Family Halloween Costumes

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One of the best parts of being a parent is Halloween! I get to dress up again, trick or treat, and basically party like a kid. Thanks, Athena, Halloween is awesome again! As huge Halloween fans, we decided to dress up as a family this year. It was difficult to find costumes that we could all agree on, and ones that fit the three of us, but we found Rockford Peaches AAGPBL Baseball uniforms on TV Store Online and we were sold.

Rockford Peaches AAGPBL Baseball is the team in the movie A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks and Gina Davis. Officially Licensed by the AAGPBL (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League), they make great group Halloween costumes.

TV Store Online baseball costumeAthena and I have identical costumes. They are Rockford Peaches AAGPBL Baseball Costume Dresses with a baseball cap. Athena looks extra cute in her costume and she keeps asking to wear it when we play in the yard. I think I’ve created an obsession with playing baseball.

A belt, the dress, and a hat come with the uniform. Athena’s favorite color is red so she likes to wear the hat without the costume. Since we’ll be celebrating Halloween in Montreal and the weather could be anything from sunny and warm to freezing and snowing, we decided to get the high socks to complete Athena’s uniform. If it’s really cold, she can add a long layer under the costume and it will still fit. The same layering can be done for my costume.

TV Store Online baseball costumeCord’s costume comes with a jersey and a ball cap. We had a few gloves around the house so we added it to make sure everyone understood what we were going for with the team costumes.

I’ve always loved Halloween. It’s the day after my birthday and it seems like an extension of my special day. Since Cord became part of our family, we’ve often referred to us as Team Fun, making a team uniform the perfect fit.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you get to see the day through the eyes of a child and eat some of their candy while they sleep?

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