Bring on the Water Sports at Pink Shell Resort

This week has been all about Athena. Splashing in the pool, building sandcastles, strolling Pink Shell Resort Water Sportsdown the beach, meeting other babies, and playing toddler games consumed our days and filled my heart with joy. Today, our last day at Pink Shell Resort, though, I had to test out the water sports. Every day when I walked by the water bikes, the kayaks, the paddle boards, the jet skis, and the Hobie Cats they called my name. We used Darren’s lunch break today to give into temptation and give them a spin. 

The water bike was my first adventure. I’d never tried one before. It was like maneuvering an over-sized paddle-boat. I had to work hard to get it going but once I had momentum, I felt like I was gliding over the water. It was more stable than I anticipated too. I actually thought about bringing Athena out with me. In the end, I decided against it but it would be doable for any child that could swim.

Pink Shell Resort Water SportsPink Shell Resort Water SportsThe paddleboard was next and I had zero desire to take Athena with me for that one. My balance is comparable to a tired baby with an ear infection; a couple waves and we’d be in over our heads, literally.

Surprisingly, I didn’t fall off once. Darren was anxiously waiting with the camera ready to capture any embarrassing moments but I’m proud to say I let him down.

Pink Shell Resort Water SportsAthena was a professional on the paddleboard. My little water baby will be out there before I know it. She stood on the board and picked up the paddle, looking at me as if to say, “Let’s go Mom.” I’m overwhelmed at how quickly she is growing up. Do all parents feel this way? My advice to new parents: don’t blink!

Pink Shell Resort Water Sports

Another favorite of Athena’s was the kayaks. She’s a little young to venture out on the ocean with me just yet but she still had a blast playing on the sand.

Pink Shell Resort Water Sports

We didn’t have time to take out a Hobie Cat but the sailor in Darren was eyeing them up. We’re vacationing at Hard Rock in Mexico next month so he’ll have the opportunity soon enough.

Pink Shell Resort Water Sports

I’m not great at any water sports, but my passion to try new things and my love for the ocean is encouragement enough to put me out there. Pink Shell Resort offers so many choices; I was like a kid in a candy store. I only wish I had more time to explore them all.


28 thoughts on “Bring on the Water Sports at Pink Shell Resort

  1. I absolutely love looking at the ocean. I really enjoy going out to my waist. But, for someone who loves the water like I do, I never learned to swim. So, those water toys sound fun, but they frighten me. I did go snorkeling once with a guide helping me. And I loved it. But I’m 55 years old and I doubt I could get over my fear anytime soon. I hope Athena grows up loving it as much as you.


  2. wow, that water bike looks amazing. Could so give that one a go. Your little daughter is adorable, it won’t be long before she’s on the water with you, showing you some moves 🙂


  3. I love water sports. Make sure Athena learns to surf. I learned when I was 40, when we took the boys from our school for a week’s surfing course in Cornwall, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, with Scuba Diving a close second. Enjoy!


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  5. “We used Darren’s lunch break today to give into temptation and give them a spin.”
    This really caught my eye as Darren Hayes is my favorite singer and his first album was called “Spin”… hahaha obviously not the same Darren you’re talking about. I like the blog, will probably visit again because even though I can’t really afford traveling, I love reading about it!


  6. Your life is better than mine in more ways than 1,because you are everywhere else other than in USA. I only say that since the government has been through lots & I feel like I have been on a rollercoaster ride here. I love the water too & swimming. I have never been able to go out sailing, but have been in motorboats through the Great Lakes where my uncle used to have a boat & take my brother & I out during our stay when we were traveling with my parents at the time. That was like 40 years ago. It means so much to me to be or have an active lifestyle. I have played sports a lot & health problems beyond when working & parents died have put an end to it so I have really put all my time & passion into getting my body back to its greatness & become young & alive again. It takes a lot to do that. Thanks for inspiring me & giving of your time & how well you love what you do & your child, too!


      • Cool! I was just reading & forgot to check before I posted my message. Sorry! Have had my mind on the government garbage & how it affects us all. So glad it is over now. Thanks for getting me to realize what I missed!


        • I know how frustrating the government issues are, but I could have lived anywhere in the world yet I decided to make the US my home. There is good to be said about the country and positive situations happening as we speak. 🙂 I love living here and I have no intention of moving back to Canada. Every country has issues.


          • That’s so true! I guess after family is gone on my side & waiting to meet my woman so we can go off vacationing, I will finally see some other problems elsewhere since I haven’t ever been able to live other places outside USA. Thanks so much for bringing that up. I have been in USA all my life & live in Colorado Springs, Colorado & have been watching things here decline a lot for being a military town or city.


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