Atabei Spa As a Couple

ATABEI SPA at Santa Barbara Beach Resort, Curacao

I never really understood a couples massage. I love getting a massage and I love spending time with Cord so I guess the two should go hand-in-hand or side-by-side, but I haven’t quite figured out why we’d go in as a couple. We had a recent couples massage at Atabei Spa at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and it was fantastic, but here’s my bizarre thoughts on the whole process.
ATABEI SPA at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao

There’s very little interaction during the entire spa experience. We walked in together and completed the form before entering the waiting area. It was a lovely, soothing space with soft whites and cozy seating. I wasn’t sure if it was a quiet area though so I didn’t speak to Cord a lot, other than to ask if he wanted a drink of water.
ATABEI SPA at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Curacao
We went into the couples room together, followed by the two masseuses. They showed us to our robes and gave us privacy to change.

We took our clothes off at the same time, but it wasn’t intimate. The last thing I wanted was to get him aroused before getting massaged by another woman. I quickly hopped up on the table and covered myself up.

My masseuse worked her magic and I relaxed, drifting into another world of calm. I listened to the music and the sounds of the room. It was like I was there by myself.

I zoned out until it was time to turn around. The massage was just the right amount of pressure to release muscle and joint tension yet gentle enough to allow me to completely relax.
Atabei Spa, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
It wasn’t until the massage was over that Cord and I talked. Now I’m sure that most couples use this time to “explore” the room a little more. There is an amazing, private shower outside with multiple sprayers and a private terrace with lounge chairs and a view of palm trees.

After our massage, I walked outside to the terrace and where did my mind go? To the fact that this is the couples room and what would most couples do after their massage? I don’t know if you know this about me but I’m a germaphobe and I couldn’t even sit down on the lounger. Instead, I asked if we could head back to the room to shower off.

Our room was only seconds from the spa and offered the same views and privacy and we would be just as relaxed in two minutes as we were then.
The spa at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
Atabei Spa is a journey into relaxation. It offers a diverse selection of spa services inspired by local Arawak rituals, utilizing premium organic products and ingredients. I’d highly recommend getting a massage, especially the Piedra Massage, a massage given with hot Lava or Himalaya stones and organic oil to heat the muscles and leave the body deeply relaxed. A facial is also high on my recommendation list. If you have sensitive skin like I do, you sometimes avoid facials but the Alpaline Treatment is ideal for sensitive skin and restores comfort and suppleness. I would not necessarily recommend the couples massage. I’m all for spending quality time with Cord but some things are better life done on your own.


5 thoughts on “Atabei Spa As a Couple

  1. Interesting thoughts. Massage is essentially personal. My wife and I did a similar experience west of Sebastapol (CA) a while back. We first soaked in a tub of redwood chips or something for a bit of unity, then off to our separate massages.

    Massage is a form of hypnotism. Good masseuses put you in a trance. Sometimes I drool. You can sleep next to someone for forty years, yet have entirely separate dreams.


  2. interesting. Once, in Mexico, my husband and I had massage at the same time in the same room. You are right, you don’t really feel like talking and the only good thing is that you both relax at the same time and then you can continue to enjoy your day.


  3. I used to think couples’ massages were romantic, but there’s just no interaction! Besides, getting a massage feels just a little selfish, and I kind of like to keep it that way – I want to enjoy the relaxation rather than worrying about whether my husband is relaxing, too. We’ve started going separately, and I think we are able to enjoy the moment more for it!


  4. The hardest thing about getting a massage — for me — is determining the appropriate level of conversation I need to engage in with the masseuse. Do I talk a lot? A little? Is it OK not to say anything at all? Should I let them do all the talking? It’s like getting a haircut. Where do you draw a line in the sand?

    The irony is that I’m supposed to be getting a massage to relax, yet all I can do is sit there like Larry David and obsess whether I’m talking too much or too little.

    Maybe I need more massages….


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