The Bridge of Gold & Bankruptcy

The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) or Bridge of Gold, in Florence, lasted over 7 decades and is the only surviving bridge from Florence’s medieval days. Impressive as that is, the true impression lies within its walls and buildings. The Bridge of Gold, as you can see, is not made of gold, but instead the shops on the bridge are almost exclusively goldsmiths. If you want to shop for jewelry, this would be the place.

Although pretty much everything for sale on the bridge, including the bottled water that was being sold by a vendor, was out of my price range, I did enjoy strolling through history. After all, it is said that the practice of “bankruptcy” was invented here.

Tiffany & Co. doesn’t hold a candle to this place!

15 thoughts on “The Bridge of Gold & Bankruptcy

  1. Love it Lesley!! The adventure you are on now will be the best one yet!! Nothing will hold a candle to it!! Lucky baby to have such an adventurous Mom….just think of the bedside stories:)


    • Thank you Jeri!

      Everyday I am reminded of how blessed I am. I have new priorities and new adventures that await because of the perfect little baby that is constantly growing inside. Adventure and travel are part of me though and regardless of how many children we have, that will always fill our lives.

      We are considering going home for Christmas. If we do, it would be great for you to meet Darren. He truly is one of a kind.

      Wishing you well,



  2. I would love to meet Darren….he has my favorite brother’s name. If & when you come home, a visit certainly is in order, so please do not forget:)
    Hugs Beautiful,


  3. hehe, lesley – we invented modern bank – you can add all the suffixes you prefer, we’re sure to have practiced all of them in time 😉
    the first pic is poetry for the eyes. ciao!


  4. Florence has my heart! Hope to retire here one day! Congrats on your wedding and precious baby! p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog, daahling!


  5. I have been here – perhaps the only destination you and I have in common! Something very magical happened to me and my husband when we were on this bridge in May 2009 – a long parade of flag carriers, drummers and performers passed through on the way to the main plaza. It was spectacular! Like being in a time machine back to the Middle Ages. If I could blink like “I Dream of Jeannie” and be one place right this minute, it would be Florence.


  6. Ciao Lesley, glad that the sight of Ponte Vecchio inspired you to shoot some photos. It is quite an eye full, and although I have been seeing it for almost 40 years now, I still did not get used to its beauty.


  7. Lesley
    Did you cross the bridge and go to the Pitti Palace? I had been anticipating a trip to the clothing museum, but didn’t know they were closed on Mondays. I walked around the gardens which were spectacular. Florence was really magical for me. I stayed in the Piazza Signora and dreamt of the all the history that took place under my windows. I hope I can get back to Italy in a few years.
    And thanks for reading my blog!


  8. I’ve living in Florence for four years now yet I never get tired of pictures of the place. Gorgeous city, completely crazy and complicated and it constantly provides great blog content. I’ve been writing in for over one year and I have barely even touched on the thousands of topics I could write about. Italia…


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