One Year of Travel!

After posting One year of Extreme Adventures, I started to think about the travel that I’ve done in the last year. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bahamas, Mexico (Baja California and Riviera Maya) and Jamaica. I’ve also been to several provinces in Canada such as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and even more states in the United States like Florida, Alaska, Nevada, and California. I’ve compiled a group of my favorite moments from each country, state, and province. Come along with me on an amazing, unforgettable trip through the last year in travel.

There may not be words to fill in the blanks but the expression on my face accompanied by the surreal surrounding create enough words to fill an entire blog.

Mexico – Rivera Maya Continue reading

Granada, Nicaragua & Masaya Volcano Tour from Guanacaste Costa Rica

Being in Central America was a turning point in my life.  My goal of visiting 30 countries by the age of 30 was almost met; Costa Rica was my 29th country visited and I had only a few short months before my 30th birthday. My husband and I had planned on renting a car and touring as much of Central America as possible. The restrictions on car rentals and insurance policies put a damper on my life-long goal and I worried that I was going to fall short. The Colonial Granada Nicaragua & Masaya Volcano Tour from Guanacaste, Costa Rica solved my problems and washed my worries away. Continue reading