Here Comes the Bride – On a Trapeze?

From rock climbing, trapeze-swinging, sand-jumping, and over-the-shoulder throwing, we had it all. But what else would you expect from a couple that knew each other for a month before moving in together, explored countries together, and sold everything to move across the continent and start a new life together? 

Darren and I met in April, 2010. We had moved in together within a month and traveled to 5 countries by 5 months. I don’t think you ever fully understand a person’s personality or habits until you’ve lived and traveled together so we got that part out of the way quickly. Our adventures in Costa Rica proved his wild side; our journey through Nicaragua showed his love and commitment; our day cruise to the Bahamas exhibited his free-spirit; and our struggles with overheating in Florida were a testament to his patience. It didn’t take long to realize that I had met someone with a similar attitude toward life and I thrived on his love.

Living in a dream location was the only missing piece to our puzzle of a perfect life. Discussing ideal living locations was one thing, but actually moving was another. A job offer in southern California, our top pick from any place around the world, was the match that sparked our cross-continent move. Within two weeks, we had sold our house and almost everything in it, drove across the US, and landed at our new home in Orange County, California. Our intense journey proved that getting married wasn’t something to worry about, rather something to embrace head-on like everything else thus far in our lives as a couple.

We had found love and happiness within it. A destination wedding fit our lives to a tee so our family joined us at Breezes Trelawny in Jamaica while we tied the knot.

The thought of running down the isle, which was the beach, crossed my mind but I settled for dancing my way to my soon-to-be husband.

After a relaxed, easy-going ceremony, we made our way up the beach for some action shots and ridiculous poses.

Our first stop was the rock climbing wall where I hiked up my dress and raced Darren to the top. It was a good idea to wear my bathing suit under my dress because I was ready for adventure at new heights. 

Jump shots on the beach followed rock climbing and our bridal party joined in. The “bad” or “off” shots brought us to tears with laughter. Onlookers joined with laughter as we jumped, kicked, and wiggled our way to the perfect shot.

We saved the trapeze for the end just in case something went wrong. I might have been a little upset if I ruined my dress before getting any photos. I strapped on the harness all the same and climbed the steps to the platform. My dress looked similar to a diaper while I cautiously found each step with my toes but the reward of swinging high above the resort on my special day was worth the embarrassment of getting to the top.

Making our wedding day pictures fit our life was a memorable venture. A wedding should be about the bride and groom. It should be fun and exciting and include little pieces of each of you. We made sure our wedding was our fairy tale.

57 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride – On a Trapeze?

  1. Lesley, your wedding day, like your life, is a dream that many of us can only aspire to. I am so happy you met your dream mate and married him….may all your days be as exciting as the ones before & during your wedding….I will live vicariously through you:)
    Much Love,


  2. Jeri,

    It is the people that have supported me and encouraged me throughout my life that have given me the courage to achieve the impossible.

    I hope your days are filled with happiness and laughter,



    • Thank you!

      Everyone that traveled to Jamaica with us wore the blue flip-flops. I got them from Old Navy for $2.50.

      We are now expecting our first child in March and life continues to be an adventure with love and laughter every day.

      Thanks for your reply; it is appreciated.

      Keep them coming,



    • Thank you for your kind words. My husband and I both love travelling and experiences new things together, especially this new adventure of pregnancy.

      Do you travel regularly? I’ve been to 34 countries but it never seems like enough.

      Keep the comments coming; they are appreciated.



      • Once you get the travelling bug, it’s difficult to stop! I, myself, feel as though I was born with a suitcase. It will never be enough, even if you’ve seen every country once, you’ll want to go back and visit them again, again. And, like I’ve mentioned in my post below, once you have kids you want to show them, and experience the world. Life is a crazy adventure, and you only get to live it once, make it count.


        • I love the “born in a suitcase” comment, and I feel the same way.

          I can only hope and encourage that my children will want to see the world and experience it for themselves (and with me).

          Your way of looking at life is beautiful and your words are encouraging.



  3. Just read you through Freshly Pressed, I’m glad I did. Your blog is not unlike mine, in that I’m trying to experience as many different things as possible before I kick the bucket. It’s truly fun to see all your adventures, trapeze is on my list of to do’s, but this time I’m waiting for my daughter to be old enough. Once you have kids, the whole dynamic changes, for the better, and it’s not just about experiencing stuff for yourself, but getting them to experience as much as possible. I used to travel a lot, unfortunately all my pics are on old dusty films 😉 Now, I can’t wait to show the world to my kids, until then I’ll keep on finding new ways to entertain myself. Can’t wait to read a new post, and perhaps add to my list of things I need to do!
    Read you soon.


