Trevi Fountain’s Draw

Trevi Fountain is a commonly visited tourist spot, and I heard that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, you are ensured to return back to Rome. I’m not one to follow legends too closely, but if there is any opportunity to increase my odds of returning to Rome, I’ll believe in superstition.

While making my way through intolerable crowding, I became increasing aware of the possibility of pick-pockets. With tourists from around the world searching in their pockets, purses, and wallets for money to toss into the fountain, the likelihood of petty crime was obvious. I threw caution and coins to the wind and wished for a quick and safe return to Rome.

A nice replica of the fountain can be found at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The similarities are uncanny.

15 thoughts on “Trevi Fountain’s Draw

    • Thank you! I was excited to see a little piece of Italy in Vegas. It holds a special place in my heart. After visiting 34 countries, Italy is still my favorite.

      Have you ever been there?



  1. I think the last (perhaps only) superstitious thing I’ve done was throw a Euro into Trevi. Sometimes the stakes are too high to risk the alternative, no? Love, love that city.


  2. Bill Bryson who is one of the most famous travel writers in the world, and one of the funniest, was speechless when visiting Italy. He had something critical to say about any country in Europe, but admitedly fell in love with this country. Rome is great, and the Trevi is beautiful, but i’m not sure about the Vegas imitation…


  3. Hey!!!! I’m here in Rome right now and walking on the Fontana di Trevi area is something I do at least three times a week… Yes, may be the possibility of crimes are higher there, but… you see the Polizia and sometimes also the Carabinieri people around all the time… After two months here in Rome, I’ve never experienced or even seen any problem there… (I’m not saying it can’t happen… only that it isn’t that serious, I think). I also din’t know about the replica, but seeying the original is always interesting, not only for the Fontana itself, but because one of the things I enjoy when going there is not the Fontana… but all those tourists from all over… everybody happy and in a good mood just having a good time, smiling for the pictures and with amazed looks… And the water in the Fontana carries an interesting history too… it comes through and aquedut which carries the water for more than 10 quilometers… and is around 2000 years old and still working perfectly!!!!!!!!!! =)


  4. I was also in Rome a few years ago and found The Fountain one of my favorite spots. My son was on a semester abroad and was living in Trastevere. My husband’s favorite spot was The Pantheon, He was amazed at the architectural design and how it could have been created before all the tools we currently use to create space like that.
    My all time favorite spot in italy is a small town north of Rome called Chivita. Have you been there?


  5. When first at Trevi as a teenager, I tossed in Swiss coins because I wanted to return toSwitzerland some day, having just spent three weeks there. Have been back to Rome twice, never back to Switzerland! The Fountain is powerful!!


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