Where I’ve Been – This is Life in Bonaire

Sebastian's Restaurant Bonaire

This is the longest I’ve gone without checking wordpress in the two and a half years of the site. Why? What is so important that I’m not even checking my mail? It’s Bonaire! I’ve found a quiet, relaxing, laid-back island paradise where everyone is on island time, including me. So if you’re interested in reading about my beautiful, dreamy Bonaire indulgences, you’ll have to wait a few days because I’m sipping cocktails at the bar, snorkeling the turquoise waters, falling asleep in the lounge chairs, eating dinner on the sea, and floating peacefully in the pool. I’ve finally found a place that is so unbelievable that even I will go a few days without posting or checking my mail. Heck yes, I’m on vacation. This is life in Bonaire.