Up Close and Personal at Lazy 5 Ranch

The Lazy 5 Ranch, just north of Charlotte, North Carolina, offers a unique 3.5 mile tour of Lazy 5 Ranchover 750 animals from all over the world. We explored the ranch on a horse-drawn, open-air wagon and went eyeball to eyeball with a Texas Longhorn cow as well as dozens of other animals. Lazy 5 Ranch was the most unique animal ranch that I’ve ever experienced. Have a look at a few of my up-close encounters below.

Lazy 5 Ranch, North Carolina

I was able to feed a giraffe at the San Diego Wildlife Safari Park before, but it didn’t compare to the 10 minute encounter at Lazy 5 Ranch. It was like I had my own personal experience with time for feeding and petting.

Lazy 5 Ranch, North Carolina

Isn’t that the longest tongue ever?

Lazy 5 Ranch, North Carolina

This was the only encounter that slightly scared Athena. When he snorted, she was in very close proximity and felt his hot breath on her face. We quickly learned its gentle nature.

Lazy 5 Ranch

Jessica of Turquoise Compass gave us a great llama photo from our day at Lazy 5! This friendly guy wanted to tag along.

Lazy 5 Ranch, North Carolina

I wouldn’t want to run into this guy in an open field. It reminds me of the bull in New York.

Lazy 5 Ranch, North Carolina

I always thought that ostrich were overly aggressive birds, but this one was friendly and calm.


40 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal at Lazy 5 Ranch

  1. Hey Leslie! I live in N.C. and I have never heard of the Lazy 5 Ranch. I am really not into animals but I liked the up-close photos you have. You guys are some brave souls. Have fun!


  2. Took my son to that ranch several times. We always did the carriage ride through and then took the car through with our windows rolled down. The animals would stick their heads in the window and try to lick my son in his car seat.


  3. That sounds fun! I have to feed a Giraffe. I have seen and riden a lot of animals but feeding a giraffe is one of my things to do.


  4. Looks like we just missed you. We took our 2-year-old last weekend for our first visit and had a great time! Enough fun to inspire me to write a blog post, and I hadn’t written one of this type in a while! Love the pics you got!


  5. This reminds me of a place called Wild Safari in Ga. You ride through and feed the animals. Sometimes they chase your vehicle. We were crazy enough to take our own vehicle through…got yak slobber all over the windshield! The giraffes never came up to us though. Thanks for sharing :). Now I think we ought to go back there. It’s been awhile. God bless!


  6. Love all the photos! I never think I’m that interested in animals, but these remind me that maybe I’m just desensitized by zoos and traditional wildlife imagery. The giraffe’s nose is surprisingly sweet!


  7. Gosh, how are the animals trained to pose for the camera? Proves they are well looked after. Have you read the book or seen the movie. “We Bought a Zoo”? Matt Damien is in the movie.

    Must take my grandkids, now that school’s out, to the Safari we have here. I’ve never been myself so I look forward to it–and you’re responsible! Thank you.


  8. I have to laugh, I was just there last week. I’ve been there twice. I always drive through when I go (instead of taking the horse drawn cart). that way I can spend as much time as I want with all of their amazing animals. The water buffalos are incredibly friendly although they do have a distinct odor I could have done without.


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  10. Wow! I am totally amazed where animals are at & what they seem to sense in people as they go by them. It really intrigues me to know how calm or tame until they are until messed with like kids do to dogs it seems like as they go inside to a friend’s house. It ruins some people’s lives when they aren’t prepared for what an animal is capable of by only protecting their territory when people are close to them. Have they ever had any problems there at lazy 5 Ranch/


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