    • We wanted our wedding to be as free-spirited as we our. Your wedding day should reflect your life. It was easy and simple and we had a perfect day!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment; it’s appreciated,



  4. I think that you should not let the important days be just another day. I am glad that you threw your whole self into your magical day! A wedding, birthday, and birth of a child are sad days to let slip by! Glad to see I am not the only one that thinks so 🙂


  5. I admire your care-free, embrace-it-all attitude you have toward life. Wonderful pictures from what I’m sure is a wedding everyone will still be talking about for many years to come. I saw in the comments that you’re expecting, so congratulations and good luck on the next adventure: parenthood!


    • Thank you! The wedding was everything I’d hoped for and more than I ever could have imagined.

      We are grateful for all that we have and can’t wait to experience it with out daughter at our side. When I feel her little kicks, it brings a smile to my face. I’ve never been happier. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment; it’s appreciated.



  6. Leslie, your life is simply amazing! I really enjoyed reading about your wedding day and the pictures are priceless. You are very inspirational. I’m sure your baby will be just as adventurious as you and your husband. Take care.


  7. Awesome! I soooo agree about the wedding being about the bride and groom! I super had to fight with my parents so that my wedding could be about Robbin and I. We made it happen our way and it was so perfect for us, as it needed to be! Good for you! You are gorgeous and you made my soul smile!


  8. Oh my gosh, that is awesome. I am totally jealous of the trapeze thing, though I did climb a corncrib (as my blog header shows) so I suppose I got closer to the sky than most. Really beautiful though- the pictures and the joy on your faces. -kate


  9. Hi again
    Just checked out your wedding pictures, they are so beautiful, fun and original. Plus, congratulations on being pregnant – I don’t think it will slow you two down at all having a little addition – that will be one well travelled little baby, cultured and well rounded! (You just might be restricted by school holidays at some point but you can still get out and about – and anyway, you have a while before school starts so enjoy yourselves).
    Lynn 😀


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  11. It was nice to find your blog. Thank you. I grew up in So Cal too and love the Laguna area. I have a sister who is an adventurer and LOVES trapeze. You two have a lot in common. I’ve tried it a few times at her urging and like it well enough, but am not the adventurer you seem to be. I can’t wait to share this with her, but she is zip lining in Puerto Rico and will have to wait! Happy New Year.


  12. LOVE it!! One of my bridal photos has me, on top of the railing of a rock bridge over a river, crossing in hiking boots. I love that photo–my aunt, who was taking pictures, nearly had a heart attack. I heard later from my mom that my aunt was “appalled” about that (among other things), lol! And that’s why my husband loves me ;-). We went backpacking for our honeymoon. Follow your bliss, and enjoy your new adventure in motherhood! Can’t wait to hear about your travels with your itty bitty! 🙂


  13. What an absolutely beautiful scene. So happy you married your best friend and can only hope my wedding is as fun as this… I want to have it on a beach as well but sans flip flops (though old navy’s are the best). Enjoy your lovely family!

    PS – your hair looks gorgeous



  14. My boyfriend and are also very adventurous and just decided after a vaca to San Diego to make the move there!!! We are hoping for as soon as possible as he applies for jobs!!! Reading your story has kept my motivation and drive up! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Okay that is the way a wedding should be! All about you, and the groom! I have made myself a promise not to let anyone tell me what to do the next time around. You know there is something wrong when you look at your wedding photos and think your dress was awful, because it wasn’t what you wanted but what your mom wanted.

    Hey, someday I will get a do over though, because I kicked that husband to the curb. LOL! I look forward to following your travels, and your blog. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier today. I think I have a wrong time zone setting because you visited tomorrow???

    Peace and Harmony,


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  17. I love that you got married in JA. My father’s family is from JA and so is my boyfriend so I spend a great deal of time there and it’s a very special place. Glad you had your special day in such a special place. Love your blog too!


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  20. May God bless ur marriage, then! Nice pictures taken 🙂 is interesting how most of people try to photograph their moments of life… and one day, when old, to look again on images, …sweet remembrances…



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