Should We Go Big or Stay Home for the Holidays This Year?

Bermuda Travel

With trips to Mexico, St. Lucia, and Hawaii coming up before December, we’re starting to think about the holidays. Should we go big or stay home this year? Since I started writing a few sponsored posts for Contiki, I haven’t been able to get off of their site or get a few destinations out of my mind. It’s become a starting board for me; a place where dreams begin and the wheels start turning for new adventures. Thailand has moved up on my list as well as Australia. Darren only has so much vacation time; maybe we should utilize it for a Asian or Australian vacation. Do we need to be in our home to enjoy the holidays? Let’s weigh the options. Continue reading

A Life Without Restrictions; A Life Without Fear!

Playing on the beach at Riu Cabo

My life is about telling stories. I’ve made it my job to explore the world while experiencing moments that take me out of my comfort zone. Now, Contiki is asking travelers to submit their epic tales of adventure, laughter, friendship, love and #NOREGRETS for the opportunity to have their story told for the world to hear. Travelers can head to the Contiki Legends page to view legendary Contiki stories and create their own. Just reading about it left me thinking about my greatest travel adventure. What trip really changed my life? What really changed me? Was it Africa, my dream safari trip? Or maybe Jordan with its vast new world of mystery and luxury? Was it Fiji with its turquoise waters, endless natural beauty, and ultimate adventures? Maybe it was the USVI where I completely crossed the line from fear to accomplishment? Yep, that’s the one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. What I did in USVI showed me that I can truly live a life without restrictions. I can push beyond fear and reach new horizons.

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