Hummingbirds by the Thousands at Monteverde, Costa Rica

At the Selvatura Hummingbird Garden in Monteverde, Costa Rica visitors can observe more than 14 different species of hummingbirds including species that are not commonly seen in other areas of Monteverde. At the garden, the relaxing waterfalls and the beautiful floral arrangements provide a perfect setting for photography lovers.

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Get Unplugged in Costa Rica!

Featured Writer: Carol

Looking for a great family vacation? Want to reconnect with the family, while disconnecting the digital age? Then get off the power grid. Unplug yourself from all those digital necessities of our modern world ’cause they won’t work here!

So where exactly are you going? Definitely off the beaten path and into one of the least visited regions of Costa Rica. Almost to Panama, in fact. Our destination: The Osa Peninsula’s Golfo Dulce and the Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge.

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Monteverde, Costa Rica – Watch Out Tarzan!

Set atop the spine of Costa Rica’s continental divide, Monteverde is a place of cloud forests, coffee plantations, monkeys, mist, and friendly locals, but it is a world above for one main reason – its zip-lines and suspension bridges are the longest, and most exciting, in the country. The cables and platforms that are built into the cloud forest rather than above it, allowed us to feel truly immersed into the forested environment. Furthermore, the so-called “Tarzan Swing” at the end of the tour (a large, swing-like contraption that allows participants to swing out above the forest ) was an unexpected, but welcomed, surprise. Once you do a canopy tour in Costa Rica, all other “zip-lines” will feel like child’s play.

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Chasin’ Waterfalls

Chasin’ Waterfalls
Featured Writers: KATIE AND ERIN

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One Year of Travel!

After posting One year of Extreme Adventures, I started to think about the travel that I’ve done in the last year. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Mexico (Baja California and Riviera Maya) and Jamaica. I’ve also been to several provinces in Canada such as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and even more states in the United States like Florida, Alaska, Nevada, and California. I’ve compiled a group of my favorite moments from each country, state, and province. Come along with me on an amazing, unforgettable trip through the last year in travel.

There may not be words to fill in the blanks but the expression on my face accompanied by the surreal surrounding create enough words to fill an entire blog.

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A World Above – Occidental Allegro Papagayo, Costa Rica

Active volcanoes blurring the skyline, unspoiled, tropical rainforest, and pristine beaches gleaming with golden sand make Costa Rica a paradise. The all-inclusive Allegro Papagayo, with its never-ending, freeform pool and delicious food, is the perfect fit within this paradise. The Allegro Papagayo‘s all-inclusive resort includes all meals, snacks, and drinks, an open bar, weekly cocktail parties, activities and sports, a Beach Club, a Fun Club, a Kids Club with supervised activities, and live evening entertainment. Continue reading

“Difficulty: Class IV rafting: Long, difficult rapids with constricted passages that often require precise maneuvering in very turbulent waters. Moderate to advanced.”

“Difficulty: Class IV rafting: Long, difficult rapids with constricted passages that often require precise maneuvering in very turbulent waters. Moderate to advanced.”

The intriguing difficulty level and open schedule made rafting with Costa Rica Rain Forest Tours in Guanacaste, Costa Rica too exciting to pass up.

Our meeting point at the Rincon Corobici Restaurnat in Canas, Guanacaste was the perfect backdrop for a day of rafting and sightseeing. The howler monkey noises from above the restaurant set the scene and the bumpy, long truck ride to the waters intensified the experience. It was official – we were in the middle of nowhere!

Our first “putt-in” began with a few practice strokes then we were off on our 2.5 hour white-water trip.  Just when I was starting to feel disappointed with the difficulty level, there was a tight passage with little room for error. By the end of that stretch, I was the only one who hadn’t fallen out of the raft. Although that may sound like a good thing, it most certainly was not! I became prime target number one.

Every turn and drop after that mysteriously hit the hardest on my side as our guide smirked and anxiously awaited my big fall. The one hour mark was our first rest stop and my thirst for extreme adventure had yet to be quenched. I egged on our guide with a challenge of getting me in and not upsetting our older guests. Continue reading