Ciad Mile Failte at Tig Cóilí’s in Galway, Ireland

Traditional Irish music 7 nights a week, young, friendly, good-looking staff, and a great atmosphere make Tig Cóilí in Galway, Ireland one of my favorite finds during my European trip.

Tig Cóilí is situated on Mainguard Street at the end of Shop Street in Galway, Ireland and is always filled to the brim like the great Guinness that they serve.

I arrived at Tig Coili on a hot July night and people were overflowing from its front door. A
musical ceilidh was already in session with local and travelling musicians joining in.

I was welcomed by a member of the family run pub who found the time to mingle with the guests, serve excessive amounts of alcohol, and play with the band when he was not needed behind the bar.

After a few short hours of enjoying the surroundings, drinking more than my body weight in beer, and talking with pretty much everyone in the pub, I felt like I was part of something more. I was emerged in the culture and environment that is uniquely Irish and I never once felt out of place or unwelcome.

The people intermingled inside and out with little restrictions on where you could go with drinks. When stopped by a police officer because I was holding a glass bottle, he simply gave me a plastic glass, smiled, and told me to enjoy my night.

Tig Cóilí is a great place to go and soak up the heart of Ireland, where dancing in the streets isn’t just a saying.

If you find yourself within 20 miles of Galway, stop in Tig Cóilí and chat with Aonghus O’Flaherty; he might just be the nicest Irishman alive, and that’s saying something! Ciad Mile Failte doesn’t quite cut it.

12 thoughts on “Ciad Mile Failte at Tig Cóilí’s in Galway, Ireland

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  2. just came back from Ireland and spent 2 nights in Galway, absolutely one of my favorite places I’ve ever been! Luckily the weather was nice so I got to sit outside and enjoy a pint at Tig Coili!


  3. Hey, thanks for the like of my post on Galway! Love your blog, really does make me want to be back on the road. Nice to see some posts from a fellow Nova Scotian too!


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