Jump for Mastering Action Shots

Some of my favorite photos are jump action shots, but they can be difficult to achieve. Action photography requires you to be quick and know your camera. In most occasions, though, it is the funny, off-time shots that make the day memorable.

Let’s jump in and see some photos inspired by one action: jump!

Hopefully this photo collection will inspire you to consider action shots the next time you’re at a great location.

10 thoughts on “Jump for Mastering Action Shots

    • Sure! That would be great!

      The resort is Breezes Trelawny, Jamaica.

      I have lots of other pictures in various posts that are from Trelawny as well.

      Thanks for your comment; it is appreciated.



    • My family is the most important thing in my life and I’ve found a husband with similar ideals. I owe them my adventurous side and my burning desire for travel.

      Thanks for your reply 🙂


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