Is Relaxing Innate?

I started to feel anxious. I wondered if others were feeling the same way. I looked around. ItM.V. Destiny, Bermuda seemed like I was the only one. On board the M.V. Destiny this morning in Bermuda I figured something out; relaxing is learned. It is not an innate ability. Some times our lives are so filled with going and moving that we forget to just relax and enjoy the tranquility. For one hour and a half today, I didn’t need to be doing “something”. I just relaxed. It may have taken me a few extra minutes, but I got there.  It was liberating. We departed Albouy’s Point on the M.V. Destiny for a tour of Hamilton Harbor at 8:30 am and returned at 10:00 am. For that 1.5 hours, I learned to relax. Continue reading

Oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, You Know What I Like

Endless food and drink choices in the Gold Lounge, a fruit plate and a personal note in myFairmont Hamilton Princess room, windows galore, a massive king bed, and a pool for days… oh Fairmont Hamilton Princess, you know what I like! Continue reading