The Law of Attraction

When you envision Paradise, what images enter your mind? Do you picture snow-capped mountains? Maybe an endless field of flowers? Or cotton-candy colored skies? My version of Paradise has always been the perfect beach. I remember looking at a poster in university of bridge over water and I was so draw to it, that I needed to buy it. I must have stared at that poster for more than 100 hours, imagining my life in those waters. Today, as if from a dream, the poster appeared before my eyes… yet it was real. It was as if everything I’d dreamed about in the picture materialized right in front of me while driving on the highway in Bermuda near St. George’s.

Bermuda I’m considering adding this photo to my business cards or making it my logo. It reflects and represents the accumulation of all of my dreams come true. It’s no longer a dream-like poster, rather a photo that I shot while on a press trip in Bermuda.

Do you think if you dream it and imagine it, you attract it into your life?

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102 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

    • What is one thing you’d like to attract into your life right now?

      Bermuda is such a dream environment. It’s so different from other tourist destinations. It feels more like a home. :)

      • I have already found it…the thing I wanted to attract to my life…speaking with people and acquiring knowledge, insight, perspective, and having an opportunity to share in others experiences. That’s the impact your blog has for me and I appreciate the fact that you do it, and do it so well.
        If I may add a little something extra…I’ve been ill for a year now, but previously was an energetic, active person…I’d like to attract “health” back into my life.

        • I have been dealing with chronic pain for nearly six months now, and something about the way you wrote that made me want to reach out to you?
          I was healthy and active too, “before” and I’m fighting to stay that way, and find I lose the battle most days lately.
          I wish you luck with your health, may be both find a new leap in our energy and health soon. :)

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  2. I hope so.
    I have been to several beaches … Cape Town, Ipanema, Cape Cod, and others. But none as an adult. I have never been to a beach with cerulean waters. That is a big dream of mine. I saw a picture of water off the coast of an island in the Bahamas that looked out to another island. The picture made it seem as if you could wade through the water over to the other island. I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but I have fantasized about going into that picture and doing just that.
    You photo is gorgeous.

  3. It is truely amazing picture of beauty and a path that is open to all just by walking down and if you need help there are hand rail there to help you with any doubts of dreaming big.
    Meaning- we are have doubts of dreaming big that is why the walkway is dark but the longer we walk the lighter our doubts become until they are light and when we look into the the ocean all things are possible. creatures of all cans await our awareness and our intentions are limitless.

  4. That is absolutely stunning, and I appreciate you sharing your vision here. The Law of Attraction is something that I continue to study and learn how to apply to my own life, and I believe that dreams can become realities by having a vision, keeping the faith, and taking the necessary steps toward goals and dreams. Enjoy living out your vision!

  5. “Do you think if you dream it and imagine it, you attract it into your life?”…..Absolutely. We ended up buying a house (site unseen…whole different story) that ended up being a few minutes away from 2 different locations that had been in 2 seperate, but very vivid dreams. One was a geographical feature, another a building, and both very odd and specific. Very freaky when I came across them after buying the house. The house ended up being on an island that is paradise to us; a year and a half ago we didn’t even know the island existed. So I guess we dreamed it (literally in our dreams) and found it.

  6. Keep touring around Bermuda. There are some bridges and views more stunning than that one! You’ll like the ones at the other end of the island, as you approach the Dockyard and Sandys. I’m an ex-resident who hasn’t been back for about 8 years, but will be attending the wedding of a Bermudian friend this October, come hell or high water. I miss my island!

  7. Awesome pic. Hard to believe water can be so amazingly blue! Your post popped up just as Ive been thinking these past few days about the law of attraction and what I want to attract in my life moving forward myself. Thanks for keeping me going! :)

  8. This is a truly beautiful image and is perfect for your business card. It’s always great to see evidence of the ‘Law Of Attraction’, working miracles in our lifes.
    Yet another great post Lesley, ty for the inspiration :)

  9. Gorgeous image! While I definitely wouldn’t say that’s my personal idea of paradise, it does inspire me to think of peace and travel. Perfect for a business card or logo! My personal paradise is definitely a busy city, full of exciting people and cool cafes.

  10. I like how that photo represents moving toward the beyond. The color is stunning and the way it is framed is artworthy–But I bet you have a lot of them to choose from. I’d put this on a card:)

  11. You know I found this just at the moment I was starting to doubt If I can make my dreams come true today. I have dreamed of a life overseas doing work with sharks, marine conservation and teaching others to explore our underwater world since i was a little girl. I am about to take a leap of faith and hope I can make it happen. I will keep on imagining, keep on dreaming. Thank you :)

  12. Yep, the beach is my dream! We are moving from Winston to the Hilton Head area this summer. The house is up for sale and the space has been leased for the wine bar. Moving forward!

  13. Great Pic. I used to love looking down from the rocks near Hamilton and seeing the sting rays swimming. This picture would make a great card. The metaphor possibilities are great!!! (bridge to paradise, etc.)

  14. I think dreaming keeps us focused – and once focused, we choose words and actions that are in line with obtaining our goals, which move us ever nearer to them.

  15. Very Captivating photo…I could see myself sitting on the end of that pier with a cup of java in the super early morning waiting for the family to finally wake. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I think that if you keep positive thoughts then positive things will come to you and I believe that is what happened to you :).

  17. I was about to say No! But as I read through the responses and thought about dreaming I remembered as a little girl looking at a painting my father did of Kinderdijk in Holland. I would think, dream, and wish on that painting I so wanted to be there. I was fascinated with the Dutch.
    Many years passed and as it turned out my brother moved to Holland and I went to visit.And like my dreams there I was sitting in a car one evening looking down the long rows of the windmills of Kinderdijk. Yes, now I know if you want something powerfully enough one day it happens.

  18. I believe you should dream to aspire/attract, it’s kind of like if you are happy, then the people around you want to be happy! Sometimes you may not realise that dream is a reality until you see it like you did whilst in Bermuda, that’s the beauty of it. Gorgeous photo. I had one of those moments whilst visiting a sacred spring in New Zealand, it was magical!

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