Ultimate Bucket List Getaway at Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina

Each year I create a bucket list that is totally unrealistic and appears to be completely unbelievable. Yet every year, I figure out how to make it happen. I recently heard about a Valentine’s Day package that is so over-the-top that it could make up a year of bucket list adventures, travel, and romance in five days. It’s called Spoil Me Rotten at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.

Grove Park Inn

Would you like to indulge in a $25,000 package including French Champagne, Land Rover and Rolls Royce rides, the Presidential Suite, spa treatments, private cooking class, and more? How crazy is that? The 5-night Spoil Me Rotten package includes:

  • Chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce – airport pick-up/drop-offGrove Park Inn
  • Land Rover rented vehicle for use during stay
  • Five nights of accommodations in the Presidential Suite – the very same suite President and First Lady Obama checked into in 2010
  • Bottle of French Champagne in-room upon arrival, accompanied by two Centennial branded crystalChampagneflutes
  • A day at The Spa tailored personally by the Spa Director, with choice of 3 treatments and lunch at The Spa Café
  • A Fly-Fishing adventure (December-March), or a Navitat Zipline Tour (April-November)
  • Private Balloon Ride over the Blue Ridge Mountains, with gourmet picnic basket
  • Private Cooking Class with Duane Fernandes, Chef de Cuisine of Horizons, followed by a Chef’s Table dinner
  • In-room private dinner with personal chef and sommelier
  • Choice of private golf or tennis lessons or NOC private rafting or kayak adventure, available May-September
  • $3,000 shopping spree at the Inn’s retail shops
  • VIP turndown, nightly
  • Rates from $25,000 including taxes and resort fees
    Grove Park Inn
Celebrating its centennial in 2013, the historic Inn has long been a favorite of those enamored of indulgent hospitality, but how much is too much? What will you do for your Valentine this year? Grove Park is on my 2013 bucket list, but we’ll be opting for a less extravagant package. I guess I’m still on the hunt for a Valentine’s Day idea that fits perfectly for us.
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65 thoughts on “Ultimate Bucket List Getaway at Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina

      • There are lots of options in Asheville and Grove Park offers different options and packages as well. While we will not be doing the $25,000 package either, a weekend getaway there is in the works. :)

        • If you’re going to places the Obamas loved, you need to go to 12 Bones BBQ. Every time they come to town, they make sure to stop by! :) The Obamas have definitely made Asheville “their” vacation spot for a couple of days when they can. They also went hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway and loved that, too.

    • You never know what the weather is like at the end of March! I have lived here since 1997 and it’s crazy! We could have snow. We could be in flip flops. It’s best to bring clothing that you can layer. Here is a great site to check for a visitor’s guide http://www.exploreasheville.com/ and other info. You can order a physical visitor’s guide to have in hand or just use the guide. Lesley, don’t mean to highjack you…if y’all have questions about this beautiful town, though, I love where I live!

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  2. I have family that lives just outside of Asheville and we have been up to see the Grove Park Inn. It is absolutely beautiful, another thing to do if you take a trip to Asheville is to see the Biltmore Mansion! My wife and I did the behind the scenes tour, and we were able to see an original Louis Vuitton trunk that was used by Gloria Vanderbilt herself!

  3. On our vacation to Asheville, we camped in Pisgah (we’re not much for luxury I guess) but we spent time wandering around the Grove with our teenager and her friend. Asheville is on her list of vacations she’d like to repeat so keep it on your list and do it up right.

  4. I think everyone deserves a little extravagant indulgence once or twice in their lifetime. This one would be way out of my price range. The truth of the matter is though, those of us who can’t afford it would appreciate it much more than those that this is common practice for.

  5. A spark has arrived to tell a tale of fun and thrill and encourage others to enjoy the same experience. This is what you say in the vibration of your words. I do enjoy your words of excitement.

  6. Amazing place… But, for a bit of France, what about just a small box of French macarons directly from Paris?… I suggest Pierre Hermé “Les macarons de la Saint-Valentin”, especially “Infinement rose” and “Mogador”… My husband love them

  7. My bucket list is actually to figure out a way to LIVE in Asheville. I love that area and have stopped in at the Grove Park Inn a couple of times just to take a walk through… it’s in a lovely location. And, sure, I wouldn’t mind spending $25k the next time I’m there, but, like you, I’d rather it be on THEIR dime! LOL Good luck with that!

  8. Oh my! How beautiful! I enjoy all of your posts, especially this one. My family often travels to North Carolina. The beauty of nature and the traquility of the mountains..you can’t beat it. I’ve been to Asheville a few times, but this place makes me want to go back, just for R&R. Have fun when you go! And keep us posted! It looks like I will be adding this to my bucket list too. Thanks!

  9. Oh my god, I am at week 29 of this pregnancy and truly would be okay with a day at a totally pampered spa where they would make me feel like these 24 lbs of newness, breaking hair, yuck skin and hip cramps don’t exist…along with a beautiful view from a hotel room and a night of delicious room service with my husband….
    This package is a bit too much for me, but I would take bits and pieces of it :)
    Happy V-Day!

  10. I live in Asheville. There is so much to do here, not sure this would be on my Top 10 list. I much prefer the smells of a wooded trail or swimming in the French Broad River. Blossom takes lots of photos of our hikes if you want to see more of the area.

  11. I lived on the eastcoast for about 20 years of my life. The other 30 were international or the west coast! I love Ashville and have been to this place you mention. This would be fun for anyone! You amaze me with your enthusiasm..It is contagious!

  12. Wow, $25,000?! I mean, I love Asheville, and that looks amazing, but REALLY?! People, give me that money, and I could live off it for a year! Maybe more. :)

    I’m doing the poor man’s version of that for my honey this year. I found a great deal on a boutique hotel in downtown Chicago ($139/night plus free parking with in and out privileges? SOLD!), so I’m putting together a little travel packet with a bunch of vintage Chicago postcards of various places we could go while we’re there. He’ll get the little travel dossier the night before so he can figure out where we’re going – then Friday we’re off to the city!

  13. Wow! That would be an amazing experience. Our Valentine’s Day will be far less extravagant as we are saving hard for our forthcoming trip to America, we will just have dinner and maybe watch a DVD with a nice glass of wine.

  14. The Grove Park Inn is amazing and would make a very romantic getaway. If you go there, plan on spending time at the spa. Another really great option in Asheville is to stay in one of the B&Bs in historic Montford. They are old Victorian houses that have been restored and are gorgeous. You can stay there for about $200 a night, and then you are walking distance to downtown.

  15. My sister lives in Asheville (I’m about an hour away) and her boyfriend (now the manager @ The Chocolate Fetish… OMG so so so good) used to work at the Grove Park Inn and I had NO IDEA they ever offered anything like this!!!! That is completely insane. It’s kind of hard to imagine a trip to Asheville without a weekend full of tromping around the city in either boots or flip flops. Spa? What is this you speak of? Anyway– it’s one of my favorite cities EVER.

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