Top 10 Favorite Travel Photos from 2013 – #4

10 countries and countless cities made it on my 2013 Bucket List. France, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Jordan, Aruba, Curacao, Canada, USA, Mexico, and Fiji were all part of my whirlwind of adventures and new experiences. I never envisioned such an amazing year of opportunity; my life continues to be a dream come true. I am blessed. Some people create a bucket list because they are dying; I created one because I want to live.

Here are my top ten favorite travel photos from 2013.

Number 4 – Petra Marriott Hotel

Petra Marriott Hotel

The Petra Marriott Hotel is conveniently located on a steep sloping site overlooking one of the most beautiful sights in the world, the Petra Valley, with rose red mountains and delights of colors playing against each other.

Jordan was one stunning photo after another. Do you take a lot of photos while traveling or are you more in the moment?