The Sun was Setting

Every second of the day since arriving at Pink Shell Resortย in Fort Myers, Florida has been about spending time with Athena, but in the evening, when she’s already in dreamland, Darren and I watch the sunset from the balcony. Each night, it has been completely different yet postcard perfect every time.

Which one is your favorite? 1? 2? 3? 4? or 5? Do you prefer the yellows, blues, or pinks?

Sunset from Pink Shell Resort

Sunset from Pink Shell Resort

Sunset from Pink Shell ResortPink Shell Resort SunsetPink Shell Resort Sunset


100 thoughts on “The Sun was Setting

    • Hey Dan,

      I’m loving Florida. It’s not my first time in the state but it’s my first time on the Gulf side. It’s stunning! The resort has the perfect view for sunrises and sunsets. I could live here ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I love #2 with the clouds. I love sunsets and sunrises, too. I remember waking up early every morning I was in Cabo, Mexico, but the sunrises were altogether too wonderful to miss!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I wish I had your eye for photography. Oh what I could capture!

      I love your Morocco photos. Now I want to go even more. I’m adding it to the list. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I must say, they are all perfectly stunning photos! It depends on what colors match the mood you prefer. Go with the brighter sublime yellows to evoke a sense of pure lightheartedness, serenity and fulfillment. Conversely, the darker blue hues mixed with the pink blush convey a foreboding, bodily undertow, leaving the eyes to search the depths of experience to find all the beating pulses born in the moment. Anyway, that’s what I think. Keep up the inspired work! You have a most excellent blog ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Gosh I love that place so much, truly magic no matter the hue! The sunsets are even more gorgeous from our sailboat Chip Ahoy when approaching from north or south — and the sunrises, too. We normally stay aboard for several days in the Matanzas Pass Mooring field on our way to and from the Florida Keys, traveling to fave island destinations or the mainland (or for Happy Hour at Bonita Bill’s) by dinghy. Thanks for sharing the view, it warms my heart until we return next fall.


  4. I prefer to the fourth picture.I wouldn’t make sure when your picture was taken on morning or afternoon๏ผŒif you didn’t comment๏ผDon’t our life like what the picture represent.


  5. I’ve always loved sunsets. But sunsets over water are just amazing! The vast array of colors is so vivid, yet they blend and melt from one to the next. Thank you for sharing your sunsets.


  6. Each shot is grand and has its merits, but the second photo gets my vote. There’s something dark, lonesome and deliciously ominous about it that appeals to my imagination. These photos do capture the mercurial beauty of one Florida sunset from a single vantage point at different moments. It’s always a treat to behold such awesome and distinctive transitions. Nice idea, Lesley. Thanks for sharing.


  7. first of all, thank you for sharing these breathtaking photos! sunsets and sunrises have something so powerful and inspiring in them… choosing one would hardly seem fair, but if i had to pick any one, it would be the 2nd…
    thanks again!


  8. 3 is my favorite, with the way the rays are coming out from the clouds it looks like heaven is opening and if clouds could be reached one could climb inside.


  9. They all look gppd. Watching hte sunset with your romance partner. I would say doesn’t much matter just as long as you are. Not time everybody has everyday or even the view.


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