Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day LoveIt’s a beautiful thing to look at someone and only see love. They could be telling you a story or watching tv or driving in the car or eating dinner or playing a game and every time, and in every context, you look at them, you see love. That’s a beautiful thing.

Valentine's Day Love
I’d forgotten what it feels like to celebrate love. Most people look at Valentine’s Day as a cheesy Hallmark day that isn’t worth celebrating, and I’d normally agree. This year, though, I’m reminded of what it feels like to be in love and I want to celebrate.
Valentine's Day GiftsI made homemade gifts, decorated, and plan to go to dinner with all the other “suckers” celebrating the Hallmark day. Maybe it’s silly or maybe the extra effort on Valentine’s Day, and every day, is what makes a relationship last.

What do I know, though? I’ve never figured out marriage and I’m not even very good at relationships, but a friend said to me a couple weeks ago, when she looked at the above photo, that she was happy to see me smiling again. So maybe I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day as much as I’m celebrating smiling again.

I hope, regardless if you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, that you’re smiling tomorrow and surrounded by love. I’m off to blow up balloons.


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I agree most days may not worth to rememberI believe if there will be one day to celebrate, it can be for love. Understanding and caring about others can be the most important meaning of being human. I wish you always find chances “to look at someone and only see love”.


  2. I think all any of us need to know – is if we are smiling within our relationship. Then something is being done right!
    And enjoy all the cheezy, commercialism of Valentines Day… Embrace the love is what I say!!! Happy for you Lesley šŸ™‚


  3. You placed your finger on the pulse of true love: the small gestures, the positive energies, the unwavering committment to always make life better for the two of you. There’s nothing more beautiful than that! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too šŸ™‚


  4. What a lovely and positive post Lesley. I confess to subscribing to many posts and sometimes I miss things, so I just caught up on your difficult break up and subsequent move back to SoCal with Athena which was obviously the right thing to do on so many levels, especially as you have now found love again.
    I wrote a short post the other day for Valentine’s Day that I’d like to share with you and your readers too.


    Best wishes for 2017,


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