The Line Between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 3)

Etosha National Park Safari Roads

The last day of my Etosha National Park safari was about to begin and while everyone else was hoping to see lion cubs, I was secretly wishing for more giraffes. They are my favorite animal. Awkward yet graceful, shy yet funny, beautiful in their own way, I feel I can relate to them the most. When I’m introduced to someone or something new, I’m embarrassed, nervous, anxious. It’s only when I’ve been around them for awhile that I’m comfortable and myself. I wish I could say I was more like a proud, strong, stoic lion, but I’m the giraffe hiding behind the tree. Continue reading

The Line Between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 2)

I didn’t think it could get any better. It’s hard to believe that people go their entire life without seeing such beauty. Then, day two came and I realized that my Namibian safari had only just begun. Etosha Safari Lodge Sunrise Continue reading

The Line Between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 1)

Elephant in Namibia

I use to imagine wild adventures and exotic trips to far off lands like they were fantastical, only possible in a dreamland. But why do things need to be so out of reach? An African safari is the number one item listed on bucket lists around the world yet it remains there like something unattainable. Only if…. Well, I understand. It kept showing up on my list too but this year, this week, today, I was able to make it happen. I’m in Namibia on an African safari thanks to Namibia Tourism and ATI Holidays. For the last three days, I explored Etosha National Park on a self-drive safari. After years of dreaming, imagining, and envisioning an African safari, I still wasn’t prepared for what was to come. Endless herds of wild animals crossed the dirt road as if I was part of the group. Animals that I’ve never seen outside of cages roamed free and showed their true colors in their natural habitat. Around every turn and behind every bush, something was alive. I was alive, and awake, and actually part of it. Every emotion bubbled to the surface like a boiling pot. This was Africa! This was real, but this was my dream! Continue reading

Traffic Jam in Etosha National Park, Namibia

A traffic jam held us up in Etosha National Park for most of the day. It was the first time I’d hoped for wall-to-wall traffic. Part of the line-up: zebras, a giraffe, a rhino, a rooibok, an elephant, a wildebeest, and an ostrich. It all started with a few… hundred zebras.

Zebra Etosha National Park, Namibia Continue reading

Etosha National Park Safari Teaser

Etosha National Park Zebra

We were instantly greeted by a black rhino, around another turn grazed a zebra, and an elephant played in the sand at a waterhole. Etosha National Park, Namibia was my wildest dream come true. I have a full day there tomorrow so you only get a teaser tonight. Enjoy! Continue reading

Namibia Safari Starts Today


Today I begin the self-drive safari through parts of Namibia. I arrived in Windhoek yesterday and checked into the Rivendell Hotel. I had time to explore the city and have dinner at a local restaurant, but I’m anxious to get on the road. Continue reading

My Biggest Travel Dream is About to Come True!

Namibia Safari

An African safari. Even typing the words is making the hair on my arms raise. It was one of those things that I wanted so bad I almost couldn’t even say it. I thought it might be out of reach. When I added it to last year’s list and it was the only item I wasn’t able to accomplish, I could have been discouraged or I could have added it again. I chose to add it again and now that dream is coming to realization. Starting June 9th, I will begin to explore Namibia on a self-driven experience taking in the new Arid Eden Route. I’ll get off the beaten track in the land of Endless Horizons. Continue reading