Pumping Up our Outdoor Fun with a Sevylor Fiji Kayak

Sevylor Fiji Kayak

We came up with a list of outdoor gear that would make our life in California dreamlike and a Sevylor kayak was the first thing that made the list. Luckily, Sevylor was kind enough to send us a Sevylor® Fiji™ 2-Person Kayak and a pump for review. Most days, We made our way to the beach to check it out and we can see using it at least weekly for outdoor, family-fun.  Continue reading

Incase EO Travel Backpack – Not Just for a Quick Trip

Incase Backpack

I never check a bag when flying. Ever! I’m actually trying to get it down to one stylish backpack and a small purse or handbag. In preparation for my upcoming trip to Israel, I partnered with Incase and received their EO Travel Backpack for review. I’m tempting to bring everything I need for one week of Israel travel in the EO Travel Backpack. Is it possible while still having all the clothing essentials plus my technology? It sure is! If I can manage this one, I’ll make the EO Travel Backpack my go-to bag. Here’s my thoughts… Continue reading

What to Pack for an Antarctica Sailing Adventure

Bark Europa in Antarctica

On January 11, 2015, less than two weeks from now, I will embark on what could be the greatest travel adventure of my life. As part of the sailing crew on Bark Europa, I will cross the Drake Passage and sail to Antarctica from Argentina. I have no question that it will be a remarkable, life-changing voyage, but there are a few things that I can pack to make it more comfortable and warm. With the support of Whitecaps Marine Outfitters and Pilotur, I now have my packing complete. Continue reading

Every Step Adds Up – Fitbit One

Fitbit One

I don’t have an excuse any more. Athena is almost two years old and the extra weight that I gained during pregnancy is still holding on. Before I was pregnant, I felt good about myself, regardless of what I was wearing and I maintained an active, healthy lifestyle. I never looked at a scale because it was a non-issue and buying clothes was fun. Wow! How things have changed. I need a motivator, something to make being active fun. I go out for walks with Athena but she’s walking herself now so the distance covered has gone down drastically. Darren mentioned that he was ordering a Fitbit and the more I thought about it, I realized it was exactly what I had in mind so I asked for the Fitbit One for review. The Fitbit One tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed. Come nightfall, it measures sleep quality and wakes you in the morning. The One motivates me to reach my goals by encouraging greater fitness in my life 24 hours a day. Continue reading

Bucket List LifeProof for My Phone

LifeProof Case

A bucket list lifestyle is rough on gear. My computer and phone have seen over ten countries this year and they’ve taken a beating. I needed more protection for my phone than the typical case. LifeProof’s fre was the ideal fit! What does it offer?

✓ Built-in scratch protector protects touchscreen
✓ LifeProof’s original and proven case technology
✓ The most comprehensive device protection available
✓ Completely waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof

From the beaches to the mountains, the ocean to the dessert, LifeProof matches my active lifestyle with amazing quality and protection. Continue reading

Groovy New Stroller

Joovy Groover Stroller

It seems like just when you feel comfortable with a baby product, it’s time to change again. I loved Athena’s car seat/stroller system. I had it from her birth until now. It was familiar and easy to use but she no longer fits in the car seat. I do have her jogging stroller, which is absolutely perfect when it comes to sun coverage and durability, but it’s too heavy and too big to use on a regular basis. So it’s time to switch again. I knew exactly what I wanted in a stroller; I wanted something sturdy and lightweight with great sun coverage and a large basket for storage underneath. I found the Joovy Groove and it has everything I wanted and more. We’re all set for another couple of years… at least when it comes to a stroller. Continue reading

Suunto’s D6i – My Scuba Diving Best Friend

Scuba Diving with Suunto

Scuba diving to me was one of those things like a back burner on a stove left on high.  I was always busy trying new things, seeing new places, and having great experiences, but scuba diving was always in my peripheral vision, constantly teasing me and stating, “hey … over here … you know you want to try me … sooner or later you’re going to have to face me … what are you waiting for?Continue reading