Considering a Trip Around the World

Sunrise from the planeThis week, I’ve really been considering a six-month trip around the world. I have connections in a ton of countries and I’d like to do it before Athena is school age. It’s a lot to consider and I’d like to start planning now if it’s possible. What do you think? Am I crazy to want to travel the world with a four year old? Is it much different from what I’m doing now, besides spending a small fortune on an apartment in southern California? Last year, I visited more than a dozen countries but I had a place to call home. Should I ditch the baggage or find stability? You’ll know as soon as I do. Icy Blue Water of Lake Louise-AlbertaI’d like to start in January with a trip north to see my family in Alberta, Canada. We could easily spend a month there visiting cities like Edmonton, Jasper, Banff, and Lake Louise. Then, we’d head even further north to Fort McMurray and visit my mom. It’s a freezing cold time to visit the province but I’d love for Athena to experience the snow, sledding, skating, and all things winter. (It’s like the reverse of Olaf who loves all things summer.)
Trunk Bay Beach, St. John, USVI

In February, we’d redirect our weather focus and fly to the Caribbean. I would happily spend a few months in the sunshine and maybe finally get PADI certified. Something like a month in Dominican Republic, a month in the ABC islands – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, and then a month between St. Lucia, USVI, and Puerto Rico with the possibility of a add-ons.
Innsbruck, Austria

Europe would be a good fit next. I’d like to return to Austria since I had to cancel due to an incident then visit Germany, Israel, Jordan, and UAE. Travel in Europe is so easy that we could add another five or six countries easily and really cross off a few countries that still remain on the list.
Side Streets Outside of Kampala, Uganda

I’ve been thinking about returning to countries in Africa like Uganda and Mauritius and exploring a couple new ones like Tanzania. I have friends in Botswana that I would love to see and South Africa would be a good stop for Athena. I feel like we can’t go wrong in southern Africa. There is so much beauty and wildlife that we feel like we are truly in heaven.

For the grand finale, Australia would be turquoise dream and I’d finally be certified to experience the reef properly.

It’s all in the dreaming stage right now, but you know how I get – I think about something like this and a week later it’s all planned. I may be certifiably crazy but it’s one hell of a ride.
Athena and I at Newport Beach, California

What do you think? Should I do this before Athena is in school? Should I do this before she has soccer practice and ballet classes and music lessons? I could manage to get a large portion of the trip covered through sponsors and tourism boards but is it wise to spend a huge chunk of my saving on travel around the world when I don’t have a job to come back to or a direction? I’m leaning towards yes! This is the most precious time with Athena. I’d love to soak it up with new experiences and adventures. The bond that has already been created is incredible. Why stop now?

64 thoughts on “Considering a Trip Around the World

  1. I say “do it!” Traveling is an education to say the least! I’ve been to Rome, Italy, hiked all over Israel, Climbed Masada! Traveled with my girlfriend to Athens Greece. You will love Europe for sure! Me and the hubby are going back to Italy, so much to see and do and oh, the Gelato is out of this world!!! 🙂


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