Soft & Soothing San Juan

San Juan Water & Beach Club

Welcome to my room at San Juan Water & Beach Club. It’s so soft and soothing that I just want to relax on the bed and look out the wall of windows… but then wait until you see what’s on the other side of the curtains. 

San Juan Water & Beach Club

I see the ocean and the waves start calling my name, “Lesley…. Lesley… we’re waiting for you.” That’s it! I can’t resist. I guess I can relax at night or when I’m dead. After just coming from cold and snow in Charlotte, I can’t miss a chance to hit the waves and feel the warm sun on my skin.


64 thoughts on “Soft & Soothing San Juan

  1. Looks amazing. I was there for 10 days when I was 19 with two of my buddies. Wow did we have a great time. We stayed at the EL San Juan right at the end of that beach pictured here, I think. Anyway. Beautiful.


  2. Those colours are fantastic! I can’t imagine anyone not being able to relax in such a place 🙂 I would love to wake up to a view like that everyday instead of dismal snowy streets!


  3. It sure looks warm and inviting. Here in IL we finally got up to 32 today which is the warmest it’s been in awhile. Wishing you all the best with the move and sure didn’t take long to sell!


  4. Enjoy your stay, however be very careful with your security. San Juan has a high rate of crime going on. Consider hitting Rincon on the west coast of our Island, you will not regret it. Have a great time!!!!


  5. We were in San Juan last summer as a cruise port. We loved the fort, but the beach was rainy. Glad you got some beautiful photos of your breathtaking views. (You can take the bus up to the fort for a really inexpensive price…just be sure you have exact change.) 🙂 Enjoy!


  6. I loved our visit to PR this past summer- would love to go back and explore more of the island- we stayed on Vieques and in OSJ at El Convento, but did go to El Yunque. When you move out here, please bring some of the precipitation you are getting back east here with you!


  7. I voluntarily left that climate (yes, I’m a born-and-raised PR girl) to move to where I’m facing ridiculous temperatures that I never could have imagined. We were looking at where we could stay if we visit this year…thanks for posting this! Have an awesome time and, if you get a chance, go to Kasalta and have a medianoche for me. 😀 Or at least take a picture of one and post it.


  8. Y’all need someone to come and cook an’ clean for ya? Just so happens I’m available. Won’t be no trouble. I can sleep on the porch.
    Lovely Post and Lovely Venue. Thanks for making me colder here in USA than it probably is.


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