your enthusiasm is captivating and I’m happy you are living your dream. I have never driven anything unconventional. Although, I must say, I feel like I’m driving a plane every time I land or take off from the runway in Unalaska, AK (PADU). I have a grip so tight on both sides of the seat cushion that I just know I’m being a big help to the pilot in flying the plane. It’s phenomenal. With that excitement to look forward to, I don’t go looking for extra!


  10. You should be able to drive vehicles like that, you just have to find a community of military enthusiasts in your area, a lot of them own tanks, IFVs, APCs, but usually decommissioned and older vehicles. Museums might let you as well.


  11. That’s an armoured car, not a tank … and I have driven one; rather like an ordinary car, but much more fun! Craziest thing I ever drove was, I think, a thing called a ‘Supacat’ … think of a quad bike, but with six wheels. (If you ever saw the TV series ‘The Banana Bunch’, there was something like it in the titles … we were singing the signature tune for most of the afternoon!)


      • I haven’t driven a tank, just an armoured car. We were loading some on to our aircraft, and the Army lads let us have a clutch around the airfield in one. Not sure where you can get to drive a tank … but I’m sure that someone, somewhere, offers the ‘experience’. (I take it joining the Army is out of the question? 😀 )


        • I live in Minnesota, but I’ve never heard of a place for civilians to drive tanks. Not that it doesn’t exist, I just haven’t heard of it. We have a few National Guard armories and posts, so who knows. My son is National Guard, but he deals with heavy wheeled vehicles, not tanks.

          My dad, brother, husband and a few uncles were military, and it seems all branches are very closed about their track vehicles. I wonder if there’s a civilian company with full-on tanks for your adventure… maybe retired tanks?

          Thanks for liking my post, by the way! I guess I chose my adventures to be in the kitchen and raising 5 sons and 1 daughter! 😀


  12. I drove a bus for ten years – even got one airborne at one stage. That was interesting! lol. I also drove a forklift when I did a six week stunt as a milk delivery driver. No expertise, no know how, just got told to get in and drive it. I did okay. lol


  13. The craziest thing that I’ve driven that didn’t have four legs was a very old ex-army Landrover with dodgy brakes and a lousy gear change – in Scotland. Swerving corners on steep inclines wasn’t such a problem but avoiding tourists when driving through the holiday village of Girvan was a challenge. Flinging yourself in front of oncoming traffic is a local pastime. Good luck with the tank thing although flattening things you can’t see may diminish the thrill


  14. I ‘ve been in a tank and driven a HETS. Heavy Equipment Mover. They are 2000 TON trucks. It was like driving a 2 story house down the roads on the courses. I been in a fighter pilot simulator and that is the end of flying except some crazy pilots while I was in Korea.

    I want to fly through the grand canyon in a helicopter. That is a canyon you have to see in person. There are no pictures that can capture it.


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  16. I once rode a bus, with public on it, single mums struggling with prams and shopping, drunks trying to navigate a route home, teenage dirtbags with filthy mouths, loud speakers plugged in ears, forced to budge up to realise my seat was damp…toughest ride of my life.


  17. I’m pretty tame compared to you but I do drive or should I say steer a canal boat and I used to help my hubby tree felling and drove an old grey 1950’s Ferggy tractor.
    I love your blog. :0


  18. It’s not a tank, but the Hummer plant in South Bend, IN, used to offer ride and drives on their off-roading course. I don’t know if they still do, but it’s worth looking in to.

    Craziest vehicle? I once drove a ton and a half truck … That’s it. I don’t think ATVs count 🙂


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