68 thoughts on “The Logo Design Competition Heats Up

  1. They are both nice, I prefer the simpler design on the bottom. could use just a splash of extra color though. This is so fun, how your reaching out to the community!

  2. They are both nice logos above. You post and share stories about action, adventure travel with pictures. Any logo designs with action or adventure like a bucket turned sideways with airplane wings? Or a bucket with an open parachute?

  3. Hi Lesley, looking good so far. Sadly I’m no artist so thought I would pop some ideas in front of you instead. What about the rounded style of passport stamp in a 45 degree angle left. Inside the stamp border Bucket curved at the top, List curved at the bottom and Publications straight across the middle? Beside it to the right, a large check box.

    Keep up the good work. :-)

    • I really like that idea myself. I think it would be super cool and would illustrate the travel aspect well. OR even a mailing stamp with a bucket inside and a writing ‘bucket list publishing’ around it. Good Luck Lesley. :) You will pick what works best for you.

  4. I love the first one. I think it is fun, whimsical, fresh and not something you see everyday. Indicates that you like to have fun. However I do understand what you mean about the child’s face….what if the head was a globe? I realize that sounds cheesy but it could work?

    The second one is cool. It is a more mature theme, but really well done. I agree with you, I don’t like the purple. What if it was green? Blue and green indicate traveling the globe (to me anyways).

    I love the direction these logo’s are taking though. Looks great and if you can somehow marry the best of those two I think you’d have a winner :)

  5. Lesley,

    I would play with the idea of this…use the four individual squares at the top of your blog. Show photos of four very different places. Gray out the photos and lay the second logo (with the checkmark) over the squares (centered.)

    Black ink for Bucket List and red for Publications, to make it pop. I think that would look modern and sophisticated.

    That’s my two cents.

  6. Started back up blogging today, or soon to be, & this popped up in my reader.
    As a graphic designer I like the first one a bit more – playful, and fun – exactly what your blog seems to be about. I haven’t read much other articles about your competition.

    Is there still time to submit? When do you plan to close the contest?

  7. You know me: I love shaking the tree! Why does it have to be an either/or proposition? Why not use the bucket-head logo next to the checkbox design? That way, you get the best of both worlds! Also, I would leave the graphic as-is. Being a graphic, it doesn’t necessarily appear as a child’s head in the mind of a reader (even if that was the intent of the designer). It certainly translates well onto collateral (t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.). As for the passport-stamp style “Productions,” you can always tweak the color before going live with it.

    • Okay, okay…I meant “Publications,” not “Productions.” See what happens when I don’t get enough sleep before replying?! ;-)

  8. As a former adventure guide, the bucket helmet makes me smile. Too many times I’d refer to helmets (whether rock climbing, snowboarding, spelunking, or mtn biking) as “brain buckets”.

  9. I seem to prefer the second one; the stamp idea is unique, with the ticked square in “bucket”. It is simple and sweet! I hope you find what you want, I am just admiring the submissions.

  10. I don’t quite have the tools to do it, but looking back on some of your recent posts, the one that stood out for me was the skydiving in Fiji one.
    Using that, the picture in my mind of a new logo had something to do with skydiving.
    What I thought of was something like a little skydiver with the parachute open, landing in a bucket, where the string of the parachute somehow formed the handles of the bucket. I think it would signify achieving something (or checking off an item on the list), without deviating from the bucket list theme. If someone could make it a little animated thing it would be perfect!

  11. What a terrific concept! Congratulations to you both for following this vision. If I may interject my two cents, not so much on the logo. I think you need a sub-title that expresses the unique point of view you bring to the idea. Whatever images you choose, try

    Bucketlist Publications
    –> While we’re young

    {Needless to say, that includes the young at heart! like, um, me…}
    All the best
    Will Hahn

  12. Hi Lesley, I prefer the second, in a colour scheme that will impress but also one you can live with for a while! The other choice is just to ‘busy’ for me. Good luck on decision making!

  13. Hi Lesley, just wanted to let you know I just submitted my design. I had missed the first about the competition but luckily I saw the second one. Best of luck on finding the perfect logo for Bucket List Publications!

  14. I think you’re close–the first def captures that playful quality you want to project, but it may be a bit too whimsical and childlike. The second is sleeker and sopisticated, yet may be too formal and serious. Somehow a combo of the two…(easily spoken by someone who has NO experience in graphic design!)

  15. I love the second one with the check-mark – but I’m excited to see what other creative endeavors your fans send your way! Great stuff!

  16. FWIW, I didn’t think of children’s publications with the first logo.

    For the second, could you put the “Publications” Visa stamp on an open passport page to drive home that idea?

    Either way, very different and creative ideas. I can see how it’d be tough to choose! :-)

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  18. They’re both clever and nice, but I prefer the bottom one. I have thought of several ideas, but too busy traveling in and back from Israel! If you use the bottom one, I’d consider more of a round stamp, like the ones often used in other countries. Some that would jump out with the the font on Bucketlist. I agree with Jennifer, that the green would be great with blue, and I love the globe vs child’s head. Perhaps, if that wins, you can credit Jennifer as well? All of the ideas I’ve doodled, have included a check and I really liked the way option two does it. Great ideas so far!

  19. Is there really such a thing as “too superman?”

    The second design is fantastic. I wonder if there is a way to “fade out” the stamp to show that it is travel worn, give it a paper feel? Or, could they put in a background that is actually a page from a passport to really have the signficance of the stamp hit home?

  20. Hey Lesley, Just thought I’d drop by and congratulate you as an awesome example to people out there that one can do anything if you set your mind to it, im further impressed that you managed grow such an epic readership from a free domain, woman are conquerers, heres to you!!

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