Mountain Mama – Expecting Adventure!

Up until now, I refused to buy maternity clothes that I would wear for two months and never get use of again! That all ended when I found Mountain Mama. I no longer have to wear over-sized sweaters and my husband’s jackets; Mountain Mama designs garments that are guaranteed to fit before, during, and after pregnancy.  All Mountain Mama apparel is built to perform through every stage of pregnancy and beyond. Their high-performance outdoor clothing adapts to women’s changing bodies, from the first trimester, the growing baby-bump, and back again. Innovative designs and advanced technical fabrics mean the garments will be keeping you comfortable and looking great, no matter what the conditions. Continue reading

Worth Its Weight in Gold – Boppy Total Body Pillow

At six months pregnant, I’d become incredibly agitated at night. No matter how tired I was, I just couldn’t get comfortable; when I would wake up in the morning, I would have such severe back pain that I couldn’t stand up. I’d wince and almost cry just walking to the bathroom. I couldn’t imagine surviving another three months with that type of suffering. Then, something completely changed my sleeping world – the Boppy Total Body Pillow. Boppy has become a household name with their signature feeding pillows that offer moms a comfortable way to nurse their baby. They’ve utilized that knowledge and experience to design the Boppy Total Body Pillow, which provides expectant moms comfort and support at night so they can get a good night’s rest. This pillow is the perfect size and shape; unlike a conventional pillow, the Total Body Pillow allows full support for my entire body. From my head, my developing belly, and my legs, this pillow provides the utmost comfort and relief. Continue reading

Peg Perego Sdraietta Melodia- The Rolls-Royce of Baby Bouncers!

When it comes to baby products, I’m always on the hunt for something versatile, functional, and fun. Many baby products seem to excel in either versatility, form, or function, but not the Peg Perego Sdraietta Melodia Italian import bouncer; it has it all!  This bouncer looks absolutely amazing, and then you try it out… and it is absolutely amazing! The Sdraietta Melodia is a one of a kind bouncer. Not only does it play music with surround sound speakers and have MP3 compatibility, it easily converts to a rocker from its stationary position and is adjustable for comfort with 2-position recline; it has a carrying handle and buckle closure; it folds for storage with a detachable toy bar and removable, padded seat; and it’s conducive to every situation, whether you are at home, going to a friend’s house, or even hitting the beach and taking advantage of the sun canopy. It may cost a bit more than the average baby seat, but that’s because it has so much more to offer. Continue reading

“The Little Nursing Bra that Could” – Bravado Designs!

Although it is a beautiful and a natural experience, I understand that there are joys and challenges as an expecting mother who plans on breastfeeding. I’ve attended an informative breastfeeding class that answered many of my questions, but I’m still filled with wonder, and a little bit of worry, about the process. It’s impossible to feel absolutely
prepared for a delicate, completely dependent newborn, but I’ve found a high quality, comfortable, and stylish nursing bra that will alleviate some of my clothing concerns at least.  The Original Nursing Bra by Bravado Designs has been recommended by Lactation Consultants for over 18 years. After trying out the bra, I’ve noticed several key design features that will be helpful during pregnancy and while nursing.

The Original Nursing Bra is a soft cotton fabric that has a sports-back design. There are no
hooks in the back, which made it comfortable for sleeping and all-day use. The cups unclip at the shoulder and drop down and away from my body so it will provide full breast access; and most importantly, there is a Bra Conversation Kit attached to my bra so it can be easily converted to a regular bra once my nursing journey is complete.

Finding practical products that will be useful before, during, and after pregnancy is extremely difficult, but finding clothing that has continued use is pretty much impossible. The Original Nursing Bra is a great find that will offer me continued support.