2,459 Miles Away – Again

It takes time to decorate a 4 bedroom house, especially when you’re moving from a 2 bedroom apartment. After 7 months, we finished the major decorating and painting projects. Our house is now reflective of our personality and lifestyle, and just in time for another move. Here’s a tour:

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DIY Bucket List

“Move into our home and finish decorating” is on this year’s bucket list, but it’s a much New Home, Charlotte, North Carolinabigger undertaking than I anticipated. We have an entire house to fill and too many ideas floating around to make concrete decisions. Whew… it’s a real challenge! We did manage to design and create a few amazing pieces that we are truly proud to have in our house. Some projects came from craigslist.com and we added our own touches while others came from scrap wood that we found around the community; that’s one of the perks of living in a newly developing area. We have a long way to go, but we’re starting to feel like we’re home.  Continue reading