Lost in Time Together at The Dig, Atlantis

The Dig, Atlantis, Bahamas

Today, Athena and I embarked on a journey through the streets and tunnels of the fabulous lost city of Atlantis while admiring stunning marine life exhibits at The Dig. Paradise Island’s The Dig features habitats for Lionfish, lobster, seahorse, clownfish, piranhas, groupers, tropical fish, iridescent jellyfish, and Moray Eels. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and Athena and I soaked it up together. 

The Dig, Atlantis, Bahamas

People often ask me why I travel with her when she’s never going to remember it anyway; today was clearly the answer to that question. As she watched the fish, talked to them, and even lay on the floor to get closer to a shark, I couldn’t tell if I was in Atlantis or Heaven. She was completely and utterly happy, joyous and immersed in a new world, and I was even happier watching her. That is what life is all about – teaching your children and learning with them. We sat on the floor together and talked to the fish, sharing the occasional “Wow” and “Hello” when a new fish swam by. We were lost in time together at The Dig.

These are the moments that give purpose to life. Regardless if Athena remembers them or not, she will remember being happy as a child. I will remember sharing these happy moments with her and she will be more curious and adventurous because of what we do together today so I want to make it count.


33 thoughts on “Lost in Time Together at The Dig, Atlantis

  1. What a wonderful experience for you and Athena! It must be so fun to experience the fish through her eyes!! Wouldn’t you love to know what she is thinking? Have fun!


    • I always try to get her to talk during any adventure. We chatted with the “fishes”, especially the shark, and she tried to give them kisses. I don’t know her exact thoughts but she was obviously happy and calm in the unique environment. That’s my favorite part… when she’s doing something new and still so comfortable in the situation.



  2. My daughter has been taking my grandson places and exposing him to all sorts of experiences since he was 18 months old. When I was in Florida last week at the Manatee Viewing Center and he called me, he was so excited when I told him about the manatees. And I get excited when I know he knows all about that kind of stuff.


  3. I am always surprised at how many memories my own son retains because his experiences are part of community storytelling. Because we are committed to him not just having experiences but living a narrative, he has developed an amazing visual memory of the places he has been and the things he has done, and when the stories are told he remembers details we have forgotten. Your blog is a wonderful gift to Athena. Thanks for sharing it.


  4. We took our kids there last year, they were a bit older. I agree, life’s moments are meant to be shared! These pics may help her “jog her memory” when she is older of the moments you shared with her there. Beautiful.


  5. I don’t ever understand why it is a question to take your young children on travel. My son is only a few months older than your daughter, and while he can’t remember details he knows what travel is, airports are etc. And he knows that travel brings joy and happiness. That open mind can’t just be learned when you are 15, that starts when you are young and becomes at the very core of who you are. Keep travelling with Athena, ignore the comments.


  6. I believe it is all in the attitude you take towards your children, there is a difference between ‘taking them places’ and sharing joy and wonder at the world.
    When well meaning people say this sort of thing to me about my kids I feel this is not about ‘them’ and not about ‘me’, it is about all of us together.

    Whether she remembers specifics or not (and I understand long term memory may be linked to the formation of language so I hope she does) you are teaching her that the world is a place to be explored and experiences are to be shared and that is hopefully a lesson she will never forget.

    What ever else happens, it looks like you had a brilliant day with your little girl.


  7. My children are now grown and I think the best gift a parent can give to their kids is happiness. As adults when they want to guide themselves through their lives, the question I encourage my children to ask themselves is ‘Does what you’re doing make you happy.’ if it does keep doing it and if it doesn’t change and move towards it in a different direction. As a parent you are placing happy ‘body’ memories in your daughter, even if she doesn’t psychologically remember what you’ve done. 🙂 Keep up the good work!


  8. I’m not so sure Athena won’t remember. Her life has been full and exciting from the beginning. I’ve met women who say they remember their buggies and have certain memories, both good and bad which happened around age two. Anyway, whether she does or not, you both get to enjoy the world and each other. 🙂


  9. You are helping her to form into a happy joyful human being! It is through the eyes of children that we see the world in all it’s glory; and get to be children again. Seeing the wonder on her face is the hidden perk of parenting! (Certainly negates all the diapers and wakeful nights!) You are exposing her to a big world and will build curiosity and adventure into her being. She will never be shy about going places. I myself wonder what her life will be like in 30 years!


    • Beautifully stated 🙂

      She is growing and learning so quickly that I’m almost crying just typing the words. She’s already social, happy, adventurous, and calm in all situations. These days are shaping her, regardless if she remembers or not.

      Have a great day,



  10. I think it’s cool that you have so much fun with your kid. A lot of people who take their young children on trips and adventures don’t have a lot of patience for curiosity or fascination. Nicely done.


  11. Awesome! I take my son everywhere with me! (Outside of work, of course). But it so important to spend that time! You’re a great mommy! I always made sure my little Mancub had those cool experiences and he loves to see those pictures today. “Kids spell love t-i-m-e!” As one of my favorite Pastors Chris Brown from Northcoast church always says as it’s so true! What a great time!


  12. Love this. My kids have done a ton of traveling with us and it has shaped them into very mature and knowledgable preteens. Watching their eyes light up and answering their questions when they were little was always worth it. Thanks for writing this.


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