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Traveling and extremes have encompassed my life for 30 years; from white-water rafting, skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, caving, swimming with dolphins, swimming with beluga whales, and base jumping, I've tried every "bucketlist" adventure I could imagine. My wedding day in Jamaica even included a little bit of rock climbing followed by a trapeze act in my gown. I've been to 34 countries and I envision 100 more!

I Finally Crossed Scuba Diving Off My Bucket List

Aqua Zone Scuba Diving & Snorkeling, Oahu, Hawaii

I’ve been talking about scuba diving for the entirety of Bucket List Publications. It was on my first bucket list when I created the site and it remained on the list year after year. The fear consumed me and took over. Failure after failure, I thought I’d never actually accomplish that one check mark. I tried and had a panic attack. I tried again and still couldn’t get over it. Well, hell yes! I finally went scuba diving and it was in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Hawaii. Thanks to Aqua Zone Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Center, I can finally say I crossed scuba diving off my list for the first time and I can guarantee it won’t be the last.  Continue reading

Sunset at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Sunset at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Oahu

Hilton Hawaiian Village is one of my favorite properties in the world. When I was trying to decide my ultimate vacation spot for Thanksgiving, it topped the list. There are so many things about it that make it one of my favorite destinations including the endless array of activities, the amenities, the dining, and the views, but the sunsets are so truly magical that they make the flight worth it themselves.  Continue reading

A Day of Exploration at South Coast Plaza

Shops at South Coast Plaza

I love shopping with Athena at South Coast Plaza. It’s huge and filled with a world of bright colors, bold prints, and beautiful sights. It would be easy to go there and spend thousands of dollars and walk out with a couple bags though. Many of my favorite clothes in South Coast Plaza come with high price tags. It is possible to visit South Coast Plaza without spending a fortune. Here’s how Athena and I spent six hours at South Coast Plaza and only spent $60 while enjoying rides, dining, shopping, and taking in the sights. We explored, discovered, and experienced the magic of South Coast Plaza.  Continue reading

Planning my Trip to Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, IndonesiaI’m planning my 2017 bucket list and Indonesia is at the top of the list. I can’t believe I still haven’t been. Last year, when I visited Thailand, Indonesia was next on the list but I never made it. I want to visit Bali, of course, but I’m considering other Indonesia destinations as well. I’ve heard a lot about Jakarta and think it should be easy to plan a short stay there since I know a lot of other bloggers who have already been, but I’m also considering Bandung. I know very little about it, though, so I’m doing my research now. I found a site called traveloka, www.traveloka.com, and I’ve been using it for hotel ideas and flights, but I still have a lot of work to do. I’d like to stay for roughly three weeks and the possibilities are fruitful. Here goes! Continue reading

Experience is the Greatest Gift

Adventure Quote

Whenever someone asks me what I want as a gift for any occasion, my mind always goes directly to flights, travel, and experience gifts. Experience is the greatest gift; I’ll take it over “things” any day. Being able to explore new countries, cultures, and adventures is a dream come true. At 36, I’ve visited more than 100 countries and participated in countless extreme adventures that I thought only existed in movies and dreams. Bucket List Publications isn’t just a blog or a website; it has helped me live in a dream world. It has made my daily life better than my wildest imagination. Sometimes it’s exhausting just trying to think up my next big vacation or adventure. My imagination/dreams, experience gift websites like Great American Days, and Instagram are my go-to sources for travel and adventure inspiration. Continue reading

A Bucket List Day at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm roller coasterWe’ve been to Knott’s Berry Farm a number of times now, but we always fight traffic to drive up on the weekend and deal with lines and crowds. It stresses us rather than creating an amazing day with lasting memories. We wanted to experience Knott’s in a bucket list way with minimal guests in the park, minimal hassle to get there, and maximum fun all around. We planned the perfect Knott’s day including an over night stay at Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, dining at the best restaurants, and a visit during the slowest day of the week, Monday. It paid off tenfold and we had the best day at Knott’s Berry Farm yet.  Continue reading

Put Me In The Story for a Great Christmas Gift

put-me-in-the-story-booksI’m already thinking about Christmas and we just finished trick or treating last night. Don’t worry; I’m not going to start playing Christmas music or putting up decorations. As a mother, though, I love thinking about the holidays and finding unique gifts for Athena. Personally, I like experience gifts, but Athena still loves looking at a gift nicely wrapped under the tree, ripping the paper off, and playing with toys and books when she finally gets to open them. She loves to read and she asks me to take her to the bookstore as much as to the park. I found a super cool gift option for her that brings me joy as well. Put Me In The Story is a book company that creates personalized books. When I saw that they have a personalized version of DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON!, I had to order it. We read it at the bookstore every time we go and she never gets sick of it. Now, she’ll have it personalized. I’m so excited. Waiting 55 days may be impossible! Continue reading