My Favorite Calzone in LA is at Grimaldi’s

Grimaldi's Calzone
I moved up to LA county about a month ago before the big move back to Canada. Since I’m going to be here for a couple months, I figured I’d create a food bucket list and discover my favorite restaurants in the area before I leave. I found a mouth-watering cheesesteak at The Rockefeller and delicious California-inspired food at Marmalade Cafe, but I was still searching for bucketlist-worthy calzone. Italian is my favorite food and I missed my favorite calzone in OC, but I finally found the best one in LA at Grimaldi’s

Grimaldi’s uses a coal-fired, brick-oven and over 100 years of pizza-making traditions. We tasted their pizza and their calzone before diving into a plate of desserts.
Grimaldi's pizza
We started with their classic pizza with secret recipe tomato sauce, hand sliced mozzarella, and pepperoni. It was topped with their signature cheese and spice blend. If I had of allowed Athena, she would have eaten the entire pizza herself. We all loved it so much but I wanted to save as much room as possible for their calzone.
Grimaldi's Calzone
Hand-tossed dough stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella and baked in a a coal-fired, brick-oven by Grimaldi’s best make this calzone drool worthy. We packed up the rest of the pizza and finished off the calzone. The tiny pepperoni are little slices of heaven and the crust is cooked to perfection.
Grimaldi's Coffee
While Athena and Cord tasted the desserts, I sat back and had a cup of coffee after that sinfully delicious meal. If I had to choose one place to eat for the next month while I’m in California, it would be Grimaldi’s.


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Calzone in LA is at Grimaldi’s

  1. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. About ten years ago, I took my two boys to spring training in Phoenix. We had the pizza at Grimaldi’s one night — very possibly the best pizza ever. Just so incredible. Glad you found it.

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  2. Now take the rest of the pizza, drizzle a little olive oil on it, crack an egg on a slice and bake into the pizza. 🍕This gives you a good excuse to have pizza for breakfast. 😂


  3. We have Grimaldi’s in Houston. I’m from Ohio where we have at least 30 excellent pizza places and Grimaldi’s has the best pizza I’ve had here. I can imagine the rest of their food is great too.


  4. It has been years since I have ate a good Calzone. How many calzones did you have to eat before you found the best place? One of my favorites as well. I worked for a company years and years ago that made calzone’s. What I would do for one of those right now. The last restaurant I ate a calzone at is no longer open either.


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