Happiness at Club Med Cancun

Cancun Views from Club Med

I spent the last three days at Club Med Cancun and there are so many great activities and opportunities that I’ve been going non-stop. I haven’t even thought about posting. I’ve been too busy windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, swinging on the trapeze, dancing, singing, and partying to send a post. There’s so much to come, I don’t know where to start but I wanted to share a sample of my trip so far. In only two full days, this is what I was able to accomplish. What draws you the most? Continue reading

My Favorite All-Inclusive Hotel – Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Beach Hard Rock Riviera Maya

After returning from an ocean view suite at Hard Rock Riviera Maya, I realized that Hard Rock properties are my favorite all-inclusive hotels. It’s simple; they have the best, most friendly service, modern, creative rooms, kick-ass entertainment and amenities, and better dining options than most cities. I thought it was just Hard Rock Puerto Vallarta that I loved, but Hard Rock Riviera Maya is equally impressive. From the time you drive through the gates, you are a rock star! Other all-inclusive hotels should use Hard Rock as a benchmark for hospitality. Continue reading

So I’m Not a Rock Star but I Still Love Hard Rock

Heaven Hard Rock

You’d think drinking and partying all day and night would be awesome and easy but I tried it and failed terribly. Just like everyone assumes I have the most awesome job in the world where all I do it travel, post a few photos, and a couple words here and there and I’m set, the life of a rock star is hard. Two days ago, I had a plan. I was going to drink all day and party all night. Why not? I did it very successfully for four years in university. What’s changed? Nothing, right? I’m at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya and all the essentials are at my finger tips: all inclusive alcohol and whatever brands I want, the best nightlife in the country and at any all-inclusive resort that I’ve visited, a cool DJ, friends, and Heaven bar as the venue. It was the ideal combination for the ultimate drinking party yet I didn’t even make it to the starting point. What went wrong? I got over-confident and not in any of the right ways. 

Continue reading

I Want to Drink All Day & Party All Night

Hard Rock Band at Heaven

Hard Rock Riviera Maya is one big party, especially in the adults only section. This morning, on my way to the pool, I grabbed two Pina Coladas; not to sound like the song, just because I love Pina Coladas and two was all I could carry. And I had a great idea! Continue reading

Are You Ready to Rock Riviera Maya?

Hard Rock Riviera Maya Logo

I’m going to rock Riviera Maya for the next four days! No kids, no husband, and all time told in Pina Coladas. This resort is so big that it took me two Pina Coladas just to walk from one end to the other today. (Or maybe I just like drinking lots.) Check it out for yourself and follow along at #HardRockFAM2014.

Thanks for hosting me this week, Hard Rock; I’m ready to play!

Water Bums at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

Riu Cabo Beach

We’re water bums. From 9 am to 7 pm, we were in the water today at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. I asked Athena if she wanted something to eat for lunch and she said, “Can I eat in the pool?” When I told her no, she said she wasn’t hungry. I can’t attest to much else at the resort today except the pool temperature was ideal and the ocean was spectacular.  Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Sight in the World at Riu Palace Cabo

Hotel Riu Cabo

I’ve seen heavenly beaches around the world, some with turquoise waters so clear that you question reality and others with soft white sands that cushion your feet like pillows, but no view could compare to what I saw today at Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas. I guess it could have happened anywhere. It wasn’t so much the beach that inspired me as the people, or person, surrounding me. Today, Athena lifted my heart to a new level of joy. The happiness on her face as she ran down the beach in her big, pink dress and messy hair was life-changing. I am a mother and every second of my life is more beautiful because of it.  Continue reading