Dolphin Foot Push a Mexican Vacation Highlight

One of the greatest attractions at Xcaret is the Swim With Dolphins activity.  It was the highlight of my trip, and an experience I’ll remember for a lifetime.  I was actually able to interact with the dolphins in the dolphinarium.

During my swim with the dolphins, my primary interaction was with the adult mother
dolphins. The program included an explanation about the dolphins and a visit to the maternity area to witness the different stages of growth of the offspring. Then, in groups of six, we got into the water to interact with four dolphins, two moths and their offspring. The dolphins performed several activities, with each person individually, such as the kiss, handshake, tail greeting, hug, signs, bar jumping, whirlpool and foot push. The dolphins also do some singing, free diving, and dancing for the group.

My favorite part of the adventure was the foot push where two dolphins pushed my feet, propelling me through the water at such speed that I actually rose out of the water!

After the tour, I bought the video and pictures of my tour. Although it was ridiculously expensive, it was a way to make my memories last forever.

10 thoughts on “Dolphin Foot Push a Mexican Vacation Highlight

  1. I went to Mexico in ’09, and did a “Dolphin Discovery” excursion as well and really loved it. I was really intimidated by them at first, though. Thanks for bring back great memories, and posting some good photos!


    • I was extremely nervous and intimidated in the beginning, and the instructor kept throwing fish near me to bring the dolphins closer. I acted like I was swimming with killer sharks or something. I did calm down when it was my turn to participate in the individual activities and I really had the time of my life. I’d love to it is again soon.

      Thanks for your comment. I’ll be sure to check out your blog.



  2. Hi Lesley, I did something similar in Cuba and absolutely loved it. Especially the foot push 🙂 We could choose between that or being pulled along by the fin of the dolphin, but I chose the footpush and I am so glad, it was really special experience.
    It is definitely something you will never forget.


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  6. To swim with dolphins is on my list too…. hope to make it soon! 🙂 When my kids are a bit older. Thanx for sharing and reminding me about this dream. You are such an adventerous spirit! 🙂 absolutley love it.


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