Santa Monica Pier

Countless movies and TV shows were filmed at Santa Monica Pier and it certainly lived up to the hype when I visited it a few months ago. Next time, I’ll have to ride the wheel.

9 thoughts on “Santa Monica Pier

  1. Yep epic shot! I would’ve loved to have made it to Santa Monica when I was in California but unfortunately my mate and I were only there 5 days or so and were hopeless with directions in our rental car. Next time!


    • I know what it can be like to rent a car and spend most of the time lost. I had a similar experience in Ireland, but it ended up making for some of the best days of my entire European trip.

      Where did you visit in California? With some many places and things to see and do, it’s almost impossible to visit California in a short time. Hopefully, you’ll make it back.

      Thanks for the encouragement with the photo.

      Keep posting,

      Lesley 🙂


      • Yeah we definitely didn’t have enough time, we were just hanging out for a few days before we headed down to Mexico, but managed to check out San Diego which was really cool. I actually went to California as a kid with the fam too – Disneyland, Universal Studios, San Fran etc. – all the touristy family places you can think of, but I was pretty young. I’ve got a good friend in Santa Cruz now so I’ll definitely be back!


        • If you have the opportunity to come back this way please let me know and I will show you around Orange County. I’m just learning the best places and adventures and my husband and I welcome guests and new friends.

          Keep posting,



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